The title of this article can be a bit misleading to some.  Most people view darkness as evil and scary, because there is no light.  Or, no light that they can visibly perceive.  Darkness and evil are two separate topics.  People chose to be evil and hurt one another.  Evil does not really have a color.  Darkness is all about inner and outer alchemy.  Before light can be created there must be dark.  Darkness is the void of creation, the source where everything came from.  This darkness has many names such as dark matter, Aether, space element etc…  It is the 5th element and it is where all the other 4 elements emerge from  Without darkness there can be zero inner alchemy which leads to higher levels of consciousness.  I realized this weekend, that everything I have written about was leading up to this moment in time.  I will do my best to pull all of this together.  “As above, so below”, has great meaning for me now.

Back in October of 2014, I saw the Aether increase in power and quantity on this planet.  I didn’t know what it was at first.  It is the color black with some purple swirls in it, but it is mostly black.  Here is the link to this article.  First Aether article  I then later saw this black Aether or Space element turn gold.  The entire planet was covered in this gold energy.  This occurred at the same time I saw the infinity loop return to its upright position.  Here is a good article about what I saw between the years 2012-2016  2012-2016.  This was the first major part of this entire planetary transformation.  I have recently experienced this first phase in my own body.  As above, entered me in the so below.  Actually, not just me, but a few close friends/clients, as well as my husband have gone through this process.  It was the most intense thing I have ever been through.  I wrote a little about it in my previous articles, but you just can’t begin to grasp what it felt like.  I would have to share too much of my personal information to convey how hard this inner alchemy was for me.  I am speaking about the Golden Maitreya energy.  What I didn’t realize in 2014, is that was the birth/return of this energy.  


July of this year, was when this energy was fully ready to enter human body templates.  It takes the dark night of the soul to a whole different level of weirdness. We will always have dark night of the soul experiences, but this is different.  If you started a dark night experience before July of this year, then it is not connected to the Maitreya energy.  Because it wasn’t ready before then. For me personally it was the middle of July that this began for me.  I found the root of a large piece of my personal karma that I created several galactic years ago.  I was devastated, and cleared it on a energetic level.  I thought I was done and I was ready to graduate to my new energy, but nope.  It needed to be cleared through my physical body.  Basically, I had to allow the energy of what I did leave my body.  This was not fun, as I needed to embody my karma as I physically transmuted it.  This part began for me around the middle of September.  I actually wrote to one of my Tibetan Bon teachers and confided in him about what I was feeling and going through.  I am going to have a session with him when he returns from India later this year.  Even though I am fine now, I want to make sure that everything is back to my new normal. (everyone needs help from time to time, and I am blessed with the best Tibetan teachers a girl could ask for)  Then, by the end of September all hell broke loose for me.  After I let my big Karma leave my body, it triggered the biggest transformational process that my physical body has ever been through.  My entire energy system, aura went black, and I sort of shut down.   I was completely covered in the darkness of Aether, and I had zero idea what happened to me.   I found myself back in the energy of Daath.  Here is a article on Daath…  Daath  


golden-doors-kaabaDaath is a location that we pass through during intense transformations.  Once you give birth to Christ Consciousness in your heart you move up to the throat (Daath) and exit in your crystal palace.   Here you prepare you temple to be set on fire.  Now we have the option, when we vibrate with it, to do the same thing with the Maitreya energy.  I needed to get out of Daath for a second time to fully embody the Golden energy of Maitreya .  All I can say is crap.  I didn’t have the luxury of knowing this before I did it.  I didn’t understand this until I was done.  Again…crap.  I was fighting for my life.  The first time through Daath the majority of the fighting took place on the astral plane.  This time around it was 100% physical.  I was not a happy camper.  I was confused and completely terrified.  I was fighting for my life.  All I knew was that I was ending my old energy that I had embodied since 2008, and I was creating a new.  Other than that, I was in the dark…literally…in the darkness of complete Aether.  To experience Aether in the astral is one thing, but to have your whole body covered in it, is something entirely different.  You feel completely lost as your past dissolves, you can’t find anything to hold on too.  All your past stories, are no longer you.  You are no longer you.  Who are you?  At this point you don’t care.  I just wanted out of this darkness, and I wanted my new energy.  If I had known I was covered with Aether, I would have done things so much differently.  Aether is not scary it is sacred, I love Aether.   Obviously I was not supposed to know what was covering me for the purpose of my path…again…crap.

