I saw and felt the infinity loop receive a new makeover a while ago, and it is now emitting a different frequency.  This frequency makes it feel like something is on the brink of happening. I know this feeling of something coming has been here on this planet for quite some time; however, it seems like it has really increased in the last few months. It is stronger than it was before the infinity loop energy shifted.  This is partly due to the new vibration of the infinity loop, we have not felt this type of energy before, so it can make us feel like something new is coming. When in fact, the something new already came. It seems this is part of the “something is coming” feeling, and I believe there is another part that has me a bit perplexed.  Because what we feel as an “event” occurring soon, is our linear Earth time perception, and it is not in in-line with Universal time. Never-the-less, I feel something is on the edge of occurring. What that something is…is beyond our grasp, and when, is not connected to Earth time.

I had an astral dream experience at the end of March.  It was one of those “different” dream experiences, were you know, and feel you are in another location doing a job.  I was in the woods, and my job was to watch an invisible gate. There was a group of people that were running and jumping into a gate, and as they made it through, I would see an explosion of golden light.  It was like a giant gold flash. If you remember, in one of my past articles, I wrote about seeing the gold energy cover the planet. I feel what I saw back then was the beginning of what is occurring now. Behind the people running for the invisible gate was a group of angry individuals that were trying to interfere with the gate.  In front of the angry people where individuals that were warriors of some kind, and they were preventing the angry people from stopping the ones that wanted to jump through the gate. Just as the last of the people that were jumping into the gate got to me, I jumped in behind them and in front of the warriors and I made it into the gate.  I was the last to jump in, and I was plunged into darkness. It was not scary, it was comforting. I think we jumped into dark matter/aether, which is the new beginning of everything. Right after I see the darkness, my cell phone reboots itself. Which make me so frustrated, because I wanted to stay and see more. But, since all things happen for a reason…I didn’t see anymore.  However, there is a good reason my phone restarted. It was more symbology for me. Jumping into the vastness of dark matter/aether/space, is a re-set, a new beginning. Just like my phone starting over. After I woke up, I just let the experience go. I knew if I needed to know more then I would.

A few days ago, I saw a vision.  I was fully awake, thinking about nothing really.  I had my eyes closed, when I saw white energy flowing from the left to the right.  It looked like an ocean swell. I knew I was getting more information. Then I read an article written by Lisa Gawlas.  She mentioned how she heard the words “event horizon” during a reading she did with a client. Just hearing those words triggered something deep in my heart.  So, I connected my wisdom heart, which is my “inner-internet”, with the outer computer internet to see what I would find. Event horizon’s are connected with black holes, but I was interested in white energy, because that is what I saw coming in, and I feel this is where we are located.  I found information on white holes, which are the opposite of black holes. Both have event horizons. White holes are constantly expanding, and don’t let anything in. Dark holes are the opposite, and pull energy in. White holes are connected to the past, and dark holes the future. Hmmmmm….   Our universe has been expanding since its creation, and there are scientific theories that suggest our universe was created in a white hole. I feel this is true, and we are getting close to exiting our white hole of our past, and preparing to enter the future of the dark hole of a new creation. I found this diagram, and it explains everything.

diagram of white hole
diagram is from Wikipedia

It is in the shape of the upward infinity symbol.  The bottom section is the white hole. Our universe was created at the bottom. You will see singularity below the white hole.  We came from singularity and entered the white hole of expansion.  As we progress on our path, we swirl closer to the middle. When this happens, the intensity of the energies increases, and chaos is created.  I feel we are at the narrowest section of the white hole. When we move into the dark hole and continue up, things become less chaotic and then we return back to singularity once again.   I feel this perfectly explains the journey of our Earth as well as the personal journey of the individual.  We are a small part of the bigger picture.  As above equals so below.

The gate in my dream experience, is zero point. Now, remember in my last article, how I saw the old infinity return to a zero, before it reformed.  Zero is new beginnings. It seems that once the energy shifted, it placed us at the gate. I feel this is occurring not only on a individual scale, but also on a planetary level as well. People are moving into the upper portion of infinity, as they progress on their personal paths, and now the planet is doing the same.

