Hello everyone…Tashi delek and Happy New Year!

I apologize for such a huge gap in between articles.  My last big article was written at the end of October.  It was after this rebirth experience I went through.  That event triggered another series of energetic events that where supported by my new Tibetan Bon Rituals I learned, as well as a powerful Ati Meditation Retreat.   I studied with the proper qualified teachers and received the energetic transmissions.  Spending time with my teachers in person, Skype and emails also support this transition.  I would not be where I am now without them, and that is a fact.  I take refuge in them, they support me, give me advice, warm compassionate energy, and then kick me out into the cold world to do my work.   This is what a good teacher does, they don’t let you get attached to them.  

pour-out-your-heartSpirit told me to stop writing after my last article, so I did.   I had shared so much of my personal transition.  I poured my heart out onto the pages, and I needed to take a step back.  I was changing so much with my Tibetan energy, that I could not keep up, let alone write anything.  I did try to have a radio show in November, but it did not work out.  I cancelled it because, I still felt too much old crappy energy connected to 2017.  I felt myself separating from that, but the separation was not complete.  I didn’t want to put out  ½ old energy and ½ newish energy.  I felt like a cake ½ baked, I was still soft in the middle.  And that is all I knew.  I could tell that 2018 felt extremely more vibrant and I should wait for the New Year before I resumed writing and doing radio shows.  I also rescheduled with someone that wanted to interview me.  I didn’t even know if or what I would continue doing.  I didn’t feel like me anymore.   I was still changing at lighting speed.  It was a bit scary and exhilarating at the same time.

 I didn’t understand the full reason why I needed to stop everything until the first week of January.  I was energetically told to take that week off.  Again, I didn’t know why, but I listened, just like I always do.  I used that time to dig even deeper into the 3 new Tibetan pexels-photo-209717.jpegBon Rituals/Practices that I learned, and had integrated them into my daily life.  After a good Skype conversation with one of my teachers about my meditation practice, I changed that as well.  Then the magic happened, and I could see what was occurring.  All of my past visions I had since the end of October began to click into place.  Sometimes you need to just stop….completely stop…leave things as they are.  Let the dust settle, let the new evolve, and just not care what it all means.  And… I really didn’t care, during this time period.  I didn’t care if I ever wrote another article, I didn’t care if I never got another client, I didn’t care what all of these visions where or what they meant.  All I cared about was clearing something from me that didn’t feel right, something that was blocking me.  And it worked, I let go of the majority of my life…I didn’t care, and I didn’t look back.  Well, that is my personal re-cap that has lead me back to the computer to continue writing and doing shows.  But, I am different, and my path is different.  I still don’t know where this new path is leading me, but I do know that writing and speaking is a big part of it. 

As always, this will be a very long and detailed article.  I want to discuss 2 ½ months of shifting that Earth has gone through, and it all involves the Infinity symbol.  So, grab a cup of tea/coffee and relax and read.  You may not want to read this all at once, in fact I recommend you take your time.  It has taken me since October to fully understand what I am about to write, so if this doesn’t make sense to you the first time you read it, don’t worry about it.  Let it go…  I didn’t get it at first either.  Remember, take what resonates and leave the rest.  I do insist that you read or reread Secrets of Infinity Part I and Part II.  Yes, I gave you homework.  LOL…. Secrets of Infinity Part I  Secrets of Infinity Part II

Way back at the end of the 2nd Galactic Year or Wheel Of Time, our Infinity loop fell to a sideways position.  This was when our planet lost its connection to God/Source.  The MuChord was damaged.  When this happened Infinity was separated, along with the Divine Feminine and Divine Male energies.  The Divine marriage/union was non existent.  Our world became poisoned with division, anger etc…  We became divided because waters above and the waters belowInfinity fell and became divided.  The waters of the heavens where separated.  This is known as the waters above the firmament and the waters below the firmament.  When the 3rd Galactic year began, the human forms also changed to meet this new energy of division.  We have a left and right side of our brains, which create great conflict.  Not only does this effect the health of our bodies, but also with the way we relate and perceive our outer and inner reality.  It is almost impossible to clearly see the true nature of our reality with the chaos of division.  