This is why great masters go to the caves of the Earth when they undergo this level of inner transformation.  The Earth acts as both protector and transmuter.  As you let go of your past issues the Earth transmutes the energy.  The cave gives you total privacy as you let all your issues release.  Then you emerge with new energy.  No one can see you sitting in a ball of black Aether, no one can feel you transmuting.  It is your journey and it should be private.  But, for those of us that are homeowners, this is not an option.   Which leads me to the dark side of this process.  I scared some friends with my transformation.  I was labeled as a full blown dark entity.  I was accused of being “bad” and doing horrible things.  I had my worst “Judas” moment and dealt the alwful betrayal and slander.   My personal Judas pushed me to the lowest of lows for me, which made me even more determined to quickly emerge into my new energy.  I didn’t see clients for almost two weeks.  I was clinically depressed, and going downhill fast.  That is what Daath does to you.  It is sink or swim to the top.  Why was I judged so harshly?  Simply because my judges had zero idea what I was going through.  They saw or sensed my energy field as dark.  To them, a dark energy field means you are evil.  They didn’t have the ability to know it was Aether.    If I had a cave to go to this would not have happened and my transition would have been a little bit more peaceful.  I guess my Karma dictated the experience I got, which was hell.  I don’t know, I am just happy to be done, and in my new energy.  Here is a video that best shows how I felt from the end of September to November 18th.  I was fighting the fight of my life.  It was my wounded inner child that fought this fight so I could evolve into the Golden energy of Maitreya.  This is a video of a young Karate girl is nicknamed JJ Golden Dragon.  Some may watch this, laugh and think I am being over dramatic.  When I watch this I cry, because it is really how hard I fought to move out of my past karma, and let it dissolve into the Aether forever.  


If you see or sense any of your friends with dark energy around them.  PLEASE, take a closer look.  DO NOT JUDGE THEIR SOUL!!!!  This carries heavy karma, plain and simple.  Before this Maitreya energy returned, you could see a person’s aura, and if it had black, then it meant something was unbalanced.  This is NOT the case now.  Since Aether is black, the person you are judging may be right in the middle of the most amazing experience they will ever have.  They are in Daath on a physical level.  Daath is about death.  Instead of playing the role of judge, jury and judas, reach out to them.  Ask them what is going on, communicate with them.  Most likely, they will ask for some space, but just knowing that you are waiting for them, will make their fight easier. You can’t help them on their path out of Daath and the Aether, but your support from a safe distance will be greatly appreciated.  That is what this shift is all about, unconditional love and support, not abandonment and betrayal.    We need to help one another during this time of evolution.  Love your friends even if they are covered in darkness of Aether.   Especially if they have been there for you during your crazy times.  


Monarch_In_MayThe two major transformations that I have discussed can be seen in the butterfly.  We begin by emerging into Christ Consciousness.  This is the larva stage of the Monarch Butterfly.  When the larva eats enough it turns into a black, gold and white caterpillar.  Then it goes into a cocoon.   This is when our bodies are beginning to vibrate with the Maitreya energy.   It emerges from the cocoon looking like a gold shell.  This is equal to us giving birth the golden Buddha in our hearts.  Now we begin our final transformation and journey through Daath for the second time.  

