wowWow!!!!  That’s all I can say Wow!!!!  I never thought in a million years that this 5 Elements Practice would be used to balance the Elemental Kingdoms like it has.  I am humbled daily by its power. Anything is possible, and I am beginning to not only see that, but also live it as well. Even things in my personal life that I didn’t think where possible for me are beginning to come to fruition.  It’s a great time to be alive.

My last article was about the boundaries that were created between each of the Elemental Kingdoms.  All this work is done when I do the ritual on a client that has a certain type of connection to the Elementals.  It appears that the Universe is sending me the right clients so we can do this work as a team. This last client is connected to Dragon Royalty.  Yes, there is such a thing. An aspect of her soul is an emanation of a past Queen dragon queenof the Dragons. After the fall the evil spirits blew her soul aspect into tons of pieces so she could not rule.  The Dragon Kingdom has not had a Queen since. I have not experienced any information about what happened to her King. So, anything I write will be a guess on my part. Even if my guess or hunch turns out to be correct, I won’t write about it without physical or clairvoyant experiences first.  I will discuss it with my close friends. I also want to mention that all my experiences I write about, in all my articles are from my perspective of my experiences. What resonates with me may not work for others, and I respect that.  I do have another session with her soon, so perhaps I will get some information about her King.  I certainly hope we do.

My client doesn’t now want her named used in this article, so I will just say “my client.” I thought her session would go smoothly, that it would just be a normal Element Retrieval.  I knew she had a lot to recover, but I had 2 hours to work with her, so I was not worried. When we got to the fire element all Hell broke loose…literally. I had my eyes closed and was in the middle of chanting when all of a sudden it felt like the red hot end of a large piece of incense was stuck on my arm.  It was incredibly painful…it felt like FIRE. I jumped up with significant force and twisted my right arm to see if there was a mark. I saw a very faint one forming and then it went away. I really wanted a mark…silly me. Then I looked at her and she was reaching under her bra etc… In her own words, she describes what she experienced.

“I felt an intense itch under my right breast, then itching on the right arm and burning at the same place as Lisa.  The next day I had a small bruise on the opposite/underside of my arm, almost as if it went straight through my arm. I also felt a punch in my liver.”

The evil that had been controlling the Elemental Kingdoms did not want her to get all of her pieces back.  So, “they” attached an etheric type of bomb to her fire pieces. This was done because she is the female leader of the Fire Elemental Kingdom.  I suppose they thought it was entirely possible that she could get her pieces back, so they placed a trap on them. Liver is the corresponding organ to the fire element, which is why she felt a punch in her liver.  While she has all of her pieces back, she needs some removal work done.  This will remove the traps that were placed on her fire pieces. I have talked to her since her session and I feel her fire element is still out of balance.  I learned how to do removals while I was in Mystery School, and it works like a charm. I always say that everything happens for a reason, and she drove to have her session in person, which was perfect. I could have handled it via zoom, but being in person makes it so much easier.

Unfortunately, I incurred a large physical injury from the attack that I experienced.  My right side of my neck and shoulder area was as stiff as a piece of cement. I could barely move the first 2 days.  The pain was so bad that I should have cancelled my clients for a day or 2, but I decided that would be a bad idea. I am stronger than “they” are, and I will go on.  My clients needed me and I was not going to let anything stop me.  Especially since it was an injury from a psychic attack.  The attacks I endure only make me stronger, not weaker.  I felt like saying to them, “You want to play with fire?  Ok, I can play with fire, and I will show you how it is done.”  Today is the 5th day since her session and my neck and shoulder are not back to normal. I am going to see my Chiropractor tomorrow. I will be back to 100% very soon.

