When most people think of the soul, they think of an energy that is floating above the body, or is separate from the body, when in fact that is not the whole story.  Our body is made of the 5 elements, and the consciousness of these elements is a large part of our soul. This ritual collects lost/stolen pieces of the elements that make up our body consciousness, and therefore is considered a form of soul retrieval.  The physical body soul consciousness is responsible for not only the health of the body, but also the mental stability.  This extremely ancient practice heals all aspects of the body, mind and soul. Each element is connected to a different organ, color, emotion and Goddess.

When we experience stress, trauma, illnesses, depression or anger explosions, we lose pieces of each element that makes up our soul consciousness.  This is normal, and part of living on such an energetically dense planet. Also, in some cases our soul pieces are stolen and hidden. Since the knowledge of how to retrieve these pieces has not been openly taught to the masses, most people are not operating with all of the necessary soul pieces.   

In fact, you are born with the amount of soul pieces that you had in your last life at the time of your death.  In addition to this, the blood lineage that you have incarnated in, also influences how many pieces you are born with.  We pay for the mistakes of our ancestors. This ritual practice goes into the blood and begins to heal ancestral karma that caused pieces to be lost.  There is so much talk these days about healing ancestral karma, and this ritual assists in that process. I discovered this while working on myself, and I was stunned.  

 When you balance yourself, you also balance your ancestors through your blood and DNA.  By doing this, you are preparing your “soul” for a better future incarnation. This ritual balances every organ and gland in the body, including the bones and the energetic bodies.  Absolutely everything comes from the 5 Elements, so this ritual covers it all.

Our ability to be of service to others is greatly determined by the health and balance of our bodies.  It is our tool that we use to do any job. All of our energy comes through the body and then goes out to others.  If your bodies elements are not balanced, then the energy you give to others is not at full capacity. It’s like trying to water your flowers with stones in your hose, it can’t flow properly.  We need our body instruments to be finely tuned.

This ritual works directly with the top 5 Elemental Goddesses, and they are the ones that do the work.  I have worked hard over the last several years developing a strong energetic connection to each of the Goddesses individually.  In the beginning when I started learning I did this full practice, and others connected to the 5 Elements, everyday. I still work with the elements everyday.  I was obsessed with learning all that I could, and it has paid off.  My life is not the same as a result.  

When I do the ritual for a client each Goddess works through me and then connects to the client.  During the session the client and I have a strong heart to heart link, and I am able to feel what is going on in their body.  At times the Goddess will give me information that the client needs to know for their journey.

When our elements are retrieved our soul is balanced.  When the soul is balanced, mind body and soul heals. I have tried other soul retrieval methods, as well as working with the elements, and none of them compare to this Tibetan Bon Ritual.

I have also discovered, that I can remove negative energies/entities from land and buildings using this method.  I was so happy when I had this experience.  I asked one of my teachers and he confirmed that this ritual can be used for this purpose.  

This is the reason I have decided to advertise this service that I offer.  It serves so many different purposes. I have given it a lot of thought and I feel it’s time.  Up until now, I did not openly advertise this. However, since I have witnessed such dramatic results in my clients, and myself, I have decided to open myself up and advertise.  

Reconnecting to the Divine Feminine energy in me through working with the Goddesses has really empowered me.  Or should I say in-powered me.  I have so much more balanced power, confidence and compassion within my heart, and I want to share it with anyone who resonates with the energy of the Dakini.

Working with the Elemental Goddesses helps to balance the divine feminine within the individual as well as in the outside world.  As within so without. Change in the outer world begins with the change in our inner world. This planet needs people with balanced souls.  As each person receives their pieces, the vibration changes within their heart. When 1 person’s vibration shifts because their elements are balanced their heart effects all human life.

