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Today has been an auspicious day for several years for me. In 2016, I wrote an article about the White Horse Prophecy. I had many experiences with this prophecy. Here is the link https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2016/11/07/the-white-horse-prophecy/
me and freedomThen in 2017 I had the opportunity on this day to ride an authentic White horse named “Freedom”!!! I didn’t pick the horse, the owner of the ranch picked it for me. It was meant to be. Then in 2019 on this day I had a conversation with a friend that actually owns Rainbow horses. I could connect with them to witness how the White Horse Prophecy was leading into the Rainbow Prophecy. Then this morning, after I did my smoke offering out my window, I saw an eagle flying up our creek. What a sight to behold, another sign of “Freedom”. I understand we, as a society, are not free yet, however, I feel personal freedom is more available than ever before. With this shifting energy, comes the ability to do more with your spiritual practice. Anyway, after I saw the Eagle, I decided it was time for an article, as I promised to write more often and not wait as long.
A couple of weeks ago, before the fires, I started to feel a connection to Australia’s aborigines. This surprised me. I also had a client recommend a book to me, which I did not read right away. I told her that I am too busy seeing clients, studying, memorizing, and reciting to read for fun. As you know, my Lama studies are my priority now, which I felt left me zero time to read for enjoyment. Then, a few weeks later, she told me it would explain what is going on. Hmmmm …this book is about the aborigines, and since I have mutantbeen feeling them, I decided to read the book. It’s called the Mutant Message Down Under. The fires had started when I was reading. I read it in 2 days, and I still found time to keep up with my studies. Towards the end of the book, I could feel the aborigines around me, and I could feel their energy in my solar plexus moving up to my heart and mixing with the Tibetian Bon energy. This has shifted my clairvoyant abilities a bit, I won’t go into the details, but they are different now. I feel two ancient indigenous cultures moving and mixing in my body. One coming down from the top of my head moving into my heart, this is Bon, and one moving up through my solar plexus into my heart, this is aborigines. After talking to my friend Sanna, she could sense this was North Pole and South Pole mixing. Now…when you combine my mission to become a Lama, which is about West meeting East, we have x marks the spot. As those who follow my work know, I feel and experience through my own body how the planet is shifting. I feel the North and South mixing are connected to the Mu Chord I have been writing about. This is the cord that connects heaven to earth (and beyond), through the planet and our own bodies. This Chord is becoming more powerful by the minute now that these two cultures and connecting. Not only do I feel North and South, but I experience the Mayans mixed in there as well. I have felt them in my heart since I met and became close to my Mayan Master friend. (Yes, I am still doing the interview with him…looking for the right date is difficult).
When I read the Mutant book, I learned Uluru is the Solar Plexus of the planet, and according to the aborigines they had to abandon it after the White People destroyed it and the energy it contained. They moved the location to a secret spot and continued with their ceremonies. I think it’s important that they continued the ceremonies, but they Uluru_hero-768x369were not at the correct spot…they couldn’t be. Then a friend sent me an article about a ceremony taking place at Uluru. The Ngaltawaddi Ceremony will be held at Uluru, located in the Northern Territory, Australia, on January the 12th, 2020, and to visualize the Cosmic Umbilical Cord being healed. This is what she sent me. Wow!!!! What they call the Cosmic Umbilical Cord is what I call the ancient Mu Chord. This explains everything I have been experiencing. I always have the experience first, then I read what has been written. It also says this will heal the Rainbow serpent. In my opinion, the rainbow serpent is the beginning of the Rainbow Prophecy, it is also the ouroboros, which is a circle. The ceremony is also called the interrupted ceremony. I feel it got its name because the fall of mankind ripped the Mu Chord and deactivated it. Now on January 12th it will be reactivated, and I can confirm this within my own body. This event will take place during a rare quadruple conjunction involving Saturn, Pluto, Mercury and the Sun. Perfect timing.
To make matters even better, another friend sent me an article that discusses how something appeared to have collided with the milky way and created a huge wave in the galactic plane. They named this wave the “Radcliffe wave”. I feel this wave is connected to the Mu Chord, and this energy will feed into the ceremony to be held.
So, it appears that the Mu Chord, which I have been writing about for years, is finally restored and being activated in a few days. The ancient cultures from the four corners of the world are energetically connecting and meeting in the heart. It’s all beginning to gently unfold.
More to come
Lisa Rising Berry
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2 thoughts on “Mu Chord Activation

  1. Good article!! And as usual, I was reading something that totally supports what you are seeing:


    The energy is already here!! And this wave is having some interesting effects on the stars around us:


    We’re not in Kansas any more…

    See you in the aethers!!

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