The spirits of the water, Naga, known as Lu in Tibetan, are a wondrous race of beings. Their home is our waters.   They protect and take care of not only our waters, but they also play a role in keeping our 5 elements balanced.  In ancient times, the people knew the history of the Nagas and provided them with love, honor, respect and offerings.  Now, in our current age of degradation, most people, especially westerners, don’t know the Naga even exist.  

This is one of the roots of our problems on our planet Earth, which is a water planet. About 71% of planet Earth is water.  If you consider our human bodies consists of 60% water, you can see why Nagas are so important to the welfare of the human race, as well to the welfare of our planet.  When the elements, and especially our waters of the planet, are unbalanced, then we have more natural disasters.  When our inner elements and inner waters are out of balance, then we have illnesses and diseases, especially skin issues.  Pandemics are a result of humans’ insufficient knowledge of the inner and outer elements, and especially their relationship to the Nagas.  

As a westerner, I want to educate and teach other westerners the importance of connecting with the Nagas, as well as teaching how to balance the inner and outer elements of our body.  Both of these practices go hand in hand.  Smoke and water offerings play an important role in assisting and honoring the Nagas. Without this connection to them, it makes it hard for them to assist us.  Consequently, many Nagas become negative and attack humans and create unbalance within the Earth’s elements.  

I have studied the Water and Smoke Offerings to the Nagas with Geshe Chaphur Rinpoche, and I have his permission to teach and use his translation of the texts. I am also currently studying to become a fully ordained Bon Female Lama.  I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of being of service to others. 

 I will be teaching everything I have learned about Nagas from my teachers, and I will also be teaching from my personal experiences with them.  I became acquainted with the Nagas in 2015, when a male Naga introduced himself to me, and asked for my help.  I have been repairing my relationship with the Naga race ever since, and I am ready to take my service to the Nagas to the next level with the offering of this important class.

 These classes will be held on June 16th, 17th and 18th at 2pm New York Time.  Each class will be about 2 hours long, which is 6 hours of training.  I will teach from the text as well as teach the proper melody.  I will also teach you everything you will need to prepare both the smoke and water offering.  These practices are not complicated.  Anyone can learn these, and they don’t take a lot of your personal time to perform them.  All that is needed is a willingness to change our planet and our bodies for the better.  And your relationship with the glorious Nagas is part of this process.

The price for this class is $99.00.

If you wish to register for these classes, then email to me at  I will then send you the Zoom link, as well as a link to my Paypal account for payment.  

In service to all beings,

Lisa Berry

3 thoughts on “Naga Class: Smoke And Water Offerings To The Spirits Of The Water And Learn How To Balance Your Inner And Outer Elements

  1. Please sign me up even though we’re gonna be discussing this tomorrow. I’m all prepared for tomorrow. I know I signed up for two other classes I have to go investigate when they are! I think one is with TenGelek



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