Today begins Scorpio season.  As a Scorpio, I would like to celebrate my Birthday by dropping the price of my regular sessions to $55.00.

5 is the number of change.    I strive to assist my clients to bring about lasting and meaningful changes to their everyday life.

5 + 5= 10.  10 is the number of completion, DNA code, Mu chord w/infinity.  2017 is a 10 year, and has been a time of great energetic changes.  

This is a wonderful opportunity to prepare for what 2018 has to bring.  Scorpio is all about Death to the Old and Rebirth in the New.  Join me in my Celebration of Scorpio season as we prepare for 2018.

This offer will extend until November 8.  My prices will return to $88.00 for 1 hour on November 9.

Here is the link to schedule your appointment.  Scorpio Birthday Special

And here is a link to my website, where you can read my bio, as well as what to expect during our sessions.  Rising Frequencies Website

Big Hugs,

Lisa Rising Berry

One thought on “Birthday Special to celebrate SCORPIO Season!!!

  1. Awesome and Happy Birthday Lisa! I just finished reading Lisa Gawlas article on The Jesus Merlin Clan and pow…makes so much sense with the new energy why Jesus said ‘You can do the same as me and more’. Let the magic begin…Let’s get magical!!! (the song in my head ‘let’s get physical’ by Olivia Newton John except not physical but magical…is going on in my head…LOL) ❤

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