Right before the Butterfly emerges.  It looks like the outer cocoon has turned black.  Just like when we are covered in Aether.  To the outside world, our energy is black.  To some, we will be perceived as evil.  Then all of a sudden a beautiful gold/black/white Monarch Butterfly spreads it’s wings and takes flight on it’s new path.  Once it leaves it’s cocoon you can see that the outer shell may have appeared to be black, but it was in fact CLEAR.  It has no color, it was just the shell.  This can be applied perfectly to our journey.  The Aether is just the shell that is used for our inner transformation.  To the eye that can not see past judgement, it will look black, but in reality it is clarity.  It is clear and is what we use to transform into the gold energy.  The gland that is connected to Daath is the thyroid, which is in the shape of the butterfly.  


swanI finally made my way out of my Aether on October 19th.  I could feel it, but I was also still not fully in the gold energy either.  I was in the middle, which feels better than being in Daath, but still a little uncomfortable.  My husband and I had plans to go to a bed and breakfast, and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go.  Until I remembered how we found this Inn.  We came across it the last week of July, when I thought I was done with the clearing of my karma.  I knew I was supposed to stay there for a reason, but I didn’t know what the reason was.  White Swan Tavern is the name of the Inn which is a Bed and Breakfast.  I knew in July the White Swan played a role in the reason why I needed to stay there, but I never looked into this any further until the 19th of October.  I received a email notification of the reservation I had made.  I looked at the name and decided to look up the spiritual meaning of the White Swan.  Here is what hit me in the face….

Little swan flew through the Dreamtime, looking for the future. She rested for a moment in the coolness of the pond, looking for a way to find the entry point to the future. This was a moment of confusion for Swan, as she knew she had happened into Dreamtime by accident. This was her first flight alone and she was a bit concerned by the Dreamtime landscape.

As Swan looked high above Sacred Mountain, she saw the biggest swirling black hole she had ever seen. Dragonfly came flying by, and Swan stopped him to ask about the black hole. Dragonfly said, “Swan, that is the doorway to the other planes of imagination. I have been guardian of the illusion for many, many moons. If you want to enter there, you would have to ask permission and earn the right.”

Swan was not so sure that she wanted to enter the black hole. She asked Dragonfly what was necessary for her to earn entry. Dragonfly replied, “You must be willing to accept whatever the future holds as it is presented, without trying to change Great Spirit’s plan.”

Swan looked at her ugly little duckling body and then answered, “I will be happy to abide by Great Spirit’s plan.  I won’t fight the currents of the black hole. I will surrender to the flow of the spiral and trust what I am shown.”

Dragonfly was very happy with Swan’s answer and began to spin the magic to break the pond’s illusion. Suddenly, Swan was engulfed by a whirlpool in the center of the pond.

Swan reappeared many days later, but now she was graceful and white and long-necked. Dragonfly was stunned! “Swan, what happened to you!” he exclaimed.

Swan smiled and said, “Dragonfly, I learned to surrender my body to the power of Great Spirit and was taken to where the future lives. I saw many wonders high on Sacred Mountain and because of my faith and my acceptance I have been changed.  I have learned to accept a state of grace.” Dragonfly was very happy for Swan.

Swan told Dragonfly many of the wonders beyond the illusion. Through her healing and her acceptance of the state of grace, she was given the right to enter the Dreamtime.

Here is the link to the article I found this on.  Swan songs  This is exactly what we do when we move into the golden Maitreya energy.  We see the dark black hole, which is the darkness of Aether.  This black hole is the door that leads to other planes.  The other plane is Daath, this is the door to the golden energy…the golden egg.  When we emerge we are new and ready for our future, no matter what it holds for us.  

