This energy is intense…

Walking a spiritual path is about actually living in and dealing with the real world, but without being negatively affected by it. Being able to master your mind and emotions during this time is crucial.

When we let ourselves get carried away by our emotions and visions, we can become lost in the constant up and downs.  It doesn’t have to be this way if you have tools in your spiritual tool box.

As soon as we become extremely happy, there is something lurking around the corner to bring us down again, and we are a slave to our base emotions. This is not true freedom.  This is enslavement to our lower energies.  We can rise above them and maintain equanimity.

The goal is to enjoy life without the roller-coaster ride, by maintaining the middle pillar.

When something knocks you off balance and you find yourself flying high or flying low, take time to reconnect.
“Be in this world, but not of it” (Lisa Rising Berry)

If you would like assistance with finding balance from within. You may schedule an appointment with me. I teach Tibetan styles of meditation and breathing. I do dream interpretation, counseling and so much more. My favorite thing is working with the 5 Elements Ritual for healing and soul retrival.

My passion is being of service to people… Click below to schedule you won’t be sorry.


It will be my pleasure to assist you on your journey,

Lisa Rising Berry


2 thoughts on “Intense Energies

  1. But I like Rollarcoasters…the trick is to not be afraid for the ride is too soon over and then you feel silly for being afraid and screaming like a banshee..LOL 😉


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