 When I jumped through the gate and I saw darkness, I feel this was the dark hole. In my spiritual opinion, a dark hole is simply a mass of aether existing at zero point that has the energy of a wormhole, that sends whatever enters it into a new future. It seems this Wormhole, funnel-shaped tunnel that can connect one universe with anotheris where we are now. How long will it take for the planet to move through?  I don’t know, but I think it is connected to how many people make the journey on their personal paths. I feel, I fully jumped into my new unknown future. I was not afraid, I leaped into the unknown. It seems, that there are energies/entities that still don’t want people to jump through their personal zero points, and this is why I saw the warriors stopping them from interfering.

churning of milk oceanLet’s look at the white energy I saw from the spiritual mythology perspective.  Mythology is spiritual teaching in metaphor. There is the story of how universes are created.  It all begins with an ocean of milk. (I have written about this before.) Then the milk is churned by swirling in a spiral. As time progresses the swirl moves faster, and it begins an upward path toward zero point.  When the milk is churned it makes butter. Which is yellow/gold. When you look at the diagram with the knowledge of this mythology, you can clearly see that this is what is occurring now.  The ocean of milk is just about finished churning, and we almost have gold that will change our physical existence. This gold is the long awaited Golden Age. When I saw the white energy moving, it did look like a ocean swell.  

There is more symbology in butter.  In my Tibetan Bon tradition, we light butter lamps.  They bring the light of inner awareness to darkness. Well, perhaps, as our milk is butter lampsfinished churning, and we have butter.  Then we will exit the white hole, and enter into the black hole of aether. Once this occurs,  we will exit into our future that is bright with the light of inner awareness.  Which could be the next cycle of time, the Golden Age. The light of inner awareness is called the 4th lamp, in my Bon tradition, and it is the heart. When you place an upward infinity loop over the body, the heart is zero point.


 I am still not sure if the Golden Age will occur on Earth before the entire “school” system is gone, but I now think there is a possibility.  As always time will tell. My heart does tell me that the planet is going to pass through zero point, but what is on the other side is unknown.  In aether anything can be created. We are being pulled to zero point, and nothing can stop this. We have reached the point of no return. No matter how horrible things get on this planet, in the big picture, we will move through the gate.  2018 is an 11 year. 11 represents a gate or a portal. Is 2018 only for individuals that will move into the upper loop of infinity, and will jump into their own personal dark hole? Or is this the year for the planet to jump as well? I have no idea, and if anyone says that they know, then they are only fooling themselves.  There are some mysteries that will remain unknown to humans, and the time of entry is one of them.  

But enter we will, and we will travel to a new beginning, where no human has been before.  Or will we still be considered Hu-Man? Who knows? Time will tell it’s story when it’s ready, until then… we wait, prepare and enjoy our time here.  Perhaps as we all mount our White Horses, we will exit the white hole and enter into our new future of freedom.  Enjoy the ride!  Hugs…Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Wow LIsa, very interesting…as my understanding of black holes is the same except I also thought creation came from these black holes from the center of the universe. I never heard of white holes and no surprise, as in the duality of things, it makes sense. The event horizon is explained in other you tube videos as something coming, an event on the horizon, and some say it’s the the shot over the bough, or hahahha..or something like that…it had something to do with remote viewing that they saw as a sign of the event some say is going to happen. In another video, I think it was David Wilcock, but he stated the Golden age they referred to is actually the Golden race, so maybe we won’t be the ‘hu-man’ but the goldman….lol, I don’t know but alot to digest here.
    As for the singularity, this is mostly referred to in the A.I. or some tech giants of this era who think it means we will merge with machines and become a hive mind. Like cyborgs or something. I understand that it doesn’t mean that from a spiritual perspective as we are here experiencing individuation from singularity, and from a quantum physics point of view, Nassim also speaks about this singularity as in the energy form of quantum mechanics…so very interesting about the butter or gold and the churning, the chaos..as churning does to milk, but you can’t make butter without it now can ya? LOL. Very interesting Lisa! Thanks for sharing! ❤

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