After I read this, I realized I was in the darkness of Aether, and I had just emerged from Daath.  Now, I was ready to go to the White Swan Tavern.  As soon, as we walked into our room, I felt my energy shift.  It was so cool.  I took one look at the single bed in the corner and I told my husband that I would be sleeping there.  He laughed and pointed to the bigger bed and said, but we can both sleep here…together.  I said..No!  I knew I was supposed to sleep all by myself in the bed built for one.  He completely understood.  As soon as we went to bed, I knew there was something special going on.  This was my personal healing bed.  I just knew it was.  I could tell it had been waiting for me.  I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but it is true.  The first night, I was in a almost constant state of altered consciousness.  I couldn’t tell sleep from awake.  I was in that inbetween state.  I had many personal visions.  But the best thing that happened occurred around 4:30 in the morning.  I was laying on my right side in the lion pose that is used in dream yoga, when I felt a strong tapping on my left wrist area.  This felt like a physical tapping, and not energetic.  It was that strong.  I didn’t want to raise my head to look, because I was afraid it would stop, and after all, I was in my magic healing bed.  It was going like this….tap tap tap tap……..tap tap…….tap…..tap tap tap tap.   I finally realized it was a bird pecking at me.  It didn’t take long to recognize it as the White Swan energy.    My body just melted into the bed, I couldn’t tell where the bed ended and where I began.  I laid there motionless, drifting in and out of consciousness until our alarm went off at 7:30.  Every time I could wake up, I could feel my Swan working on me.   I had full body shivers move up and down my spine.  The following night, I slept so well,  It was the best night of sleep I had since this whole process began for me.  In the morning I could feel the bed “turn off’.  I was sad, and happy at the same time.  This was the first moment I could feel this new golden Maitreya energy fully run through my whole energetic system.  I was flooded with a sense of relief.  

doorThen as we where leaving I had the #1 mind blowing moment of the trip.  I looked over at our door, and looked at the old lock and key.  I remembered how much fun I had opening the door, because I had never used a lock that old before.  I decided I needed to take a picture of it.  I laid on the bed to get even with the lock when I had a flash in my mind.   All of sudden I remembered two astral experiences I had at the end of 2015.  They both occurred within the same week.  I had zero idea what they meant at the time.  I thought I would figure it out in 2016, but no…I thought I would have figured it out earlier this year but no.  I figured what they both meant as I looked at the old lock and key.  When this realization came to me, I just cried happy tears of joy.  At that moment I knew this part of my journey here was officially done.  The first experience, I was in complete and total darkness.  I couldn’t see a thing.  But, I could feel a old fashion metal key in my hand.  I knew there was a door in front of me.  I reached out in the darkness and put the key in a hole and turned it.  I heard the key click.  I realized the darkness was the Aether, and the sound was the same sound I heard when we opened this physical door to our room.  On a energetic level I created the possibility for me to come to this very room.  This room contained the energy of the White Swan for me.  The next experience I had in 2015 which was a day later was again in complete and total darkness.  I could not see a thing.  I was inside of something, and I was pecking my way out.  After a lot of pecking my whole body began to vibrate.  This was me coming fully out of my cocoon.  The White Swan was helping me to peck out.  I felt it with me while I was awake the night before.  OMG…you can’t make this stuff up.  I was thrilled.  I knew the bed was waiting for me, and now I fully understood why.  Is the White Swan just for me….no.  It is there for anyone that is in Daath for the second time.  It helps you to peck out of the shell of transformation, and provides you with healing energy.  It also provides you with the information that you will need for your new path.  All you have to do is call on it and manifest it.  This brings me to my next topic.



When I say I am on a new path, I really mean it.  It was my old energy that was connected to all the articles I wrote.  They are my past, and now that is gone.  They will live on forever, and I hope they will continue to help others as they journey into the golden Maitreya energy.   I wrote all of them in chronological order as I physically experienced them.  Helping to bring in this new energy was my reason for being here, and now it is complete.    I feel 2018 will eventually show me what my new job will be.  I will be in service, but how is not known.    I really don’t know who I am anymore after this shift.  The “I or me” that I was so attached to is gone.  It is such a weird and wonderful feeling at the same time.  I feel like a nobody and everything together. Prior to Rising Frequencies, I was still having clairvoyant experiences on the astral, and was in great service to the planet.  But I did not go public with anything.  I was completely private.  I worked from the shadows.  I am feeling a pull to go back into complete privacy once again.  Sharing for me has always been extremely difficult.  There is nothing that will make you feel more vulnerable as putting crazy clairvoyant information on paper, and my last betrayal hit me hard.  I know it was most likely part of the plan for me, but I am craving total privacy as a result.  For now, I will continue as I have, writing when I see a reason, and continuing to see my clients.  Sometime in 2018, I will know what my next “job” will be.  Perhaps, Rising Frequencies will be apart of my new path, and perhaps it won’t.  I am fine either way. I am at peace now with the unknown path of my future.  It’s all good!  