The Dragon Kingdom has its Queen’s energy back, but they still do not feel completely balanced.  I feel it’s because the Water/Naga Kingdom is still angry. They have calmed down since the boundaries are in place, but they are still very feisty.  I had a lucid dream experience last night where I was sitting in shallow water and I was surrounded by angry Nagas. They were half in the water and half out.  They were all black. They didn’t attack me, but I felt fear sitting there while they circled around me. Then I dissipated the fear, because I am here to help, not hurt.  I was actually able to pet one.  But not for long….hahahahaha. Then a sea turtle came to me and the Nagas left. She was full of love sea turtleand compassion. We had a conversation, but I was losing my lucidity and I can’t remember what she said.  I could feel something was pulling me out of the Water Element Kingdom. I have an appointment with a client that is connected to the Naga/Water Element Kingdom on June 22. I know during that appointment we will work to further balance the Water/Naga Kingdom.  We will write an article together about what we experience. I am sure the reason I visited the Water/Naga Kingdom last night was to prepare for her session. I am glad it’s not until the 22nd, because I feel much preparation is needed. Once the Water/Naga Kingdom is more balanced, the Fire Kingdom will lighten up as well.  And once the Fire Kingdom turns down the intensity of their fire, the Naga/Water Kingdom will cool off.  Ahhhh….progress is being made.  E MA HO!!!!!

Don’t stand too close to the Fire of the Dragon…because you just might get burned!

Much love to all,

Lisa Rising Berry

If you find the information in my articles insightful, and helpful.  And you would like to work towards spiritual transformation through true inner alchemy, then consider scheduling a session with me.

I use my clairvoyant ability, along with esoteric knowledge from many different spiritual modalities, to assist you on your path.   Dream Interpretation, Tibetan Meditation and Breathing Practices, Healing with the Elements, are just a few of the methods I explore with my clients.

Every session is designed to help balance your body, mind and soul.  Spiritual practices enable you to regain your power, and put you in the driver seat of your life. If you are ready to expand your future possibilities then click here to schedule.  I am doing my sessions via zoom now.  This enables me to share my screen when presenting different topics.

If you are interested in scheduling a 5 Element/Soul Retrieval session with me, then please email at  We will pick a day and time for you. I need about 2 hours of your time for your first session, and I have to add you to my calendar manually.   During the first 20 minutes, I will explain the ritual to you step by step, so you will understand exactly what I am doing. While I am performing the ritual I will talk you through it, and relay any information I receive. The cost is $176.00, unless you are participating in my Spiritual Scholars Program, then it’s $88.00.   I live on the East Coast of the USA, so I work during the day according to this time zone.

I do these sessions using the Zoom platform.  Zoom is free to download and easy to use. I will send you a Zoom invitation to the room I create for us a few minutes prior to the session.

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  1. Perfect, and I still feel bad about all these injuries. We definitely need more sessions/help, sending prayers and light! 💗💗💗

    On May 28, 2018 11:34:45 AM Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

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  2. Amazing, I have always loved dragons and unicorns of course! What I have learned about the dragon kingdom is probably similar to human history. We were once lead by the feminine, but then betrayed and imprisoned and the feminine lost it’s power and influence which then lead to a patriarch instead of a matriarch. I suppose this Queen’s power needs to be restored much like the Divine Feminine is doing now and once that happens it will no longer be suppressed.
    Remember my post about the Dragon Magic? The three stages of ressurrection? The pranic tube and the merging of it with the feminine and masculine?
    Not to mention dragons are popular with ‘Game of Thrones’ and yes, they have royalty just like humans do, and where that human woman was the Queen of dragons or so they called her. That show got so popular but they take forever to make new episodes.
    From one lady’s experience with fire dragons in Hawaii and how the mountain goddess Pele asked her to help a fire dragon, which they have all the elements of these creatures…they use to be here physically, but had retreated to the elemental kingdom. This story made me wonder about the volcano that is currently erupting in Hawaii…have you seen that on the news? Kathy has been posting it and it is getting near some factory right now. Perhaps the Queen is to do some work with this so that it is balanced…VERY INTERESTING LISA!!!
    Big hugs and great work, love reading about these experiences, especially with the elementals.
    Big Hugs ❤


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