Rising Frequencies Presents…The White Horse Prophecy Come Alive.  April 25, 2017 at 7:00 New York Time.  

This week we have special guest Gabriella Orlando, who is a client that contacted me about her horse that passed away the same day I received my White Horse vision, which turned into a few articles.  Her horse was the source of my vision, and is the head of the Pegasus Collective Consciousness. He is still working with us today.  Join us to hear this incredible story, and feel the real energy of the Pegasus/White Horse Collective Consciousness.

Gabriella is not your average horse owner, her gifts and connection are beyond belief.   Gabriella is a certified level II Equinology Equine Bodyworker. She has also studied and obtained certification in Equine Myofascial Release (John Barnes method) through Equinology and has studied Craniosacral Therapy under Tom and Yolanda Mayes at Integrated Equine Therapies. She is currently studying osteopathic technics at Integrated Equine Therapies. Through her mediumship and the use of specific body and energy work technics, Gabriella works to establish a dialogue with the horse and in turn, help facilitate the self healing mechanisms that exist within him. Her website…website

This show will be recorded and presented live via the Zoom platform.  If you wish to attend live we will need your email address to send you an invitation to join.  The show is free and Zoom is also free to download.  There is a chat where you can type in your questions.

This is taught via ZOOM…

1) Download and install the ZOOM application from zoom.us

2) Zoom is free to download for attending classes.

3) You will receive an email about 15 minutes prior to the start of the class that provides a number to sign in to the webcast specific ZOOM room.

4) Please turn off your your microphone during the class. This is done within the application window. We will open for questions at the end of the class. There is also a chat for you to type in questions

We hope to see you there,

Lisa and Andrea

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