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azoth starI recently had someone ask me a question on Facebook about Azoth.  While I was answering the question, I realized that has been a long time since I wrote an article about Azoth and Aether/Space element.  I formally began writing about the science of Azoth in January of 2015. Prior to that I discussed this topic with a few friends. Since then, many articles on just the subject of Azoth and Aether and  I have about 20 articles that have Azoth mentioned in them. My personal experiences with Aether/Space Element (5th element) and Azoth has been my life’s work. I just don’t write about the book knowledge of this topic.  I feel anyone can research and memorize some information and then write an article. Many people in the spiritual communities have already done that. But, unless you actually have the real personal experiences with the energy of Azoth, your knowledge stops with the books.  The goal of this article to go beyond the books and enter into the realm, of knowing through experiences. Your experiences with Azoth will teach you what is not written down.

Azoth is an advanced form of Kundalini energy that runs up your spinal column.  There are 4 main experiences to Kundalini, and you can have more than one Kundalini experience at each stage.  The stages are connected to the Elements of Alchemy. I will open myself up and share my Kundalini experiences at each stage and what I learned about Alchemy as a result of those experiences.  

But, before I get to my experience I want to go over the basics of Alchemy and expand on them beyond what I have read in books.  This book knowledge is Western, the knowledge and explanation of Alchemy from the Eastern perspective is different. I will use Western since most of my readers are from the West.  The four elements of Alchemy take on a azoth infinitydifferent role than the “normal” elements, but are equally connected to them. The four are: salt, sulfur, mercury, and Azoth. Before I go any further, let’s look at the first letter of each word.  This information I am about to present is my own intuition. The first two words both begin with a “S”. The “S” is ½ of infinity, flip one “S” and combine it with the other one, and you have the upward infinity symbol. The next letter is “M”, the 13th and middle letter of the alphabet.  I have written about the importance of this letter and the number 13. We have a Mu Chord that connects us to infinity and it is connected to our spinal column. “Mu Chord” also begins with a “M”. Then we have the A. This is the first letter of the alphabet and it is also connected to Aether, the source of everything.  To put this into our physical life…we have 2 sides of duality represented by the “S’s” that come together in the middle of our spinal column that connects us to the upper realm of the Universe.

Now let’s connect each of these Alchemical Elements to the Natural Elements.  Salt is known as physical matter and is the Earth element. The Alchemical symbol has 2 halves, yet is combined as one.  Just like the 2 “S’s”. Inner Alchemy begins at the ground level Saltwith salt. One must be connected to the Earth element in order to have the proper foundation and roots to grow from.  This is the location where most of humanity is stuck. They are trying to build their house on sand and not solid Earth. Without a solid connection to Earth your emotions challenge you every step of the way and you constantly shift from this to that.  Mastery over your physical body, which includes your thoughts is a must at this stage. A quick test to see how far you are, is to ask yourself, how easily are you offended and triggered into anger when you hear something that you don’t agree with. Do you fall into a judgemental approach or do you deal with being triggered as a moment for growth?  “You are the salt of the Earth”, Jesus said during his sermon on the mount. This teaching was also about salt and light. If you want to create the light from within (Azoth), you must first be the salt of the Earth, and be fully connected and grounded in the Earth element. I would like to add, that just walking outside barefoot is not enough for this Alchemical stage of development.  I think it’s great to walk outside with no shoes on. But, if building the body temple for Azoth was that easy, more people would be grounded instead of being unbalanced.

My Kundalini experiences at this Salt of the Earth stage began in 2008 at the base of my spine.  Right at the lowest spot on my spinal column, the root and the base of Kundalini energy. This is the coccyx and sacrum part of the spine.  The sacrum is known as the Holy Bone because it is the base of your body temple. You will know when you have these experiences. They occur when you are awake, or will wake you up, and they can be painful at times.  There is no second guessing it. I began feeling intense pressure and pain, which alternated between throbbing and constant energy. When Kundalini moves up the spine, you can’t move, your body knows what is happening and it takes control and locks you into a position that will allow the energy to flow the way it needs too.  I lost count of how many episodes I had at this stage. If I had been a Bon practitioner in 2008, then this would have been a lot easier….I think. I need to mention, that in 2008, I didn’t even have the word Kundalini in my vocabulary. This was after my “walk-in” experience, and I thought I was being attacked for leaving the realm I came from.  I wasn’t being attacked, and I am happy to know that now. However, I spent many hours laying in bed crying while this energy entered my body, because I didn’t know what was happening to me. I really thought I was being punished. I always have the physical experience first without knowing what it is, then I find the book knowledge later.

