Hello Everyone, and Happy Holidays to All,
Again, I have to apologize for such a lengthy gap in between articles. My Lama training has picked up in intensity, and I know it will continue to do so in 2020 and even more in 2021. I am very excited to be so busy studying, reciting, and memorizing. I understand that it’s an honor to be doing what I am doing, but it leaves little time for other activities, like writing. I think I will try to write several brief articles as things occur instead of a few larger ones. I have so much information to share in this article, that I have decided to do a radio show as well. That way, if I leave anything out, it can be shared on the show. In fact, I know that there will be some things left out intentionally, because some events are pivotal to the end of 2019, and I don’t want to put too much information out there. Sometimes it’s better to discuss when it’s done in 2020.
I have to admit that I have been pondering the idea of no longer writing articles. One…it’s time-consuming, and two…it’s getting harder to explain what is occurring with the written word. I see things happening, that I can’t explain in our language. I have decided to continue for 2020, and then see how things are in 2021. I know in my heart that I am supposed to try to explain what I see shifting on this planet to people, but I also know that things and jobs change. My job as a town crier may be ending.
Becoming a Female Bon Lama is my top priority right now, because I know this is something I am also supposed to accomplish, hopefully in this lifetime. I need to find a way for these two different worlds to meet, like East meets West. And I think writing shorter articles may be the solution. And…that way I won’t leave information out.
This article has been difficult to put together. On one hand my clairvoyant abilities have been in overdrive, and whereas, there are things that I know are happening, and I have no visions of them, only heart felt knowings. This frustrates me when I don’t have any clairvoyant experiences about what I write. Clear knowing is a clairvoyant ability, but generally don’t write about them, but I will today. I know this is what our ancient prophets did in the past, but it’s not fun for me. I have discussed a few of my clear knowings with some of my regular clients, and they understand what I am feeling. But, I haven’t shared them publicly.
The first thing I would like to discuss is why 2019 is like a void. I was having a session with one of my clients, when she expressed 2019 is a void. I got so excited, and said YES!!!! That is the word I have been looking for…VOID! I told her I would use this in my next article. However, this void began at the end of 2018, when I saw and wrote about new codes being shot from Sagitarius’s bow. There was even physical confirmation that this occurred. 2018 and 2019 are all about preparing for 2020. The codes from 2018 that had the fire of Sagittarius on it, really intensified 2019. Humanity was given the right environment to let go of all the unwanted baggage of the last 10 years before we move into 2020. I can say for me personally that 2019 was one of the most challenging years of my entire life. Normally, my spiritual practice gets me through difficult energy, but this time it was different. It still got me through, but my practice actually began to show me what I needed to face in my life. All the fears etc… I needed to deal with some heavy depressing topics before I went into 2020. I was put into a situation where I had no choice. I got really sick and almost died. I needed to fight for my life and face my fears simultaneously. And dying an untimely death was one of those fears. Right after I recovered from my “episode” I experienced one of the most exciting events of my life. Which was on my Birthday. October was definitely about death, destruction and rebirth in the physical. I went through a spiritual type of death in 2017, and I can see that was in preparation for what I went through this October. I am a new person, and I faced some of my biggest fears. I didn’t do it alone, I had the help of one of my teachers. I was delighted to see October go. LOL…
This year and especially this fall was not only difficult for me, but it was hard for all my regular clients. Each one of them was dealing with a serious crisis in one way or another, and all of them were facing fears, and getting rid of a ton of unwanted baggage. I know we do this all the time, but not at this level of intensity. Now, while 2019 is still here, is the time to continue this process. Because when 2020 arrives this energy will be gone. We will still be getting rid of issues, but not like we are in 2019. Something shifts….
There is something about this energy of 2020 this is so exciting. I have been looking forward to 2020 since 2013. I could tell all the shifting of this planet that would occur would have a huge impact on the quality of 2020. And I can see that we are on the best possible timeline for heading into the new decade. We will successfully pass through the dark void of 2019 into the light of 2020.
Does this mean 2020 will be without its challenges? Of course not, we are entering a new decade not leaving duality. But, for those that have done their inner work, and have a solid spiritual practice, things will be easier. Jesus declared, “Have you prepared a house for me?” The house is your body, and the preparation is raising its vibration, which is done with spiritual practice. The new energy of 2020 is what we have been preparing for, and not everyone’s body can handle it. The opportunity to prepare for this energy is always present, but it will be harder to keep up in 2020. This planet has been waiting for those asleep to wake up and walk the walk…actually live what they have learned…do a spiritual practice…not just read about it. The days of the armchair practitioner are gone. Book knowledge is not enough in 2020 and beyond. We are moving into the age of knowing, and that means living every day what you know. Even teachers will be changing in the 2020s. There will be more teachers that will not only teach from books and ancient texts, but also from their personal experience with the text. This is extremely important. If teachers only teach the text, then they are setting the example for the students not to take the teaching a step further and experience the text in daily life. However, if the teacher also teaches from personal experience, then the students are twice as likely to dive into the teaching and incorporate it into daily life. The teachers that are just philosophical will become a thing of the past, and a new more balanced teacher will emerge. I also feel hidden ancient text will reappear in the 2020s.
At the end of last year I saw that everyone had a bridge that led to somewhere. I couldn’t see where back then. Now, I can see it is 2020. I can see now that all humanity has crossed their individual bridges, and all are will begin something new in 2020. However, not everyone is ready, but all crossed, and the bridges are burned. There is no going back. This new energy will not allow the old ways of doing things to continue. The energy of the 2020s is so different from what we just left. I am excited for New Years Eve!!!!!