When this division occurred time also split in half, and a new calendar and new covenant with God was created.  This information is taught in the Jewish religion.  I am very fortunate to have studied so many different traditions, so I have many wells of knowledge and experiences to relate too.  One of my favorite Jewish Scholars is Jeffrey Meiliken.  He has done amazing research and work with the science of Gematria.  If you think my articles can make your head spin, just read one of his, by clicking on his name.  He has been writing for 20 years about the confluence of calendars that is prophesied to take place in 2018 which is the Jewish year of 5778.  I don’t feel that any of the other old prophecies will take place except for this one.  This one is based in the science of Gematria, and it is about the begin of the new, and I happen to see it occurring right now.  confluenceThe meaning of confluence is the junction of two rivers of approximately equal width.  These 2 rivers are the 2 halves of the new infinity symbol.  One river is the old calendar that was created after the fall, the second river is the new river that was created when the infinity symbol turned to its current upward position.  It is also said within this prophecy that a new world teacher will emerge.  This new world teacher is connected to the newly reformed Maitreya energy, which I have also written about.  Everyone thinks this new world teacher will appear here on this “old” Earth body.  I can say for sure that it will not.   No one on this planet is the “Maitreya”, and no one on this planet will ever become the “Maitreya”.   It will take place after this Earth/Gaia is fully in her next incarnation.  How will you know when this event has taken place?  Well, if your still looking at your current body, and current planet, then it did not happen.  What is occurring right not is just the the first part that will set the stage for the new teacher to be born.  “She”, yes….it will be a girl, will not be born for such a long time.  Actually, Earth years can’t even describe this event, and the location of this birth will not take place in the human realm. 

Let’s look at the Jewish year 5778, which is the year we are currently in.  If you cut 5778 in half, just like what was done after the fall, we have 57….78.      5+7=12  The 12 needs to be reduced further (1+2=3)   When looking at the 3, you can see that this is ½ of infinity, from the sideways view.  This represents the fall of the infinity symbol to it’s sideways position where it was only at ½ of it’s normal potential.    7+8= 15 The 15 needs to be 5778reduced further (1+5=6)  This represents the lower half of infinity that was not working due to the fall of the feminine energy.  This is the lower energies of Infinity. Once the Infinity symbol flipped to its current upward position, the lower energies were still flowing through it.  Only the position from sideways to vertical changed, not the energy itself.  The next thing to happen was the 6 aspect of Infinity separated from the entire 8.  Remember the 6 energy represents the energy that was created after the fall, the energy that brought us division etc…  It just left, and exploded into flames.  I never thought I would see this happen, but then again, all of this seems crazy.   

Then I saw and felt the upper aspect of infinity which is a 9, return to a circle, it sealed itself off, and then it began to twist again. (which I will go into further detail later)  It dropped off the old energy of the fall that it was carrying, and returned to 0.  Which is the number of the galactic year we are in.  I have been saying for years that after the ending of the 4th galactic year which occurred Dec. 21, 2012 (which is the opposite of 12 5+7 in the old calendar),  we would not be starting the 5th year, but we would begin the 0 (zero) year.   Now I really get why.  After I saw the 9 move into a 0, the 0 began to twist into a new infinity symbol, one that dropped the old energy and re-merged with the new.

Right before I saw the lower part (6) of infinity drop off, I had a vision that was presented to me as a stick and the only 2 lights that were light up was the red and orange, both where at the bottom of the stick.  My visions are inline with my symbology and knowledge.  The red at the bottom was the root chakra and the orange was the sacral.  These are the two lower chakras on the body and are connected to the lower half of infinity.  It makes sense why I saw this.  Also, right after I saw this vision,  many of my clients had experiences with these same colors, mostly the orange.  They could feel their sexual centers changing.  Which is part of what is changing.  Seeing these two chakra colors light up, was a sign to me of what was coming.  Which was the lower half of infinity dropping off.  This stick was representative of the MuChord

After the drop off, the section that was left exploded into flames.  This actually occurred during the Takla Mebar retreat I attended, where I learned this amazing Tibetan Bon Practice/Ritual.

