Hello everyone and Happy New Year,  

The first topic I would like to discuss in the infinity symbol.  I have written many articles about how I have clairvoyantly viewed the infinity symbol shift and heal.  This symbol is connected to the Gold and Silver gates of our current Golden Age.  These gates are also known as the Gate of Men and the Gate of the Gods.  I discussed these gates in my most recent articles.  

I will include the links to the Secrets of Infinity articles in this article, but I will also give a quick recap here.  I observed, many years ago, that our infinity symbol was on its side, and it was not working properly.  Essentially it was in a closed position.  This is not the correct position, as it was closing off the gold gate from humanity entering.  There was a small population of humanity that could enter, with intense spiritual practices.  There were the yogi, monks etc…  Because of the infinity loop being sideways, it made the reincarnation cycle difficult.  I later saw the infinity loop move to the correct upright position, but since it was still joined at the middle, and it was still not operating at full capacity.  We still had an upper half and a lower half.  Then, I noticed it trying to unhook at the middle and become a circle.  This took some time, but it finally unhooked, and it looked like a wiggling and twisting circle/infinity symbol.  This lasted years.  After we entered the Golden Age of Aquarius, or the Golden Age of Maitreya, I saw this symbol lock into a circle, and it is no longer wiggling.

Secrets of Infinity Part 1   Secrets of Infinity Part 2  Secrets of Infinity Part 3

This occurred as preparation for the shift into unity consciousness.  We will live into an era of community, and less duality.  I can see the light and dark energies merging and becoming one.  They become Grey.  This means the dividing line between our current duality is disappearing.  Once this occurs in our physical, there will still be what we currently call “bad”, but it will not be in such a sharp contrast to “good”.  We will walk a razor edge between the two.  People are both good and bad now, but we tend to take sides in our current reality.  

When will this Grey energy come to our physical life?  Not for hundreds of years.  Yes, you read that correctly.  We are not even in the infancy of the Golden Age.  We are in the explosive stage of creation.  Like when the sperm hits the egg.  We still have to go through the meiosis and mitosis process before we have a baby Golden Age to give birth too.  These three stages take a long time to complete.  Stage one is the explosive creation, stage two is meiosis and mitosis, stage three is giving birth.  This is why it will take hundreds of years, and we need to be patient with this process.

However, this new circle of infinity symbol is definitely changing our physical reality as we speak.  It is amplifying the new energy of Azoth, or Monoaurah that I have written about recently.  Also known as the energy of the Age of Maitreya.  The Monoaurah energy increases your dominate energy in your body, so you can transmute it into a positive.  For example, someone who is angry or easily triggered into anger, will have this anger amplified.  We are witnessing this right now, especially in the USA.  So, not only do we have the Monoaurah energy bringing the anger forward, it is making in larger.  You can say that the circle of infinity is like a giant mirror, that makes all it reflects bigger.  

The positive side to this, is if your dominate energy is compassion and joy, this energy will increase in you and will be amplified by the mirror.  This makes all spiritual practices that are centered in compassion and service to others powerful forces.  Our thoughts are also effected.  Many of us have spent years of working to master our mind, thoughts and emotions.  Now, our work will pay off.  The mirror of infinity will also magnify your thoughts, and use the Monoaurah energy to create what you imagine.  The work as one unit.  The mirror is a single symbol with no division and the Monoaurah energy is also programmed for unity/single.  Mono means single.  

This is why it is so important right now to not let the monkey mind go crazy, we have to control our thoughts and emotions.  I know this is problematic for some, especially when we have individuals and groups literally going crazy.  Unfortunately this will only get worse.  We need to be the eye of the hurricane at all times.  If this is accomplished, then we can thrive and have joy during this process.  Right now, I “view” the split in humanity that has been prophesied for many years.  What I find curious is the spiritual communities are also in this split.  There are few people that sit in the middle of the split, which is the eye of the hurricane.  The prophecy doesn’t speak of the middle of the split, but it exists.  

Now, I want to discuss some controversial topics, that are occurring in the country that I live in, which is the USA.  We have had major upheaval in our country recently, and we are becoming more and more divided as a nation.  One commonality is almost all Americans want the Government to improve the way it operates, or they want an entirely new government.  Before I go any further with this discussion, I want to state that I am not affiliated with any political party or group agenda.  I am neutral/gray.  My comments are based on spiritual, knowing, and clairvoyant ability.  My following comments are from the spiritual point of view only.  Which most people are not used to hearing, or comprehending. 

The USA is dealing with groups of individuals that are attacking our Government with intense anger, hate and violence.  The reason for this is what I stated at the beginning of my article.  Which is the Monoaurah energy and the circle of infinity.  These unbalanced individuals are becoming more unbalanced, angrier and more violent, because that is the dominate energy in their bodies.  We also have individuals that have had extreme trust issues throughout their lives.  They believe everything is out to get them, and they don’t know who or what they can trust. This, too, is being amplified, and we are seeing people in the realm of conspiracies becoming paranoid and unraveled.  The other group I foresee having difficulties now is individuals that blame the outside world for all their troubles.  All these groups want a global uprising to bring about change.  What they fail to realize is this will not work in our favor.  I am not saying these changes don’t need to occur, because they do, but not in the way these groups are doing it.  Anything, created in this Monoaurah energy, will be magnified.  Any government changes created from anger/hate/violence will only create more anger/hate/violence.  That is what this new energy is programed to do, it is very simple.  The only way we will have the new government we want that is truly by the people and for the people is one created out of unity, consciousness and peace.  This is where patience comes in, because it will take a long time for this energy to change every person on this planet to think as one unit.  Until then, we need changes to move slowly and carefully, and not from intense political upheaval.  This is why I “see” very few people in the middle of this split.  

Now, I want to get back to the spiritual community and those people that claim to channel entities etc…  I have also written about this topic and will include a link to the article.  These channelers are channeling entities and groups of ET’s that are making false claims about how this planet will shift.  They are given false hope that will end in disappointment and despair, because so much faith and trust is given to these entities.  The channelers are not communicating with anything that has humanities best interest.  They are low vibrating entities that are pretending to be something or someone that are not.  The channeler is so excited to have established a communication that they don’t have the discernment to know they are talking to something evil pretending to be of the light.  These entities know humanity wants instant access to the full Golden Age, and what better way to create division than to give false hopes.  And then we have Channelers that have their own judgment and political views that cloud their intuition.  They channel their “higher self energy”, which is clouded with their own agenda.  Don’t give your power away to someone that claims to have the answers from an entity.  I don’t have all the answers either, no one does.  My information only describes what is currently occurring, which raises more questions.  And I describe what I “see” which is at my level of consciousness.  I try to do my best to be as clear as possible, but nothing and no one is perfect.


Discernment and staying in the eye of the hurricane is a must in this energy, without it one will become lost in the winds of chaos. 

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Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

5 thoughts on “The Eye Of The Hurricane And The Winds Of Chaos

  1. i’d like to offer a different perspective to the idea that we are not yet in the infancy of the golden age. time is different now. it doesn’t hold the same structure as it has before. so what may have taken hundreds of years in past evolutionary enlightenment stages, it may actually happen a lot faster now than we could have previously comprehended. it’ll be interesting to watch. this is just my theory, thought i’d offer it to those for whom it resonates!💗

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