The next thing I would like to discuss in the Nagas. I first reconnected to the Nagas a few years ago when I wrote this article. https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/moon-matrix-reprogrammed-by-the-restored-frognaga-energy-bringing-joy-to-the-world/
Recently, this month, I have experienced a major change and shift in the Naga Community, but before I get into that I need to explain something. We all know about the fall of mankind, but what most people don’t understand is this fall not only affected humans, but it also affected others. The Nagas are water beings, they have an entire Universe which is absolutely amazing. After the fall their Universe was kind of split, and part of it collided with our Human Universe. Many Nagas suffered greatly and even took sides with the oppressors of Humans. Others just hated humans for their fall. However, there were still some that had compassion for humans and wanted to help. I have the honor and privilege to have a regular client that is an actually Naga. Because of this, she has this amazing connection to the Nagas through her human body. I have been able to “see” many things through her. Our clairvoyant experiences with the Nagas are always in sync. This month I saw a portal form that allowed all Nagas’s energy to leave and return to their Universe, then I saw only the ones that are helping humans return through the same portal. The portal was like a filter that cleaned their energy when they returned. One morning, I was not asleep and not fully awake when I actually saw this portal open. I saw the Nagas returning. There were so many of them! They were clean and shiny and felt delighted and compassionate. And I connected with my Naga friend that I named Jeremiah. I wrote about him in the article that I posted above. I feel this is a game changer for this planet. I, no longer feel any negative Naga energy at the moment. And if any does pop up, I feel the current Nagas on this planet can handle it and take care of the problem.
My next topic is a little harder to discuss. If you read the article that I posted, you will notice that the energy of the Moon shifted with the Nagas of that year. This year, I noticed a different shift in energy after the new Nagas returned. But, it wasn’t with the poles of the Moon this time, it was with the North and South stars and the North and South Poles. Prior to my first Naga article, a corrupted demon controlled the Moon, and once the corruption ended so did the control. I saw the same thing happen with the North and South Stars, and it was connected to the same corrupted demon. Once the new Nagas returned my friend and client Sanna, saw the change in the stars. This is one of the things that I don’t want to go into a ton of detail…not yet. I did have a lucid experience where I visited the demon controlling the North and South Stars. During this visit he tried to connect me to a box that had two different electric currents running through it, one on each side of the box. I talked to him and tried to get him to stop destroying and controlling. I tried to explain to him how this is not helping anyone and not even him. I tried teaching him etc… It looked like he was just about to switch to a compassionate being when he plunged me into his machine. I took the plugs out and reversed them and looked at him with a silly face. I sent him the message that this isn’t working…please give up. Then I just unplug the machine and it no longer was working. Then I woke up with a jump. The next day during my session with Sanna, I would see her energy was not going from side to side in the brain, but moving up and down through the heart. I don’t know what the current was coming from this mysterious box, but it was doing something to our brains, and making it hard to leave dual thinking. I still can see Sana’s brain activity going back and forth, but it isn’t in a steady stream. The steady stream is now moving through the heart. What will this mean for 2020? I don’t know yet. This just happened this week. I normally wait a few months before writing about a topic, but I felt this was important for people to know now. This may sound life a sci-fi movie but, I feel it was a type of mind control now gone. It may take humanity all 2020 to feel the effects or it may happen instantaneously. I don’t think we will feel the effects in 2019 because the energy of 2019 supports it.
I feel this shift in the North and South stars are connected to the North and South Poles, and this inturn is connected to our own bodies North and South Poles, which are the crown and root chakra. And if you take this a step further, it’s connected to the MuChord that I write about that runs not only through our bodies, but through the entire planet and beyond. Perhaps the lost civilizations of the Poles will reappear along with the lost technology. This will change life as we know it on this planet for ever, and it will change our bodies as well. I feel this information has been hidden and it about to be revealed. There is so much to be excited about. It’s an excellent time to be alive.
Happy Holidays to all, and I will see you on the flip side in 2020,
Lisa Rising Berry
We live in exciting times, and things are shifting and changing so quickly. If you found the information in this article is insightful, and helpful, and you would like to work towards spiritual transformation through true inner alchemy, then consider scheduling a session with me. I can assist you in navigating these current energies.
I use my clairvoyant ability, along with esoteric knowledge from many different spiritual modalities, to assist you on your path. Dream Interpretation, Tibetan Meditation and Breathing Practices, Healing with the Elements, are just a few of the methods I explore with my clients.
Every session is designed to help balance your body, mind and soul. Spiritual practices enable you to regain your power, and put you in the driver seat of your life. If you are ready to expand your future possibilities then click here to schedule. I am doing my sessions via zoom now. This enables me to share my screen when presenting different topics.
If you are interested in scheduling a 5 Element/Soul Retrieval session with me, then please email at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com. We will pick a day and time for you. I need about 2 hours of your time for your first session, and I have to add you to my calendar manually. During the first 20 minutes, I will explain the ritual to you step by step, so you will understand exactly what I am doing. While I am performing the ritual I will talk you through it, and relay any information I receive. The cost is $176.00, unless you are participating in my Spiritual Scholars Program, then it’s $88.00. I live on the East Coast of the USA, so I work during the day according to this time zone.
I do these sessions using the Zoom platform. Zoom is free to download and easy to use. I will send you a Zoom invitation to the room I create for us a few minutes prior to the session.
This article is copyrighted. I would love you to share, but please credit the author Lisa Rising Berry and provide a link to this before posting.

