I decided to write about an healing experience one of my clients experienced.  Before I go into the details of her story I want to give a little bit of a background.  I taught her how to connect to the energy of a Bon Master. This is done so you can receive his energy/blessing in your life.  This may seem a bit odd to westerners, but it works. I have also had some amazing personal experiences with connecting to past masters as well as with my current teachers that are in physical bodies.  

When many people in the west hear the word master used in the spiritual sense, they cringe.  This is due to negative programming surrounding the word master. Master in my tradition is a person that achieved the rainbow body/liberation in an incarnation.  They mastered their mind in a physical body, and then turned that body into a rainbow of light. This is the highest level of achievement one can obtain. They no longer need to return to any physical form, unless they choose to come back and help, and then the rules for them are different for them.

Tapihritsa01The master I gave her to work with was Tapihrista.  He lived (c 7th ~ 8th century) and was a Bon practitioner that mastered his mind and obtained the rainbow body.  This is the short version of his life. He is one of the highest masters in my Bon tradition. He represents the union of all the past masters.  I taught her how to energetically connect to him. Then she started to have serious heart issues and she did the exercise. Here is her story, written in her own words.

This is long Lisa, but you are the only one who will understand and believe what just happened to me. Please don’t feel you have to respond, I know how busy you are. BUT Lisa, I have to share this with you. I went grocery shopping at two different stores and then to Walgreens for my grandson. At the last store, as I was loading groceries into the trunk, even after telling myself, “don’t forget, you laid your keys down”,  I shut the trunk. My only option was to call my grandson but he works nights, so I didn’t want to wake him up. I could have called my AAA membership but I thought, this is a perfect opportunity to start walking…It’s about 3/4’s of a mile from the store to the house. However, it was very hot and muggy. There were several steep inclines and because again, I didn’t want to awaken my grandson to open the door, I walked up a very steep hill to my room as I always leave my sliding door open. The house is bi-level. After getting my extra keys, I should have rested but I had meat from the first store and it took me 25 mins. to walk home. The meat had been in the trunk at least an hour.

On the way back to the store, after about a third of the way, I felt something wasn’t right and I wasn’t going to be able to make it back. My heart felt like it had gone into defib. And there was a radiating sensation that I had never felt before.  I wasn’t in pain but I felt like I was going to pass out. I crossed the street to a shady area that had a low stone fence, thank god! I sat there dazed, thinking I need to call my grandson. I did but his phone was turned off. I knew I needed help but refused to even think of calling 911.  Then I realized the only way I’m going to make the next hill is to flag someone down. My heart was….the worst I have ever experienced in 40 years. I knew it was serious, so when a car came by, I flagged it down. I almost couldn’t make it to her car. When I got to my car, after thanking this guardian angel, I sat there for a while but it wouldn’t let up. I drove home very carefully and tried to unload the groceries but I had to leave them on the steps. I made it to the sofa that’s downstairs and just laid there. I texted my grandson that I was on the sofa downstairs. If I passed out or worse I wanted him to know, I had tried to call.  I knew it would be terrible if he found me that way, or worse. I remembered that I had dropped my phone in one bag I was able to bring in. I reached for it and remembered the picture you had just sent me the day before of Tapihrista. I opened your email with the picture and asked Tapihrista to help me. I visualized the blue energy from his heart to mine. In seconds, it completely stopped. I’m serious, I have never had it completely stop like that, instantly! I sat up and felt fine. I went outside got all of the groceries, carried them upstairs, put them away, started dinner and I was fine! However, I won’t do that again. Especially, in the heat and up and down hills. Thanks for listening, I just had to share. I seriously thought, I might be going to the hospital if I passed out. Because it would have been out of my control… Thank you for the picture and thank you for teaching me how to connect.

To me, this was a miracle healing, something that some would say only happens once in a lifetime.  But no, she had the same heart experience under different circumstances and she used the picture of Tapihrista again, along with how to connect to him and it worked again.  She told me that before she got the picture out, her first thought was, “This will not work a second time.” And it did.

Healing comes in all forms, and not just from things in the physical.  The veils are thinning my friends, and these experiences with become more mainstream.  I hope you find inspiration in her experience.

Much love,

Lisa Rising Berry

If you found the information in this articles insightful, and helpful, and you would like to work towards spiritual transformation through true inner alchemy, then consider scheduling a session with me.  I can assist you in navigating these current energies.

I use my clairvoyant ability, along with esoteric knowledge from many different spiritual modalities, to assist you on your path.   Dream Interpretation, Tibetan Meditation and Breathing Practices, Healing with the Elements, are just a few of the methods I explore with my clients.

Every session is designed to help balance your body, mind and soul.  Spiritual practices enable you to regain your power, and put you in the driver seat of your life. If you are ready to expand your future possibilities then click here to schedule.  I am doing my sessions via zoom now.  This enables me to share my screen when presenting different topics.

If you are interested in scheduling a 5 Element/Soul Retrieval session with me, then please email at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com.  We will pick a day and time for you. I need about 2 hours of your time for your first session, and I have to add you to my calendar manually.   During the first 20 minutes, I will explain the ritual to you step by step, so you will understand exactly what I am doing. While I am performing the ritual I will talk you through it, and relay any information I receive. The cost is $88.00, unless you are participating in my Spiritual Scholars Program, then it’s $44.00.   I live on the East Coast of the USA, so I work during the day according to this time zone.

I do these sessions using the Zoom platform.  Zoom is free to download and easy to use. I will send you a Zoom invitation to the room I create for us a few minutes prior to the session.

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8 thoughts on “Healing With Tapihrista

  1. Yes, Lisa Gawlas told me that scads of people are transitioning due to “heart attacks” (and, sadly, suicides), as they simply can’t take the huge energy coming in, unaided. Very inspiring. I recently went with family on a (touristy) cave tour that boasted well over 900 steps in and out. I am not in shape, so I didn’tthink I could make it… until I asked my own Guide (Brother J) to “enjoy the steps with me.” Not only did I make it through, I wasn’t sore AT ALL the next day! I was frankly shocked. I of course also ask J to enjoy the “Wave X” energy with me every day in meditations, because without spirit help from Spirit, I wouldn’t be here now.

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  2. Hello What an inspiring story. I am in a very bad period in my life now and I needed to hear that some epople still have miracles happening to them because I really need one. Not for my physcail heatlth but for my mental stability.

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