Greetings to everyone!  This article is a continuation of my two previous articles on the spiritual nature of the infinity symbol.  I have been clairvoyantly watching the spiritual nature of our Infinity symbol for the past five years. The first time I tuned into the symbol, it was laying on its side, then I saw it flip to the upward position.  This is where it stayed for a few years. Then at the end of 2017 I saw it unwind and turn into a circle. However, it didn’t stay in the circle position, it became twisted again, and joined at the middle of the 8. I also saw the lower aspect of the symbol, which is the 6 part, fall off, and then it sealed into a circle again.  Sadly, once again it did not stay a circle. Every time I see new movement, I write. Which is why when I saw movement this time around, I waited and waited. I have been waiting for five months to write this article, and I am writing it during the fifth month and on the 8th day. Well, I started writing it on the 8th day. LOL… I was waiting for the time to be right.  This is the longest I have ever waited to write an article. I knew I was missing puzzle pieces, and I didn’t know where to find them. And then…one of my friends, who is also a client scheduled a session. She is Melissa Read, and we have worked together before. She has been on many radio shows in the past. During her session she told me about the experiences she had been having, and they matched mine.  She said that she had been waiting to schedule with me, but the time was never just right. Now is the time to share our information. We are each other missing puzzle pieces. I will present my information first, and then Melissa will add her section. We both decided not to write about her session because it will be too confusing. We need to explain what we feel is occurring, and then during the radio show we will go into what occurred during her session.  I was thrilled our experiences matched. I have to add that we don’t have any scientific information to back up what we are writing about, and we can’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what we see is correct. We live in a material world and this information is spiritual, and it was obtained clairvoyantly. This information goes against what is taught in our physical world, especially in the West.

I have decided the reason the shape of the infinity symbol keeps changing is because we are fighting for control over it.  I know there is a Movie called Infinity Wars, and I have never seen the movie, because I know it will frustrate me. The real infinity war is the one I am watching unfold and not what Hollywood has put out as a distraction from the truth.  During the first week of January 2018 I had a lucid dream experience that was very telling. I am now able to have a better understanding of what it was about. I was looking at a map with a group of people. It felt like I was attending a council meeting.  I was told there is an incoming storm, and that I can’t avoid it. I kept changing my path, but the answer was still the same. Shortly after this I “saw” the lower half of infinity drop off and become a circle. I understand now, that this dropping off aspect was not organic.  You can’t cut the infinity symbol in half and make a new one. You need all of it to be balanced. I am confident that this was the storm coming. After that, I had a different type of vision. These visions come to me when my eyes are closed. A circle opens up and I see as clearly as if my eyes were open.  For this vision the circle became quite wide, it almost filled my whole vision. I saw a gold blob hovering over the Earth. At the time I thought it was good, now I can tell it too was inorganic. It was like fake Golden Age energy that the broken infinity symbol produced. And then after that vision another one followed that fully makes sense to me now.  I received this vision in the same manner as the previous one. I saw a stick that had two lights light up, a red and orange. At the time I knew it represented to two lower energy centers. What I didn’t realize is that is was the condition of the infinity symbol. It was still in the lower energy. You see… we live in a twisted reality, which no one can argue.  However, the reason it’s twisted is because our infinity symbol is an 8. It is twisted and joined at the middle. Everything projected to us from this 8 is twisted and upside down etc… The true nature of infinity is the circle 0.

This infinity war began to intensify once the infinity symbol turned from the sideways position to the upward position.  I think this occurred in late 2015 or beginning of 2016. However, I was unaware of this war until recently. Many crazy things happened to me in 2017 which now make sense.  This was part of the storm coming that I could not avoid. You can’t destroy something indestructible like the infinity symbol. Which is why when the dark ones tried to break the lower part off it did not work.  It went back to the upward twisted version because that was the last organic change it made. The dark ones can twist our infinity symbol, but they can’t destroy it. There is so much power there, that it’s hard to wrap your head around it.  

