Hello everyone,

Before I go into the Energy Update, I would like to take care of business first.

Due to the popularity of my discounted 5 Elements Soul Retrieval Ritual, I have decided to extend my scheduling into January.

The offer is valid as long as you make the appointment in December.   I only have a couple of slots open in December, but I can still schedule your appointment in the month of January.

This is a 2 hour appointment for $111.11.  The normal price for this service is $176.00.  This offer to schedule this service ends on December 31, 2018.

If you wish to take advantage of my discounted offer then please click on the following link for more information.


On to the energy update.  This update follows my last 2 articles.  Right now I can “see” and feel the bow of Sagittarius pulled tight.  It will stay in this position until it is released at the end of this month.  However, just because it is staying still and tight doesn’t’ mean it isn’t doing anything.  As it takes this pause, it is changing its energy quickly. I mentioned in my last article a “new code” that appears attached to the tip of Sagittarius bow.  This is what is shifting at the moment. It’s receiving the energy of freedom, travel, new philosophy etc… As it is receiving this new code, the old is dropping away.

I could see through one of my regular clients an event taking place for her on the 12th of this month.  It’s huge for her, but I am not sure it is for the entire collective. Today feels peaceful to me…like the pause for the cause.  The calm before the storm. As the bow continues to sit at its tightest position, the energy will get more and more intense. This will affect people’s already unbalanced energies over the Holidays.  I still feel the bow will be released after the 25th.

We are going on a journey with the travel and freedom loving Sagittarius.  Enjoy the ride and buckle your seat belts.

All the best,

Lisa Rising Berry

3 thoughts on “Energy Update and 5 Elements Soul Retrieval Ritual Reminder

  1. Ahhh yeah…Whoo Hooooooo…..Oh this is awesome, my focus on things has taken a 180 degree turn, as you know us Sag’s are big picture people and always trying to have a bird’s eye view of everything.. Sag’s gotta hold on tight, and yes, fasten our seatbelts…we will hit our target as intended and not a day sooner….2019 will be awesome~ 😉


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