Hello everyone,

I hope this update finds you happy and healthy.  I know things are very intense right now, I have spoken of this time coming for a couple of years.  And now it is here, it is sink or swim to the top.  Time to find those spiritual water floats.  

I had a rapid increase of regular clients recently, so I  added more times to my schedule.  I am no longer taking Wednesdays off, and I am very happy to be so busy!  LOL…   I am not sure if I will keep these hours in January, only time will tell.  If my business continues to grow, then I will certainly keep the extras times.  Right now, I have only added a couple time slots on Wednesday, if needed I will add more.

The Spiritual Scholars Program is becoming a success, but I want to mention that it is not just for those that want to learn Inner Alchemy practices.  My reduced prices are also for those that just want to have regular sessions with me twice a month or more.

Here is a link to this program…  SPIRITUAL SCHOLARS

I am also still offering my Birthday special until November 8th, which is a 1 hour session for $55.00.

Here is the direct link to schedule sessions.  LINK TO SCHEDULE

The Radio Show will be returning hopefully this month.  A date is currently being picked.  However, the show will be pre-recorded and then uploaded to Youtube.  I feel energetically this is my best choice.  We have many new puzzle pieces to share with people that many  of us have experienced.  Our hope is to assist others in bringing balance to their everyday lives.

Much Love To All!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa Rising Berry

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