Now that I am aware of this infinity war, I have better discernment.  I am able to see which movements are organic and which aren’t. I can say with confidence that all the moment that I saw after it turned right side up was inorganic.  I apologize for not realizing it then. I always say “Time will tell”, and that is just what happened. This is why I have been waiting for 5 months to write. I was afraid, things would shift again.  I needed to make sure this was an organic shift. The next question is…will it stay the way it is right now? Yes…however, the dark can still manipulate it just as it did before. So far that has not happened.  

The way I see our infinity symbol right now is nothing that I can draw.  It is no longer connected at the middle, but it is not a circle yet. It is still twisted but wobbly.  If you combine this with the new energy coming that I wrote about, you have a crazy mix. It can make people very unstable.  The projection of our reality is not coming from a joined 8, but a wobbly 0. It appears the projections are really shifting.  All the more reason to master your mind. If your inner mind is balanced, it doesn’t matter what is occurring on the inside.

The true nature of our inner reality is a 0.  We hold within our hearts the energy of the location that we fell from so many galactic years ago.  And it is this location that we are trying to return to, which is the 0. You see, before “the fall”, we lived in a location ruled by the 0.  The reality we existed in was not twisted, it was exactly what we wanted to experience. Was it perfect? No, but it was what was decided on. To evolve you need a location to take physical form in.  This was perfect for what we wanted. When our reality was a 0, it ran according to cycles. When our reality is an 8, our reality runs in loops. We have the upper loop and the lower loop. We were stuck in the lower loop for a very long time.  Once we moved to the upper loop, not much changed. Because it was still a loop and not the 0. It’s like fancier prison bars, but still a prison. We have been trying to get back to where we fell from since the fall occurred. Since we have been “time looping” in the 8, there is no way to know how much linear time has passed since the fall.  We fell asleep, unconsciousness in the sideways 8. Now that the 8 is vertical, more people are waking up from the fall. But, our inner reality still does not match the outer. It’s like a camera lense that has become twisted. Our inner 0 knows the reality we are in is wrong and longs to return to the 0. We can do this on an individual basis, by mastering our minds through spiritual practice, and obtaining the rainbow body.  However, there is an actual location that we used to live one. I feel this reality will eventually return to the 0, and then after sometime, will start its journey back to the original 0 that we fell from. After the fall, we fell asleep, and our reality became an illusion. It’s like we are in a bad dream and can’t wake up. We need to become lucid and “awake” in our daytime daily life as well as our nighttime sleep. In other words we need to dream ourselves home, and back to the 0 we started from.  Then our inner true nature will be a better match for our outer reality. Once the wobbly 0 is solid in its transformation, it will become a portal that will lead us back to the location we fell from

The infinity symbol in its 0 form is  a stargate or a black hole. When the fall occurred we fell through a white hole and came out of the other side which is a black hole.  It is the upside down version of our original location. I have no scientific evidence to prove this. It’s all from clairvoyant ability.  I know this may sound crazy to some. When we return back up, we go back into the black hole and come out the white hole. To me… I see the correct 0 as a rainbow gate.  I don’t know why, I just do. I did the gematria for rainbow gate and the results back me up. Rainbow gate in simple gematria is 690. This shows the progression that I have been discussing in this article.  From the 6 to the 9 returning to the 0. Before the fall, all races respected each other and worked together. There was one written and spoken language which make for easy communication.

I strongly feel the rainbow gate is connected to the rainbow prophecy.  The rainbow prophecy is about all races of people returning to the circle to bring peace.  I can “see” a special rainbow energy coming from certain animals and people assisting in this process.  I learned this bit of information when I merged with a rainbow horse in my lucid dreams. The actual color of the horse was tan, but the energy it omitted was rainbow.  It is this energy helping our wobbling 0 become stable. And it is this energy that will surround the 0 once it is stable so it can become our way home. As of right now, I don’t see us entering the rainbow gate anytime soon.  Before that can happen the 0 must be stable for some time and the root races have to make peace. East needs to meet West. When you look at our current society you can see how far away we are from this. That being said, time is not linear and anything can happen in a blink of an eye.  