I have dedicated a lot of time to learning this rital and I continue to grow stronger in my connection to the Goddesses.  I have completed the preliminary practices for this ritual. And, I have recited the 5 elements mantra almost 100,000 times.  This repeated recitation creates the necessary energy codes in my energy field so I can connect to the Goddesses directly.  In other words, I have been building a strong phone connection, and my cord continues to get larger.   I hope to change the planet one person at a time, and I start with myself.  I also teach others how to do this ritual for themselves. However, this is a big commitment, and should not be taken lightly. There is also a more formal Soul Retrieval Ritual that uses milk, a deer statue, dice, melong mirror, dagger etc…  I have not learned that one yet, but it is on my to-do-list.

Will your session with me solve every problem in your life? No, of course not.  But, I can tell you this ritual balances you in a way that is amazing.  And it puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.  When you are balanced, and stay balanced, it is easier to make decisions, and it’s easier to get out of your own way.

I asked some of my clients to describe their experiences with this ritual and here is what they had to say.  I think it’s good to hear directly from others that have had experiences with this ritual. Each perspective is different, because it works with each individual on a custom level.  Every single time I do this for someone it is different. Even the clients that I perform this for every week.

I decided to make their comments part of my article because they each had a lot to say. I  describe each client so you can understand where they are are coming from mentally.  Each of them adds another aspect of this practice from their perspective.

 Sanna is a client that likes to have this service almost every week.  She has a lot of experience with receiving this. No two sessions have been the same for her.  I have watched her balance and grow with each session. Here is what she has to say.

I had my first 5 Element Ritual in January of this year.  I felt it was an amazing and very transformational ritual and I resonated completely with everything in it. It is an ancient ritual that is perfectly designed on all levels and Lisa is wonderful at walking me through all the steps, changes, visions, conversations and energy exchanges throughout the whole process. I feel it a lot myself.

I am used to intense energy shifts and body experiences, but this ritual came and hit me in places that I never knew existed… In a good way that is… 😉

Every since that first time, I’ve had several sessions with Lisa having her do the ritual for me.  I have found the perfect all-in-one energy work session and it fits me like a glove. It is perfectly divinely shaped for you and so unique and personal. It has transformed me in so many ways and also assists on a worldly global scale and universal multidimensional levels as well. And every time is an adventure in itself.

The 5 element Soul Retrieval Ritual brings your soul and essence back to balance and it rewrites your book of life, if that makes sense. I have had some incredible amazing experiences with Lisa in this ritual.  It is a dance between the elements, your body, your soul and your heart…created through the shining loving eyes of Lisa.

To me, having a session and a ritual like this with someone needs to have a depth and a heartfelt trust and compassionate understanding. I have all those things with Lisa. Well, I’ve always had a very close connection with Lisa and I do believe we meet the right people for a reason.

When that is harmoniously balanced, this particular ritual will work for you. Strongly, powerfully and honest. You are the co-creator of the ritual and I have learned how to work with it in my own way, with Lisa and all the delicious elemental goddesses. 😀

We also have lots of fun and laugh and act silly… It is a perfect ebb and flow. Lisa is a pearl and guides me through the ritual with excellence and charisma that I don’t see in many people. She is truly a jewel.

I strongly and highly recommend Lisa as a coach/teacher and for this ritual. I have found what works for me. It is creative and a delight.  Who wouldn’t love that, I say… 😉

It can be hard to describe the experience in words, as a picture or the experience in itself says more than a thousand words. I hope you will try it. You will learn so much about yourself and how amazing our world is. Thank you, Lisa,  for showing me a piece of heaven. Much love, Sanna


Next is Patricia, who is a Bon practitioner, and is learning how to do the ritual for herself.  She works with the elements by using the mantra very frequently.   Here is her experience.

Wow!!! I’m not sure how to describe in words Lisa’s ability is immense!!! Lisa’s dedication and extensive study to Tibetan BON is impressive and I am inspired by her.  I have had the privilege of 3 Soul Retrieval Ritual sessions with her. The first was for the experience before learning the practice. I was curious and drawn to the course offered on her page. The depth of the healing and clearing was like nothing I have experienced before- I could literally feel my true self and all the layers of spirit bodies!!! This experience lead me to learn the practice and feel more integrated physically mentally and spiritually!!! I am so much more grounded integrated and connected to my true self now.

