I have some exciting news to share! I will be teaching a series of group classes, and leading Loving Mother meditation practice groups beginning in October, which is my birthday month, so it’s my lucky month. 🙂

All the money I receive from these teachings will be donated to my temple, Olmo Ling. I am raising money to build a large Sherab Chamma statue for our Pittsburg temple. Sherab Chamma in my Bon tradition is the Divine Loving Mother. There are many names for her in all traditions, but the name does not matter, it is the energy that remains the same.

There is a great benefit to the planet when a large statue is built. After the statue is created we do rituals to literally bring it to life. We place a spine in the statue along with prayers etc… Then it has it’s own aura and will continuously produce the Divine Loving Mother energy to the planet. When someone donates money to a creation like this, they also receive great personal benefit.I will be writing more about this, as well as doing some YouTube videos with further explanation.

My first class will be the 5 Root Winds of Thrul Khor Yoga (Tsa Lung) from the Mother Tantra of Sharza Rinpoche. I have been granted permission to teach this by Tempa Dukte Lama Rinpoche.

Sherab Chamma Mantra “Om Ma-Wa Ma-De Ma-Hi Mo-Ha E Ma Ho Ma-Ye Ru-Pa Ye-Ta Du-Du So-Ha.


Lisa Rising Berry


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