sulphurThe next Element is sulfur, and is connected to the element of fire.   Now we are in the middle of the spine now. It was after my experience with this stage of Kundalini that I began to write about Azoth.  Azoth is a combination of the fire and water aspect of Alchemy. Here is the fire called sulfur. At this stage you may feel an intense heat coming from the center of your body which then moves out to your arms legs and head.  This is also called Tummo. I briefly heard someone give Tummo instructions and without really knowing what Tummo was, I began doing what they said. I guess I got lucky, because, it didn’t take long for me to enter into a huge sweat, and my base of my spine as well as, mid section felt like it was on fire.  I didn’t even have to do the practice anymore, it would just spontaneously occur. The sulfur fire was lite. I would wake up smelling sulfur. I understand that everyone is different, so please remember, this is what happened to me. No two people are the same, but the theory of the experience is the same. I hope that makes sense.  At that time, people that I was close too started to have the same spontaneous experiences. I heard the word Azoth while asleep, and then I began writing non-stop about the Azoth energy. Azoth was not really available for everyone prior to this time. This was because the amount of Aether on the planet was very low. We were extremely dense.  I saw the increase of Aether which lead to the increase and availability of Azoth.

murcuryNext in line is Mercury, also known as quicksilver.  It’s liquid stone. What does the symbol of stone mean in Alchemy?  It is the stone foundation that you are building your body temple on.  Once your foundation is rock solid the fire of sulfur will enter into it and turn it into liquid stone.  This is the water aspect of the Azoth energy. Sulphur is masculine and the Mercury is feminine. M is the 13th letter of the Alphabet.  13 is connected to the divine feminine energy that is rising on this planet. As this divine feminine energy grows in power, it will make it easier for the masses to access this stage of Kundalini awakening.  This energy is sexual in nature….well kind of. As women, we can create and destroy with an orgasm. During this stage spontaneous spiritual orgasms can occur. However, there is no sexual thought prior. It is spontaneous stimulation.  These are not the normal orgasms that women have with a loving partner that bring bliss. These, at least for me, are so strong that when you wake up you are in pain. The pain is because you are giving birth to the next level of Kundalini.  This type of spiritual orgasm can be used for creation or destruction. In my case, it was used for destruction of what was blocking me. I woke up each time happy, but in pain. It was like a nuclear explosion went off in me. And when you look at the word nuclear and break it apart you get the real meaning.  Nu…clear….or new….clear energy. My body created a new clear energy at this phase. This may be different for men. After I went through the painful spontaneous non-sexual orgasm phase, the energy entered into the middle of my spine. It would make my back arch and it hurt. It’s like being locked into an uncomfortable yoga position.  Luckily for me, this part did not last too long. The next part of the Mercury/Water actually felt amazing. I would lie in bed, and either while asleep or wide awake, my body would vibrate like a tuning fork. It was incredible strong, and I would feel like I was floating above my bed. I had one of these experiences while asleep and I did float out of my room.   This was my favorite phase, and I was sad when it was complete. Once this stage is complete a person has merged Sulphur/fire with Mercury/’water and has created Azoth in their body. This phase can last a long time, because your body needs to get used to each aspect. Or your system will get fried. I have seen people try to force Kundalini energy and literally fry their energetic field.   I thought this phase was all you had to do to have Azoth running through your body, but I was wrong. The reason I thought this was because I hadn’t had the last experience.