The second session was for the purpose of clearing since I fell behind with my practice and was a little off balanced. I had a problem with my job as well and this resulted in disconnect from the fire element. Lisa has SO SO MANY tools in her toolbox!!! I could feel a very deep removal of energetic influence and swift clearing and retrieval of all that I needed to be back in balance.

My last session to help me back on track with my practice which, I still feel the effects over a week later.  I love that I get clear direction from Lisa and I know I can fully trust her. She is the only person I trust for healing work. I would recommend her to everyone !!! You are loved and a fantastic wonderful Tibetan BON practitioner Lisa Rising Berry!!! Tashi Delek…. Patti

Next is Teresa, who I affectionately call “Tiger”, because she is the strongest Divine Feminine energy I know.  She had the most difficult life that one can imagine. Despite her background, she has a heart of gold and is full of compassion for humanity.  Here is how she described her benefits from the ritual.

I seriously recommend Lisa Rising Berry for anyone looking to improve the quality of their life. As an adult survivor of severe childhood trauma I spent most of my life trying to repair the damage done by my abusers. Add to the situation that I am a Highly Sensitive Person in this world and you have someone who was constantly being taken advantage of which eventually caused me to shut down.

After years of doing the inner work and only getting so far I began to lose hope that I would ever heal, or improve my life. That all changed when I began having sessions with Lisa and she gave me mediation practices to do daily. As I became adept with those practices she added more.

Then we got to the Soul Retrieval Ritual, which I’ve had twice now. At first I didn’t notice any changes. All relationships are built on “Need fulfillment” and I realized the more fragmented I was the more I needed from others. After doing the ritual the first time I noticed my tolerance for inappropriate actions against me as a person and what I need from others was greatly diminished. I was no longer willing to put up with harmful behavior and I began cutting those types of people from my life. I also stopped reacting with passive aggressive behavior.

After my second ritual session, which I felt right away and for the next few days, left me feeling like I was walking on clouds yet grounded at the same time. As I reclaim all those lost parts of myself that I left in walls and ceilings etc. while I was being abused, I feel a wholeness I never felt from all the other work I did. I understand the value of healing the trauma in this life, and past lives, so I no longer carry that trauma into my future lives. All my previous work prepared me for this work with Lisa.

The real validation came when the secretary at my local women’s center said “You are not the same person who walked through that door a year ago”. My confidence has improved, my self-worth grows daily in healthy ways and I have never felt happier. I no longer feed into old unhealthy habits and for the first time in a decade I feel ready to allow Love to enter my life with a significant other.

I have even more compassion for others and am developing a more compassionate way of dealing with those who are still hurting and lashing out. I have hope for my future and that is such a great gift for someone who mostly only knew depression and internal anxiety. I rarely feel either depression or anxiety these days. I feel so blessed in my life and the quality of the people entering my life now is remarkable. They are such kind, compassionate, loving and gentle souls who are assisting me on my journey of healing.

Lisa is an amazing teacher and guide. Well worth every penny. She will show you how to take control and master your own mind from the three poisons…Greed, Hatred and Ignorance. You have nothing to lose but that which no longer serves your highest good.



Next is Penelope, who has a very unique and special connection to the Archangels and the Magdalene energy.  Even though I was using a extremely ancient Bon ritual, I felt the presence of “Jesus”, “Mary Magdalene” and all the “Ascended Masters” during her session.  This was such a special session to witness. This ritual is not stuck in religion, it reaches all spiritual traditions. The reason is because, they all came from the 5 Elements.  This is a non-denominational ritual, it connects to everything under God’s vast creation.