In Service With Love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Wow and WOWSA…..thank you so much for sharing this….and I know how difficult it is for you to do so, but it also helps me and others to understand what is going on, not just with you but in this process we all are going thru. I had felt your process, to be candid, before the betrayal and I sort of panicked, but then decided that all is fine, you will work this out as you always do and I just need to relax and hold space while it is going to all work out and once you talked about the Swan, and walking the dreamlife as both merge… I knew you were on it and feel so happy and enriched by your sharing and clarity so much so, it is uplifting to any and all who felt your journey and held our cosmic breath for you to transform and renew. The light is back on in the house! You must do what you must do and I know you will be doing greater things in the coming year, so all I can say is ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!. You just don’t know how special you are!
    SIDE NOTE: I had a moment of epiphany as to look into the meaning of the dragon fly, and this is what it said: (you may already know but thought it was interesting!) Dragonfly symbolizes how to get beyond illusions, and teaches the magic of shifting vibrations with use of color showing us the path to new worlds and portals.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Nancy… Yes, I have to admit I was in panic mode for most of the dark part of the process for me. If I had known it was Aether around me, then I would have been a bit more relaxed. But, I learned so much by not knowing. I found out how strong I really am. I found out who I can really trust, who my real friends are etc… I learned about setting boundaries but having a open heart at the same time. I really have to say that I feel like I am sitting on a Gold mine of inner wisdom from this whole experience. I found strength that I did not know existed in me. So, all in all it was worth it. The hard part for me now is mourning the loss of the closest female relationship I have ever had. Mourning is not easy, but I am learning from this as well. I can find the positive in every dark experience I go through, nothing is wasted on me. The light is definitely back on in my house. But it is a new light. LOL…..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hear ya, grieving loss is to mourn an aspect of you and your process of letting go of old and bringing in the new. In the bigger picture, it might have been necessary to tip you over to what you are in now, and even you mentioned in a previous article that as we go into this new energy, and the new earth, that there would be those that we would lose along the way. I know it’s painful and eventually you can fill that void with the new golden energy and there will be no more pain. Trust in your strength and courage we all see in you, and the adoration of your beauty of your divine golden heart! Let the magic begin! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I love the meaning of the dragon fly, I wanted to look into that but I forgot. And that is exactly right. I saw beyond my own personal illusions, as well as the illusions I had about others, and the nature of our reality. I just remembered…. All this Spring and Summer I was surrounded by Dragon Flies. They would show up in parking lots and follow me. Holy crap! Thank you for bringing that up for me

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, whether in dream or walking the dream life, we have many things show up and so cool you had dragonflies showing up, they were prompting you or giving a heads up, as you know, if we pay attention to these symbols we can figure out the message. Like I know when I see a black bird and it is just staring at me, there is treachery afoot! LOL, I am…ok, who is lying about me or to me! Most people think that only our dreams have symbolism or messages for us…and like you were saying you didn’t know the difference between the dream or awake time, that is what it’s like, the dream doesn’t end when we are awake! Thanks again for sharing this! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing this experience. I definitely need help in understanding where I am and what is happening at a soul level. Gratitude and Love

    Liked by 2 people

  3. WOW Lisa!!! This really is scary and awesome too! Maybe this is what I have to go through on some level with my current situation…

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