 Here is a short description of Takla Mebar taken from my teachers website:

In order to overcome negative forces and the personal, negative emotions and obstacles they create, Tonpa Shenrab Miwo manifested as Takla Mebar (Flaming Tiger Deity) and subjugated those evil forces through his compassionate wisdom mind, transforming them into compassionate and peaceful beings.

Takla Mebar Healing heals the outer poisons and negativities, by transforming them into wisdom and positive aspects, as well as the inner negativities. These are transformed into the clarity of the five wisdoms (wisdom of emptiness, mirror-like wisdom, wisdom of equality, discriminating wisdom, all-accomplishing wisdom).

The Chaphur family have been lineage holders of this yidam since the very beginning of their recorded family history.

I would also like to add that this energy destroys those that have corrupted their vows and those that associate with them.  This is very powerful considering the corrupt behavior that has been taking place since the fall.  

 This retreat ended New Years Eve, right before 2018 came in.  Those of us at the retreat reported many cool experiences.  I personally have never seen or felt any energy like this before.  This practice is not something that is openly taught on a regular basis.  I know the reason my teacher decided to share this with us was for this purpose.  My Bon friends can call me crazy, but I feel this to be true deep in my blood and bones.  All of us had extreme thirst right after the first day, feeling like we were flaming, dizziness etc..  takla-mibar.-yungdrung-756x1024There where times when we were reciting the mantras that we had no idea how we were going to continue, but we did.  My face would turn red at the end of every day of practice.  I was reciting the mantras in my sleep and would wake up saying them.  A dear friend of mine was having these same experiences.  All of us felt like we received new hearts. Chapur confirmed our experiences, and said, yes, we where all on fire.  I thought I  knew what working with fire was like, and after this experience with this extremely rare and ancient practice, I know that I knew nothing.  Personal experience is the greatest teacher.  At the end of the retreat which was hours before 2018, is when the new 0 was created.  It was this practice that exploded the lower 6 into flames.  I am convinced of this.  Those of us at this retreat are karmically connected and we had a job to do.  Of course, there were others that participated that where not at the retreat.  I had many of my close friends and clients tell me that during the time of the retreat that they were smelling smoke and feeling uncomfortably hot.  Many thought, there was a fire in their homes, and would look for it to put it out.  

Now, I have to back up a bit from this spiritual science that I saw occur and connect it to more of my personal experiences that took place back in early October.  Not only did I see this, but I lived it as well.  I wrote in my articles during that time about being in a cocoon and emerging from it into a Monarch Butterfly.  That was the best way I could describe this process I went through.  However, during the first week of 2018, I was able to see more.  I believe the energy of the new infinity allowed me to see more.  The cocoon was a strange energy overlay that was on top of me.  I still don’t know if its original intention was good or not.  At this point it does not matter, because greatness came from it.  Anyway, this cocoon overlay, would not let me emerge from it.  Which was so strange to me.  It didn’t want to let me go.  I connected to it and even talked to it.  I asked it to let me out, it ignored me.  Then I thought that maybe it was it’s job to give birth to me.  So, I asked it to please “birth”me, and I explained I was not to be in here anymore.  After I did that, is when I felt a rain of lead balls coming at me.  The cocoon attacked me when I asked it to birth me and to let me out.  It wanted to keep me inside.  You can read about this experience by clicking here…https://lisarisingberry.wordpress.com/2017/10/02/my-personal-transformation-with-white-horse-energy/  I eventually just gave up, and did a practice that is known as Chod.  Which means to cut off and to offer your body to what is attacking you.  So, I offered all of my energy to the cocoon.  I let it eat and attack me basically.  I was protected, and I made it out.  My old energy and my old name were gone, and the new emerged.  This correlates with the separation of the energy of the fallen 6 aspect of infinity.  It was not an easy energetic separation, but a successful one.  I don’t think I know one person that had a really good October, November or December, everyone I am connected with all had unusual challenges.  Thank Goodness the separation occurred and we have a new energetic Infinity symbol. Let me recap.  Infinity was sideways, which occurred after the fall, it flipped to its vertical position (2015), MuChord returned in (2016), lower ½ of infinity dropped off (6) (2017), new infinity energy (2018).