The rainbow gate can be described in science as Phi or the Golden Spiral.  As with pi (the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter), the digits go on and on, theoretically into infinity. So, Phi is connected to infinity.  The Golden Spiral was used in ancient architecture, because their genetic memory was much stronger back then. Deep down inside they knew the Golden Spiral mathematics was the way home.  I feel the name should be Rainbow Spiral instead of Golden. Phi includes all things of infinity, which is all colors of the rainbow, not just gold. A black hole appears to be based on Phi.  When you look at the Phi symbol we can take it a step further. I have discussed how we fell from the 0, you can see the 0 in the symbol. What you also see is the line running in the middle of it.  This is a heavenly rope that connected us to everything. After the fall it broke. An attempt to rebuild it after the fall was made, and the dark destroyed it and then created multiple languages along with race wars to keep us fighting instead of rebuilding the heavenly rope.  To rebuild this robe, all races needed to act as one…one 0. If we don’t speak the same language that is impossible. This is the story of the tower of babel. I “saw” the robe reappear awhile ago. I am not sure at this time if that was organic or not. Time will tell. The name of this heavenly robe is the Mu Chord, and I have written a few articles about it.  Around this time a few years ago, I had a lucid experience I wrote about on Facebook. I saw the spiral of our current reality, and I saw it turning. I decided to fly above it, and when I looked again it was turning in the opposite direction. This is why our reality is the opposite of what it should be. We fell into the opposite, and we are returning to our past which is connected to the true nature of infinity, which is the 0.

I will now hand the pen over to Melissa and let her add to this story.  As I said, we will discuss what is occurring right now with the Mu Chord during our show.

Like Lisa, I have been feeling into the zero point again over the past few months, hence my connection with her again recently to ‘check in’ with our energies, as we seem to hold answers to each other questions.

Prior to that meeting I also scheduled a session with Lisa Gawlas to see what was happening in my personal field. The related images she came back with was of me doing chin-ups on a bar or line, as I brought my head and chin over the bar, I was filled with gold light streaming into my crown and sending it out through the soles of my feet, into this plane of existence.

This I think being symbolized by the upper planes of Universal Mind or Higher Mind.

These energies we are experiencing right now, or at least in my experience, are the Dreamspace of Creation point, or Quantum Conscious dreaming.

These energies are the transmutation from the White hole source light, (ultraviolet, invisible light) spectrum, that contains all 7 primary colors, is reflective energy, through the camera lense (black hole, antimatter) absorbing energy, or the vacuous state, then into the projection of the visible light spectrum, (matter) reverse alchemy.

When Lisa asked me to feel into the infinity symbol, I could see the circle but it was not in a fixed state, it was morphing in and out of sight, it looked like liquid Mercury, something in Morphogenesis, (which ironically means, shape creation).

To me it represents the Alpha and Omega, the positive and negative charge, electromagnetic energy.

Omega in Gematria is represented by the number 800, Alpha is represented by the 1, so both equal 801, which also is the number for The Creator and The Dove, so both translate to Creator Spirit.

I find it fascinating that it goes from the 8 to 0 to 1, we could interpret this as infinite creation in the now, that creates the beginning and the end at the same moment.

So, this merging of the unseen Uv light and seen spectrum of light rainbow colors, through our photoreceptors (interesting Lisa’s previous reference to a camera lens), the light sensing nerve cells, through the Optic nerve, which convert light into nerve impulses, these photoreceptors are depolarized when we are in the dark. Could this mean as we pass through the black hole we become ‘depolarized’ or ‘whole’, we literally become the zero?