My session using the 5 elements of of air, fire, earth, water and ether was quite amazing.  The entire session lasted about 2 hours. I was concerned that it would be strange to have such a long ceremony via internet but that was not the case. We were totally in the same space as Lisa chanted the Tibetan rituals and I was able to expand my presence and move into a deeper sense of who I am on the planet and my connection to humanity and Mother/Father God, the Angels and Archangels, Masters for the Highest Good in this planet and throughout the Universe.

I just feel I am moving at an ever more expanded state in this life expression since the session. It was quite beautiful and sacred.



Next is Hilary.  During her first session I could tell she had some unwanted energies sharing her space.  Before I could work with her I knew we needed to take of this issue first. I knew instantly that the 5 Elements Ritual would work.  And it did…twice actually. Hilary is also learning the ritual and has begun to perform it for herself. Here is what she wrote.

I began working with Lisa last fall after both my parents had passed away and I had inherited their beautiful, 90 year old home, and a completely changed life. I was in search for more tools to put into my tool box to help balance me so that I would be able to make the best possible decisions for my future and  also regain my energy after care-giving both parents until they passed away. I was simply exhausted after years of daily care-giving, and had been living in the house about 8 months already.

After putting away a few tools, it was made aware to me that we could perform a Five Element Soul Essence Retrieval, but with several strange hauntings of the house during the initial time I had moved in, we decided to perform the ritual on the house, first.

I have cleansed my home in the past with sage, and crystal tuning bowls, chants and such, but this was a holistic intervention to cover all systems of the house. For example, if you think of the hot water tank as the kidneys (water element) of the house, and the ducting as the lungs(air element); one can see how the elements are represented in the home, also.

I mentioned I had been living in the house 8 months, but my stepdad had passed about 16 weeks earlier and while he was alive, it was clear the house had not been maintained and a new HVAC system, electrical panel, water heater, paint, etc would be needed,  so I had gathered quotes and bids from various contractors over the summer.

When she performed the ritual, within days the water heater died, and that was immediately replaced. Kidneys are the jing, the source of energy-they bring us into life and they take us out. Soon after, the HVAC contractor called and said he needed to get in immediately and could we begin work the next day.

Yes! New HVAC, ducting, the heart of the house was transformed also.  Basically, the old systems in the house could not handle the new, fresh energy and they just decided it was their time too end their lives! haha. New systems, new energy makes for a very happy house! The haunts stopped.

The house felt better, and now that it has been several months, I can say that this house feels GREAT and all the sub contractors I’ve hired to paint, landscape, run electrical, plumb, are all the kindest, highest vibrational people I have had the joy to work with. I know a few chants, too! Mission accomplished on healing the house and magnetizing the best workers to shine and polish her up. No bad vibes, in fact those that don’t resonate to this higher vibrational energy in my home are often uncomfortable and do not stick around. Those that love it, stay for days.

For me, my energy is back! I feel great, and several health issues have resolved themselves. Working with the Five Elements is quite helpful for maintaining radiant health.

Thank you, Lisa.


Thank you to my clients/friends for adding your wonderful experiences to my article.  I love you all.

If you are interested in scheduling a 5 Element/Soul Retrieval session with me, then please email at Risingfrequencies@gmail.com.  We will pick a day and time for you.  I need about 2 hours of your time for your first session, and I have to add you to my calendar manually.   During the first 20 minutes, I will explain the ritual to you step by step, so you will understand exactly what I am doing.  While I am performing the ritual I will talk you through it, and relay any information I receive. The cost is $176.00, unless you are participating in my Spiritual Scholars Program, then it’s $88.00.   I live on the East Coast of the USA, so I work during the day according to this time zone.

I do these sessions using the Zoom platform.  Zoom is free to download and easy to use. I will send you a Zoom invitation to the room I create for us a few minutes prior to the session.

This article is copyrighted.  I would love you to share, but please credit the author Lisa Rising Berry and provide a link to this blog

Much Love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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