caduceusThe next element is full Azoth running up the spine.  If you look at the caduceus you will see Azoth. The 2 snakes are the 2 “S’s” of Salt and Sulfur running up the rod of Mercury. The stage of Mercury prepares the spine for Azoth. When the 2 snakes touch the spine, Azoth will move up it’s path. I will describe my experience with the Azoth energy moving up my spine, and then I will go into what happened to my body.  My symbology was crazy during this experience. I discussed this experience with one of my Bon teachers in person, and he asked me the right questions to make me think about what happened to me. He also did a divination to make sure I was okay, and I am fine. It took me a while to figure this out, but I got there eventually. Once again, I had the crazy experience first, then the wisdom last.  I was asleep in a lucid dream when I saw a man in white with his left arm in a Nazi like salute. My symbology was Nazi, so I left that scene. Then a voice spoke to me and told me to go back to the man. I went backwards with my vision and saw him. Then I was told to focus on him. When I did that, my vision made him look like he was physically standing in front of me. Then my neck jerked back, my eyes rolled back into my head.  Now, I am fully awake. I couldn’t move even if I tried to…which I did. Then my body began to jerk very hard with twitches. I was having seizure like movements. I kept my eyes closed and I saw the brightest flashed of white light. It was a little blinding. My body convulsed about 20 twitches, maybe more. While it was twitching, I was screaming in my head for my husband, but I was unable to scream out loud. My body began to vibrate, which was some relief from the twitching.  Then the craziest thing happened. I began to moan a deep low groan, and it was loud. I did this several times. I don’t know how many, because at this point, it’s all I can do to hang in there. I couldn’t control this moaning, my voice was being purified. This is my intuitive guess. When it ended, I was happy, and not scared. I didn’t even tell my husband for a while. I was glad he didn’t come upstairs, or he would have called 911. When I told my Bon teacher, he said, “Out of all of the symbols, you could have received from the man, you got Nazi.  Why????” Now I know why, and it wasn’t a Nazi. The Nazi salute is with the right arm, my guy had his left arm up. Left is feminine. It was a Divine Masculine energy I saw. I experienced my first wave of Azoth energy moving up my spine, and it was one heck of a ride. I know there will be many more in this phase, and I am not looking forward to them, but I know they are necessary, I chose to experience this.

yungdrungI am 100% convince that the other reason I received the Nazi symbology is because in my Bon tradition the Swastika is called the Yungdrung symbol.  It is our most powerful symbol, and it represents everything that the Azoth energy is about. Bon could be called Religion of the Swastika. The Yungdrung symbol represents the indestructible, unchangeable state of our inner light.  The four arms of the symbol represent directions and the elements. Notice the wording the “FOUR ARMS” I saw my guy with one ARM up. This to me represents stage one of the Azoth phases of Kundalini awakening. I have three more to go.  Whew…. Azoth is directly connected to my Bon tradition. The Yungdrung symbol or Swastika is connected to this last phase of Azoth Kundalini. Can I prove this to be true to people…no. And that does not bother me. I only need to worry about myself, and I know what I experienced in February of this year.

In summary, Azoth is advanced Kundalini energy that is available to anyone the puts the time into a spiritual practice.  You have to prepare your body temple for this energy to enter it via the spinal column. It is necessary to go through each stage and complete it before the next one will begin.  Now is the time go put the necessary ingredients into your lower cauldron and light the fire. This fire will purify all your negative blockages and make space for the water element to enter and mix with the fire.  After that you will rise from the ashes as the Azoth energy moves up your spine. Azoth is also the energy of the Phoenix or in my Bon tradition the Red Gauda. I have to say that I do the Red Gauda practice every day in preparation of my retreat that will take place over my Birthday in October this year.  Scorpio is the energy of the Phoenix and Garuda, and it is the best month for Kundalini activity. Azoth/Phoenix energy is something that is earned through years of hard work, and should not be forced. This is not a race, nor is it a competition. In fact, if someone is very spiritually competitive, they will not move past the salt of the Earth phase.  If you achieved this in a past life, that does not mean you have this achievement in your current body. You achieved that in your last body and now you are in a new one, so you must start all over. However, it may go faster.

It’s time to rise, my friends.  Rise like the Gauda/Phoenix on the wings of the Azoth energy.

Enjoy your flight,

Lisa Rising Berry

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    thank you so much! for all you do!

    is the fire/sulfur the dragon energy and the salt/water energy nymph energy?

    cos in meditation I met the water nymph (salty water) and do what have to be done 🙂


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