I find it intriguing that the magic of AZOTH is in the Christmas Story, which of course is the story of creating Christ Consciousness in us.  Azoth is connected to the 3 gifts given to Christ, which are really God’s gifts to us.  In these ancient times these gifts were given individually.  Aether, Azoth which when combined make Monoauah energy.  You will have to refer to my last two articles for further explanation on these terms.  In our current energy these gifts have been combined for us in the Monoauah energy.  Our job is to learn how to raise this new energy and light the upper lamp of the Hypothamus gland.  

Before I go into the Christmas story, I want to explain how we can do something simple to help this process along.  I learned through experience and education how Essential Oils can help stimulate the three glands in our body that make up our crystal palace of the brain.  Our Pineal, Pituitary, and Hypothamus glands are the glands fo the crystal palace.  I spoke of these in the two previous articles.

Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold, were given to the “Christ Child”.  The Christ Child is us, not one individual.  Frankincense is connected to the pineal gland, Myrrh is connected to the pituitary gland.  The last gift is gold.  We don’t exactly have a gold essential oil per se.  But, we do have a oil that is the highest vibrating oil on the planet and it is also connected to the Christ energy.  It is the oil of the Rose!!!!  The Rose is essentially the energy of the heart, which is where Christ consciousness ultimately resides.  Imagine white snow of Winter, with a rose setting on top.  This is the Christ Consciouness rising from the purity.  

There are different ways you can use Essential Oils to boost these glands.  And I have to say that this does not take the place of doing spiritual practice.  There is no easy way out to raise the Monoauah up the spine, and learn how to use it.  That still takes hard work, but I think we should use every tool we have available to us, and oils fall into that category.  You can apply these oils to the back and base of your neck.  Since untainted oils are created from plant plasma, they break the brain blood barrier.  You can also put them on your wrists and especially the soles of the feet.  The bottoms of our feet are amazing, and they contain the reflexology of our entire body, and we have many pores on the bottoms of our feet, which makes it the perfect place for oils.  No matter where you place these oils, the one thing that you have to do is inhale them.  Put the oils in the palm of your hand and then hold your hand to your nose and breathe deeply.  When we inhale oils they connect to the tiny hairs in our nose,  These hairs are connected to our limbic system in our brain.  The fastest way to get results from oils is to inhale them directly.  Diffusing is fine, but the oil is diluted in water.  I made a blend from all 3 oils and used them that way, I found the experience to be more powerful when the oils combined their energy.  It was like creating the oil form of Monoaurah energy.  Hahahahah…  Not exactly, I know, but it felt great.  It is the highest vibrating blend you can make.

Azoth energy has been compared to smoke, or like a cloud.  Here in Exodus we find a perfect example. “And Jehovah went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night…” – Exodus 13

That is Azoth.  The cloud contains moisture from water, and the pillar of fire.  Azoth is a mixture of fire and water.   It is the power of divinity that can rise in us to guide us.

In Hebrew , frankincense is לבונה lebonah. Lebonah is also fiery, since it is related to Leo, a fire sign. What does the lion represent in Alchemy? It represents your Innermost, the Being, karma, the ferocious dignity of God. Leo is related with the heart and the spinal column. (gnosticteachings.org)

So as we raise our inner fire up our spinal column and ignite our temple of our brain, and we create smoke perfumed with Myrrh and Frankincense.  This creates our inner Gold. 

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh…gifts of the Gods.  Remember where there is smoke there is Azoth Fire.

If anyone wants help with learning a good spiritual practice, I am willing to help. Your practice doesn’t have to take hours. We can develop something that fits your schedule. Doing anything is better than nothing at all. I understand this energy is very dense and difficult. We are in troubled times at the moment. But, it’s nothing that a good solid spiritual practice can’t handle.  

I also recommended connecting to the 5 Elements in an authentic way at this time. Everything is composed of the 5 Elements, including the virus. I can perform the 5 Element Soul Retrival for you, and I also teach this ritual.

When your inner elements are balanced, then you will be more effective at making decisions with clarity.     If you want to schedule with me, then please visit this link. https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12398844

If you want to schedule a 5 Element Ritual then please contact me at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com. The ritual session will be about 2 hours, and I schedule those manually.

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