February is the month of LOVE!  Beginning today, I would like to show my love to everyone, by offering my single 1 hour session at 1/2 off my regular price of $88.00.  

This does not include the Spiritual Scholars Program, because the price for this is already ½ off, with a requirement of at least 4 sessions in a 2 month period.

 I am sure we will have a Lovely time during your session.  I hope to see you soon.

Much Love…Lisa Rising Berry

Here is the link to schedule a session…BOOK A SESSION

Here is a link that describes the Spiritual Scholars Program.



  1. Hi Lisa! I had a session with you a little over a year ago. I’m interested in your spiritual scholar sessions and would like to learn more about it. I’m very new to Tibetan bon, literally just got a dream yoga book today. Thank you for your time!

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    1. Hello Andrea Christine!!! I remember you!!! I teach Dream Yoga from the Bon tradition. I use Tenzin’s book. I have had 3 classes in this subject, I read his book several times, and I received the Bon transmission for this. My book has so many marks in it. LOL… To do the Spiritual Scholars Program, just go to my scheduling page. You will see the option for Scholars, click on that and pick your 4 dates. Or, if you like, you can email me, and we can pick your dates, and I can schedule by hand. If you chose this method, I will send you for the invoice after the lesson. I hope to see you soon!!!! wooohooo!!!


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