Hello everyone,

Here is a recording of a recent Podcast I did with Sheila Corona about the Long Life Ritual, in the Bon tradition. You can say that in a unique way this ritual is the other half of Soul Retrival. The 5 Elements Soul Retrival is the first half. There is also a third Soul Retrival Ritual that combines both of these aspects, but I have not learned that one as yet.

I did the ritual for Lisa Flemming Rush and Shiela 3 times and they will be discussing their experiences. (I have permission, transmission, initiation, and empowerment to do this for individuals)

If you would like to schedule this ritual or the 5 Elements Soul Retival, please write to me at risingfrequencies@gmail.com. Tell me you saw this video and I will give you a discount on either of these services. My normal rate for these services is $111.11. I will offer them for $99.00 each. If you want both of them, the discounted price will be $177.00.

If you are interested in my Spiritual Scholars Program where you get 4 sessions 1/2 off my normal rate of $88.00 you can either visit the link below and pick for dates or you can write me and I can schedule manually and send you an invoice when each session is complete. I do have a requirement that the client finish all 4 sessions to receive the discount.

I do my sessions via zoom, and I will need about 2 hours of your time for the rituals


Here is a link to the video.



Lisa Rising Berry

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