I love coincidences, they always occur for a specific reason. The day I started working on my next series of articles, I noticed in my Facebook memories it was the same day that I rode a White Horse named Freedom.  What is crazy is my next series of articles are about the Rainbow Prophecy and the Rainbow Horses. I met an amazing woman, who is named Joy, at the Red Garuda retreat that I attended in October of 2018, she is the owner of the real Rainbow Horses.  Fate brought us together are the exact right time and place.  I will be writing several articles about this, and will have her on my radio show more than once.  Since the White Horse appeared in my Facebook memories on the exact day that I was beginning my new journey with the Rainbow horses, I knew it was a continuation. I could tell the White Horse was passing the torch to the Rainbow Horse.  

I decided to give Joy the first article that I wrote about the White Horse Prophecy, which was written in 2016.  That article all began with a profound and vivid vision I had. Please read this article because it describes how the energy we are currently in began way in 2016.  Not only that, but it perfectly leads into the series of articles I just finished. Link to article

short recap of the recent articles

  1. We saw the increase of the Azoth/fire energy connected to the Red Gaurda (fire bird) at the end of October, it increased until Sagittarius season.
  2. Then Sagittarius dipped the point of the bow into the fire filled with some type of new code.  (I first saw this code in 2013, and I drew it)
  3. All during Sagittarius season the bow was pulled tighter and tighter, and then it was released on December 26th, and it exploded.
  4. Now, we are waiting for the dust from the explosion to settle.  I saw particles entering into the physical world.

Here is a link to the last article for more clarification.  Link to article   I now understand what the explosion was, and what the dust is.  I discovered this when I re-read my first White Horse article. In that article I discuss the rider of the White Horse of the white-horse-sagApocalypse.  He carries a bow from Sagittarius. This is the same bow I wrote about recently. Also in the article from 2016, I had a client that had lucid experience of riding a White Horse and seeing the world covered in Rainbow energy. She experienced this on my birthday (October 30th).   It was around my birthday in 2018 that we experienced the height of the firebird energy. Then the rider dip the bow of Sagittarius into the firebird (Gauda) energy and shot it into the atmosphere. This was the White Horse passing the torch (arrow) to the Rainbow Horse. In 2016 I saw the White Horse rider’s bow (sagittarius) delivering rainbow energy.  Here is a quote from the article, “Notice the word “bow” in rainbow. This energy is being delivered by the bow of Sagittarius.” This event set the stage for what occurred in the beginning of January of this year.

We are now fully in the energy and living the Prophecy of the Rainbow Energy and the Rainbow Horses are the key.  Why horses, and not a different animal? This aspect I learned from my Tibetan Bon studies. Horses are connected to the Earth element, and are very fast and strong animals.  They are connected to the Wind Horse energy which is Lung Ta. We raise prayer flags at the beginning of each new year to increase our Lung Ta energy. Lung Ta means Wind Horse.  It is the Wind Horse energy that is carrying us into the next aeon.

I would like to share one major experience I had with the Rainbow Horses.  As many of you remember from my series of articles about the White Horse energy, I physically merged with the White Horse energy in my lucid dreams.  Now, the same thing has occurred with the Rainbow Horse energy. I was in a very lucid dream, when a tan Rainbow Horse approached me. It looks at me in my eyes and said, “I pick you.”  Then it laid its body over top of mine. By now I was laying flat on the floor, and it fully melted its body into mine. I felt so honored and blessed, but I didn’t really know what it meant until I talked to Joy.

That’s it for now, but there will be a lot more to come.   I will connect the White Horse further to the Rainbow Horse, and will explain how the Rainbow Prophecy connects to our lives.  I can tell you that these Rainbow Horses are alive and in physical bodies. Their hair reflects rainbow jewels in them. I know I will visit them at Joy’s ranch in person someday.

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This article is copyrighted.  I would love you to share, but please credit the author Lisa Rising Berry and provide a link to this before posting.

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