sliver circleThis article is a continuation of Secrets of Infinity Part 3.  I last saw the lower half of the upward infinity symbol break off, and it resealed itself into a zero.  Which is still infinity, but it’s just not twisted and meeting in the center. After I wrote this article I was left wondering why the bottom section dropped off.  I came to realize that this was Gaia’s way of dropping the energies that no longer served this planet. A lot of the density on this planet was brought by negative influences from many galactic years ago, and it needed to energetically leave.  And so it did, very quietly. After it resealed itself, and began to spin around the circle, I noticed my personal life coming full circle, and I thought it was just my imagination. However, that was not the case. I was drawn back to the year 2008, 10 years ago.  10 is the number of completion. The 1 is the MuChord and the 0 is infinity. 2008 was also a 10 year. I could see it was all about the 0 (zero/circle) and the 1, the middle pillar MuChord. My most life changing spiritual experience occurred in 2008. I saw myself (soul) enter the current body I am in.  I…meaning a part of my soul consciousness. I literally witnessed this, as I saw the crown of my bodies head as my target. I don’t like to talk about this unless it is necessary, and in this case it is. Because I felt myself pulled back into the year 2008. I had unfinished business there, and I returned to the location where this all started for me.  I thought this would be an energetic event and I would deal with the trauma of that time in meditation only, but I was wrong. I returned to Washington State, and the exact location where the trauma took place 10 years ago. I had terrifying moments there, ending in enormous joy. I survived with glory. And I will save the details of this journey for my next article.  It involves a close friend of mine that I reconnected with, who also experienced the same things I did in 2008. It will be a very personal article, and I am not ready to write it yet. I will be doing a radio show with my friend, and we will discuss our extreme adversity that we overcame. She now has an amazing healing center that I want to present to the world. The name of her center is Free Space, and it is a testament to showing how freedom comes after the darkness.  This center would not have been possible if we had not gone through the fires of hell and came out into the light. We are ready to tell our stories when the time is right.

Now I want to get back to life coming full circle.  Because this may happen to others as well, not just me.  When I was pulled back to 2008, it was as if I literally stepped back in time.  While I was in Washington State it was very weird. I was new but the energies were not.  At least not yet. I felt like I was on an old dying timeline in the physical, but in a newly evolved energetic body, and the two did not mix.  Once I was back home and fully recovered from the events there, I could feel how my energy was changing again in a large way.  I was remote viewing horses traveling from the right side of my vision to the left, I wasn’t thinking about my past anymore.  My old hurts where disappearing quickly. It all seemed too good to be true. I am fortunate to have a friend (Lisa Gawlas) that is an amazing clairvoyant reader of energy. She can look at your field and tell you exactly what you are doing on your path at the moment.  She is the only “seer” than can read my energy. So, I scheduled a session with her. She saw the horses of my remote viewing, and I never mentioned my vision to her, and she saw much more. She could see how my energy at my core was quickly changing. While I was in Washington State, the focus out there was at my Solar Plexus.  It took a big hit many times, and I worked through tons of fears etc… This is what she saw shifting. She also saw my energy extending up to the top of the magnetosphere, with a filter that protects me from those that are choosing to remain in the lower energies. There are some people that are not done with those lessons and that is fine, but I am not working with them anymore.  My time working in the goo of the lower astral planes is over; I am only assisting those that are moving into the new upper section of infinity. I can see that this is not just for me. It, of course, goes way beyond my personal journey.

gold-infinity (1)As, I was working on one of my clients this week, I could see through her energy that the circle reconnected at the middle and it looked like the infinity look again, but different.  It has a different frequency. A frequency like gold, but not like gold at the same time. It is brand new. I could also see that she has the same filter I have. In addition to this I could see a large filter on the new Infinity symbol.  The upper infinity is separate from the lower via the filter, but it remains connected. What this means in our real world is that those in the higher energies are not leaving the planet in a mass ascension. There is not another location they will be going too.  But, yet they are separate. I know this sounds nuts, but here is my experience. I can go into the dense areas of my neighborhood and feel nothing. I don’t have to have massive amounts of protection around me anymore. The filter does it for me. All I have to do is control how I react to them.  And that depends on my level of mind mastery. Their energy doesn’t affect me. Only I affect me. The people in my past that betrayed and hurt me feel completely different. Even though I have love and compassion for them, I can’t feel them. They really feel gone to me. Those in the lower energies are in a different world even though we can still see them.  I hope others will begin to feel what I do.

I believe this filter is the new firmament that separates the waters of the upper part of infinity from the lower part.  We have a new infinity symbol with a new firmament.  It makes sense.  The old infinity symbol was the one that fell 2 galactic years ago.   We could not use that energy as we move into the new Earth school.  The vibration would not be compatible.   New School needs a new Infinity Symbol and a new Firmament.   I remember seeing way back in 2013, the old firmament collapse because it was corrupt.