Since we are starting all over with 0.  We have the churning of the milk all over again.  As the 0 continues to twist back into the 8, the milk is churned.  The symbology of the churning of the milk is connected to our Milky Way Galaxy.  Milk starts out as white.  Our 0 is white energy, the purest color of Aether in the form of the Space Element as taught in Tibetan Bon.  0 is the new beginning…a clean slate.  As the white milk is churned, it churning4becomes our new butter, which is the result of the churning and that is the gold energy.  Which is why we have golden energy everywhere.  I saw this gold energy come in many years ago and wrote about it.  And now it is integrating with our bodies.  What is doing the churning?  I am glad you asked.  LOL…  It is the Mu Chord, that I have been also writing about.  The Mu Chord runs right through the middle of the 0.  As this moves it reconnects at the middle and twists the 0 into a new infinity symbol.  This will not be a completely smooth ride.  Yes, we lost a big chunk of negative energy when the lower half (6) fell, but we could not drop it all, or it would be a complete reset button.  And that is not how this planet will shift.  

hurricane-earth-satellite-tracking-71116.jpegDuring my week off, I had lucid dream experience.  I was looking at a map with a group of people.  They felt like council members.  I was told there is a incoming storm and that I could not avoid it.  I kept changing my path, and they would tell me the same thing…nope you still will not avoid this storm.  Now, that I am putting all of these pieces together.  This storm is being created by the churning of the milk process.  As our new infinity symbol is being formed the ocean of milk will encounter a storm.  We need the turbulence to create the full golden butter.  I don’t know how long this process will take, but I will say at least this year.  During this week, I had another vision.  This type of vision, are the ones that come to me in a circle.  Then circle then gets bigger, like a doorway Ambrosiaopening up,  and it is as if my eyelids are gone.  I see a movie.  I have to stay unattached to what I am seeing, or I will lose it.  Which has happened many times.  I saw a thick goldish blob moving over land.  I really feel this is the return of the Amrita/Ambrosia…  Which is like food for the Earth, it is the butter.  The golden butter is the result of the churning of the ocean of milk.  The Earth element in the Bon tradition is yellow.  We also light butter lamps/candles.   More confirmation for me.  Ambrosia is gold, the food of the gods.  Balance of male and female.  This nectar appeared after the last churning of the milk occurred.  However, that occurred after infinity fell.  So, the butter that was created was basically mostly poison.  And the rest is our messed up history of violence and division of nations etc…

Another interesting event took place on January 7, 2018.  There was a special alignment that is part of the lyrics of the “Let The Sunshine In” from the Age of Aquarius Album in 1969.  Look at this for a minute.  1969…take apart this number.  19  69.  1+9=10.  10 is the the_5th_dimension-aquarius__let_the_sunshine_in__s_3number of competition, as well as binary code.  We just left 2017 which was a 10 year of completion.  Now, look at the 69.  When you combine the 6 and 9 you get 8.  This says the completion of 8, or infinity.  1969 is a 7 year.  7 is the platform that leads us to the center of infinity 8.  This alignment took place on the 7th.  But wait, there’s more.  The complete numerology for 1/7/18 is 10.  The number of completion appears again.  The lyrics of this song are the real deal.  Now, this was a complicated alignment, and it has taken place a couple of times before, but this is the first after December 21, 2012, and remember it took place in 5778.   The numerology 12/21/12 date is 11.  Which is the numerology of 2018.  Both where/are gateways, each leading to a different aspect of this shift in consciousness.  Here is a link to a video explaining the astrology, which is complicated.  