With the 8 representing the feedback loop of polarization, which could be interpreted as our Autonomic Nervous System, in any polarized system the key difference being between positive and negative feedback loops is their response to change.

Positive Electrical feedback moves away from a target point (the fixed center point of the 8) to the upper part of the 8, as Lisa earlier referenced as being represented as the 9.

Negative feedback moves towards a target point, represented by the 6, the lower part of the 8, which is Magnetic.

8 is us in Homeostasis, (self-regulation).

So what happens when we are no longer reactionary or needing change as an energy for feedback, where the Personality has transcended physicality and the Soul has come to such a neutrality in the present moment, that it no longer requires stimulus or sedation to remain stable?

We would move into a space governed by the Central Nervous System, the Brain (Mind) and Spinal Cord (Body) in direct connection with Spirit (Soul), this I feel is the connection point in the middle of the 8, Earth point connected with Crown.

It is the core of our thoughts, perceptions and emotions. Many neurons working together are responsible for every decision made, every emotion or sensation felt and every action taken.

Each segment of the spinal cord receives sensory input from a particular region of the body. In spiritual practice these would be known as Chakra points. Each represented by a primary color ray, nerve plexus and gland, spanning from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These all then connect to the 10th Cranial nerve, the Vagus Nerve.

The Vagus is our ‘reset’ button, or Kundalini energy, it is compared to a snake that coils 3 times as it travels up the spine, so does the Vagus. Pranayama breathing helps stimulate this. Also, by self observation or self realization of this Rainbow Body or subtle body we become like a Neutral particle, our gears or chakras are not engaged with the engine or feedback loop of stimulus or sedation, it becomes the circle of the constant.

In electrical terms, Neutral is a circuit conductor that normally carries current back to the ‘Source’.

Our two-way circuit, the grounded Earth Chakra and Soul Chakra, connected to the Source, Zero Point or Neutral Point I believe, is the MU cord Lisa refers to.

From this space we no longer have the need for our glands and hormones to determine how we feel, we transcend this feedback loop of the 8 and go into the higher form of the 5 Elements or Senses, into the invisible 6th sense, the UV white light Spectrum, that still contains all the 7 colors in the one White light, we depolarize the physical eyes in the black place of no-thing but can still see through the 6th dimensional space of the heart.

This high Violet is the result of mixing red and blue, male/female, electric/magnetic, fire/water, the midway point between this red and blue is the Magenta Ray, the 8th Chakra, it lies hidden between Red and Violet.

Therefore, Magenta is our access point, it is the beginning and end point of our Rainbow, the Alpha and Omega, the fullest expression of Divine Love. It is the Soulstar point, our Soul Blueprint.

So if you see the Magenta as the Alpha, proceeding Red, this is the Soul entering the Body, or as the Omega Point, following Violet, then it is the opposite of the Body ascending to Spirit (no polarization), the Godhead of the Ruby Ray, Universal Oneness. The converting of Knowledge to Wisdom and Mastering the Thymus (higher heart), the Egoless State.

This is just my interpretation of the Rainbow Body, I am not simplifying this process in any way, as it is only attained by very few.

I feel the Silver of the circle I saw could also be interpreted as the Feminine Silver Ray of Universal Mother, about to birth a new cycle. It also aligns the Earth and Soul Star in the Divine Feminine Ascension Pathway. The Mother joined with Father to birth the new Earth child. This is the vision I hold in my heart, so I will leave it there for you to ponder.

Thank you for reading our article, we hope you find this information helpful during this time.

We will be recording a radio show next week to go into more of the tiny details that we chose not to put into this article.  This is a very complex topic, and it’s easier to explain while talking as opposed to writing it all out.

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  We all need help from time to time. I am grateful to my teachers and healers that assist me.  I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward. Please read our website to explore what I have to offer.  You can also read my Bio on our page to see my qualifications. Click here to schedule an appointment….LINK TO SCHEDULE

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