I would like to turn your attention back to one of my last articles.  I wrote about the Jewish Year 5778 that we are currently in. 5778 is about the new Covenant with God.  I understand this now. The new Infinity loop is the new Covenant. When you add 5778 you get 27. Which reduces to 9.  9 is the upper portion of Infinity, the higher energies. The upper waters are separate from the lower. Moving to the upper is not a matter of choice.  No one in their right mind would chose to live in the lower astral. It is a matter of vibration. That is the key to enter. If your heart does not vibrate at the correct vibratory number, you will not move up.  Those that are still living the lessons of lying, betrayal, judgement, violence, addiction etc.. will continue to learn the lessons they need. The new filter will make it easier for those of us that are done with that.  But, they will be a mirror assisting us in mastering our mind. Not reacting outside of our heart energy is the lesson to be learned. The filter is freedom for us. During my reading with Lisa, she saw I have some major challenges ahead of me.  Once I am through them I will have freedom and ???? I rode a white horse last year named Freedom. I am making space for freedom. It’s no coincidence that the name of my friend’s center is Free Space. The name was chosen in 2008, again no coincidence in that either.  The new Infinity loop with the filter emerged from the Space element, which is also known as Aether. It is the 5th element. 5 is the number of change, and change is what is upon us.

As people are forming this new filter within their energy systems, they are returning to their past issues to tie up loose ends.  When you tie loose ends you make a circle. You come full circle with that aspect of your life. In order to accomplish this a person has to let go of the past hurts, cultivate compassion in their heart.  Then they can tie those heart strings and move on. So many think they have already done this, and they haven’t. If you think about a past hurt, and you still have anger, judgement etc… Then you have not tied the loose ends and come full circle, and therefore cannot build a filter.  Is there still someone in your life that you do not like, or you still have a issue with? If the answer is yes, then that is a good place to start. Inner, honest reflection is a must at this time.

Early this morning (3/24/18), I had a lucid dream experience that was extremely real.  I was standing watch at a gate that was only visible to certain people. As these people went through the gate I would see an explosion of golden light.  At the back of the group were warrior type people that were fighting off angry people that were trying to stop anyone from entering into the invisible gate.  Once the majority of the people where through I jumped in behind them and made it through the gate. I started writing this article about two weeks ago, and I just couldn’t find the motivation to finish it.  Now, I know why. I needed to have the experience of the golden gate. I feel deep within my core that the gate is the upper part of infinity. It is there for anyone that vibrates with its frequency.

However, there are many others that don’t want people to pass through.  Once a person is through this gate, it appears they form the filter that I wrote about, and they begin to taste a new type of freedom.  This Gate is the Gateway to Infinity.  As luck would have it, I found this song completely by accident today.  The name of the song is “Gazing Into The Gate Of Infinity” which is produced by Firmament.  Yes, you read that right!!!!  It was released March 19, 2018.  This is not a random event.  It is a reflection of what is occurring in our physical reality right now.  Here is a link to the song…enjoy!  GAZING INTO GATE OF INFINITY

gate to infinity
A gate to the infinity – a painting of Orit Martin, jewish art, digital…..


How do we make space for freedom?  How do we proceed through the Gateway To Infinity?  Simply by remembering the nature of the 5th element which is known as the Space Element/Aether.  It is the element of infinity, and where all of creation comes from. This element lives in your heart.  When you have a large quantity of this element in your heart, the more open your heart is. The more open your heart is, the more space you have.  The more space you have, leads to more freedom. Freedom requires space to move, to breath, to have room for your wind horse. If you want to make space for Freedom in your life, then you need to generate higher quantities of the actual Space element/Aether in your heart space.  This painting really shows the premise of my article.  Once you move to the upper waters of infinity you will be on your personal path to freedom.  I have to add that I had a lucid dream experience of this painting 3 nights ago.  When I saw this paining today, my mouth dropped.  Please visit this artist’s website.  There are many other beautiful works of art there to enjoy and purchase.

Let go of the old and make space for Freedom!

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Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Hi Lisa!! So happy to see you’ve posted a new article. I wanted to ask, I noticed you posted a link for Jennifer Hoffman Life Re-Vibed. From reading through the paragraph it was unexpected, maybe I read through it too quickly and it didn’t appear cohesive for me. It doesn’t mean the article isn’t written well or cohesive, it just means I didn’t give it the proper attention it deserved. Anyhow wanted to point it out.

    We’ll have to catch up again soon. I probably will schedule again with you. I’ve had sometime to absorb and feel through what was given. Maybe explore some questions.

    Cheers, Esmeralda

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    1. Holy cow… thank you. I used something she wrote as inspiration to add at the end of my articles. I took it out the entire paragraph out. I was in a rush to publish the article, and I didn’t do a good job of proof reading….wow!!! Thank you


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