“Age of Aquarius” Alignment January 7, 2018 – RARE!  And here is a link to the song from 1969 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjxSCAalsBE  The group is the 5th dimension.  This is where confusion begins.  Most people think the Golden Age will take place in the 5th Galactic year.  As you can see now, this is not the case.  It takes place in 0 year, new beginning, a new Genesis.  The number 5 is representative of change.  And great change is what just took place.  One more interesting note about this song.  It is called, “Let the Sunshine In”.  This alignment that is connected to this song, took place in the Jewish New Year of 5778.  The Sun’s temperature is 5778 K (Kelvin) on the scientific scale.  It looks like the sun’s golden energy is about to get more golden in vibration.

5778 1

When the moon is in the Seventh House

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets

And love will steer the stars

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

This alignment on January 7, 2018 took place in Scorpio the 8th house. Scorpio protects the mysteries of infinity.   The tail of the scorpio points to the center of the milky way, which as I stated, is where the churning is taking place.  Scorpio is the house of death and rebirth.  I love being a Scorpio.  Scorpio, the scorpion evolves into the snake.  The snake is symbolically the Mu Chord.  The Mu Chord is symbolically the DNA of our Earth.  It was an important Snake that was used in the last Churning of the Milk, and it is that same snake that is being used again, but it has evolved.  Snakes are connected to the Naga kingdom.  I wrote about how they evolved last year.  It is the snake/MuChord/DNA that connects the upper waters to the lower waters.  Nagas are water spirits.  It is obvious it was all leading up to this major event.  After Scorpio evolves into the snake it Red-Garuda-photo-copythen becomes the Eagle or Firebird/Phoenix.  In my Bon tradition this FireBird is called the Red Gardula.  The Red Gardula has the beak of a Eagle.  It rises from the ashes.  2017 was the Year of the Firebird, and it set the stage for 2018 and beyond.   Notice the downward triangle piercing the snakes.  To me, according to my experience and symbology.  That is the old lower triangle removing the old unbalanced Naga energy.   I will go out on a limb here to say, that I feel after the infinity is finished churning and twisting, it will explode into the fire of the Red Gardula, and will then begin its movement on the path of the New Golden Age.  How long will this Golden Age on Earth last?  I don’t know.  But, I do know that it is leading us to the biggest shift we will ever experience.  That topic will be my next article, and as always, I have already written about this, but I will be adding more.  I have to share a interesting note here.  I have just begun my study of the Red Gardula Rgolden 8 1itual, and now I know why.  It will take me about a year to really absorb this practice, and incorporate it fully into my daily life.  

The year  2018 is a clear map to what just occurred.  2 represents the 2 calendars, which are also the new feminine energy and her counterpart combining.  0 is what formed after the lower half of infinity dropped off (6). 1 is the MuChord which is doing the churning to create…  8 which is our new infinity symbol for the Golden Age.  I will write in detail about the the numerology of 2016, 2017 and 2018 and they clearly showed us what was coming.  I wrote an article called Numerology of the shift several years ago.  This article will be part 2.  I will also be writing about a inner pole shift that has taken place within the human body.  These next articles are really a continuation of this one.  I would love to write about all of this now, but this article is really long as it is.  

Welcome everyone to the humble beginnings of the Golden Age for planet Earth.  It came in at the end of December 2017, without much notice.  No celebration, and no applause.  It emerged from the deep shadows of creation and just appeared.  When you least expect something great to occur is normally when it happens.

Much Love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. So very awesome when the puzzle begins to look like the image on the box! It makes total sense, and wrapped up in a nice gold bow! I always new that song ‘Age of Aquarius’ was sort of a intel or a sort of prophetic kind of intel for us, and always wondered about the alignments it spoke of would actually happen. So excited to see or read about this new and wonderul energy. Thanks for sharing! ❤

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