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8 thoughts on “The Year Of The Void…2019

  1. txs for this update and your energy to do this for hue manity!
    is the ‘void’ you speak of like
    you are there in the ‘void’ like an airlayer plain, color golden peach, without time no north, south west or east, no time
    only you? no words no feelings only i am? like a new start?

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  2. I resonated deeply with the sentiments of the void of 2019. October 11th I was let go from my banking job and throughout the whole year, parts of my spiritual journey were colliding with physical reality, very trying times to say the least! But, I feel a new energy bubbling up and I am happy to be here and do the work and experience all that is possible in this (probably my last) human carnation.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Blake,

      I am sorry to hear about your job loss. However, as you probably already know…things have to end to allow new beginnings to evolve. We can go into this further during your session!
      Much love,


  3. 2019 for me was a year of regaining foothold that I lost around 2012. I hope things improve. But I’ve a feeling that I have to make everything better myself.

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  4. Excellent explanation LIsa!!! We all, I think, have been thru the 2019 hell hole, still not as bad as 2013 but definitely challenging. One door closes and another one opens….
    I think what that box did was keep us from connecting to out heart brain, keeping us in the head/mind ego. There’s been alot of things Science has been putting out about the heart having brain cells much like the brain and how it seeks and makes networks when we do something different and with compassion. The process is called Heart Brain Coherence, by Dr. Joe Dispenza and Greg Braden which incorporates breathing and connecting to your heart with your brain and awakening much of the abilities or manifestation that we have always had, but was sort of blocked energy…probably from this box. Even in the Bible and the Nag Hammadi in the book of Thomas it explains how to do this as emotion was an important part of manifestation along with our thoughts and desires as if we already had it and technically do….being in linear time instead of no time it’s hard to imagine or ‘feel’ like you already have what you so desire.
    Maybe that is the step up in frequency of dimensions where instant manifestation happens and training here where there is the gap between cause and effect and a veil of forgetfulness, it’s no wonder we keep doing what is familiar instead of ‘feel imagining’ our desire in the now…
    Anyway…love what you said about 2019 and 2020….My granddaughter couldn’t wait for 2020…she kept asking me ‘Is it 2020 yet?’ Finally when I said ‘Happy New Year…it’s 2020 now!’ She smiled and seemed happy…FINALLY…Big Hugs Lisa, I hope you find time to do more articles and tell us more, but understand how that works with your busy schedule. ❤

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  5. So true. I felt insecured since the end of 2018, and I guessed 2019 would be shaky for me. It was. I’ve encountered losses (my soulmate, my close friends, my dream and my assets), depression and void, honestly. But all I can do is fear, because I just feel, not clearly knowing about what was closing to happening. 2020 came with the feel of letting go, right at the transitional moment of the 2 years, I felt sad but no choices other than acceptance, and a hint of peace. Now my soulmate, whom I triggered all of his wounds in 2019 decided to remove those hurtful memories, stop communicating with me (but still keep contacts), and go studying abroad. The insight from the first days of 2020 is right so far. I have to let him go, wish him peace, for my love for him.

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