Hello Everyone,

Wow, this is such an exciting time to be alive on planet Earth.  Things are heating up quickly and the changes are coming in so fast that it’s hard to keep up.

I wanted to write about my ET reading with Lisa Gawlas.  I have mentioned her many times in my articles, as my friend that makes me feel not crazy.  We are very connected and we tend to “see” the same things, but from different perspectives.  

Before I write about her reading, I need to explain to those that are not familiar with my recent work.

I have been working with the Elemental worlds, and the Goddesses that are connected to those realms for a long time using the 5 Elements ritual I learn from my Bon Tradition.  It has changed my life. Three years ago I began performing this ritual for clients. I wrote an article about this. Click here to read.   Article about 5 Elements Ritual       Then, this year, I started to perform the ritual for clients that are connected to the actual elemental kingdoms.  I have written articles about them as well.  Then today, I had a reading with Lisa, and she validated my work, and I am thrilled. Because, sometimes when you are working with energies that most people can’t see, let alone understand, you feel a bit crazy.  Here reading brought tears to my eyes, and my mouth dropped open.

What she saw is connected to my next article I will write about my Elemental work.  I haven’t written the article for two reasons. One, there is not enough time, and the most important reason is because, it didn’t feel like the time was right.  Well, the time is right now. I will explain what Lisa saw, and then I will write about my client’s amazing session in another separate article. So, this article is like an introduction to the article about my client.  

red and blueWhat I saw during my clients session was that there were boundaries being put in place between each of the Elemental Kingdoms, and around them.  These boundaries have not been present for some time, and are very necessary. During my session with Lisa, she saw a ship that was dragging a thick stream of red and blue behind it.  She told me they are creating boundaries, and I need to do work here on Earth to support this process. Which I am definitely currently doing. Once I ended my call with Lisa, I understood the meaning of the red and blue.  Red is the fire elemental kingdom and the blue is the water elemental kingdom here on Earth. The water and the fire Kingdoms are not exactly getting along. I have been saying for a month now, that they need thicker boundaries between the two locations.  They are now getting what they need, I just have to step up my game in assisting them. And I do this through clients that are connected to the Kingdoms, it’s a group effort. When people come to me that are connected to a particular elemental kingdom, they work on their own area, and I provide the ancient ritual for them to work with.  It’s amazing!

Lisa further validated more information that I have been getting about the kingdoms.  Each elemental kingdom is greatly changing as these boundaries are being put into place.  In addition to this, they are connected a main realm or universe that they are ultimately from.  Apparently, they have been cut off for a long time and through these new boundaries they will be able to “phone home”.  

This changes everything that we know, not only about the 5 Elemental Kingdoms, but also about the 5 elements.  There is a new element trying to make its way into our physical world right now and that is the Azoth energy I have been writing about since 2014.  Azoth is the energetic combination of fire energy and water energy. This is occurring right now before our eyes. We can see it in the fires in the West and the water in the East.  Lisa and I both can see a different type of energy being released from both the fire and the water. This can only be done with physical fire and water. It’s the physical that we are changing now, so we need physical water and fire to do the job.  What they are releasing is the ingredients to make Azoth. This will then combine in the astral and make its way to our planet as a new element. This is history making. About a month ago or so, I saw the energetic Azoth enter into everyone’s bodies.  Now, it’s the planets turn. How long will this take…. who knows, but we are on our way. I am amazed every month by the progress that is being made, so I have learned to have zero expectations.

Big hugs,

Lisa Rising Berry

If you found the information in this articles insightful, and helpful, and you would like to work towards spiritual transformation through true inner alchemy, then consider scheduling a session with me.  I can assist you in navigating these current energies.

I use my clairvoyant ability, along with esoteric knowledge from many different spiritual modalities, to assist you on your path.   Dream Interpretation, Tibetan Meditation and Breathing Practices, Healing with the Elements, are just a few of the methods I explore with my clients.

Every session is designed to help balance your body, mind and soul.  Spiritual practices enable you to regain your power, and put you in the driver seat of your life. If you are ready to expand your future possibilities then click here to schedule.  I am doing my sessions via zoom now.  This enables me to share my screen when presenting different topics.

If you are interested in scheduling a 5 Element/Soul Retrieval session with me, then please email at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com.  We will pick a day and time for you. I need about 2 hours of your time for your first session, and I have to add you to my calendar manually.   During the first 20 minutes, I will explain the ritual to you step by step, so you will understand exactly what I am doing. While I am performing the ritual I will talk you through it, and relay any information I receive. The cost is $176.00, unless you are participating in my Spiritual Scholars Program, then it’s $88.00.   I live on the East Coast of the USA, so I work during the day according to this time zone.

I do these sessions using the Zoom platform.  Zoom is free to download and easy to use. I will send you a Zoom invitation to the room I create for us a few minutes prior to the session.

This article is copyrighted.  I would love you to share, but please credit the author Lisa Rising Berry and provide a link to this blog



  1. Howdy Lisa! First thing which comes to mind when you mention a new element is being created, fire, air and water create plasma! Very much in line with becoming more crystalline, and less carbon based. Purifying and healing our psychological mind and hearts.
    This energy will accelerate the progress in helping us in letting go and liberating the trapped energies in our minds and hearts, and everything else from the darkness and heaviness which keeps our evolution almost stagnant. We could say the Earth is our body, it is matter, it is physical matter. We, us, are here physically in our very own internal worlds. Our world, our body, our earth is blackened, and impure. This purification energy/process will assist us in reconnecting with our earth/us, and the most divine aspects and expressions of ourselves become more pure. So elated!
    This Azoth energy is definitely an aspect of alchemy and transformation (purification). What a celestial gift!
    A million thanks for sharing this beautiful message! 💜🌸😊


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