Hello Everyone,

Normally this would be a long article, however thanks to the powers of YouTube, I don’t have to write one. I went into a lengthy discussion of what may occur on May 26th 2021. Or at least, how I see it. It is a continuation of what occurred at the end of 2018. I wrote 2 articles on this, that I discuss in this episode of Rising Consciousness.

At the beginning of the podcast, we discuss the second 5 Elements Soul Retival Class I just finished teaching, then I go into the discussion about the energetics.

This is very exciting to me, and it’s something that I wasn’t expecting. I believe I can do a better job of explaining what I see occurring by speaking, instead of writing, otherwise, the article would be way too long. Enjoy the podcast.

If you want to schedule a session for Spiritual Scholars, normal session or Soul Retrival, you can write me at risingfrequencies@gmail.com or go to this link https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12398844

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