When your purpose is truly in line with the will of the Universe magic happens.  I had the privilege of experiencing this magic today, and I want to share my experience with others.  This is something that you can have done for yourself.  I didn’t go looking for this to happen to me, it just fell into my lap, and this is why it was truly magical for me.

I am very fortunate to have an amazing Acupuncturist.  She is a nurse, shaman and very clairvoyant.  She embodies the crone energy at such a high level.  Her name is Linda.  She informed me back in July that I was going to be reset as she called it.  I could feel this transformation building in August, but I didn’t really begin to understand more of it until the beginning of September.  During my September Acupuncture appointment she activated my lower water trine, and connected it to my Mer Ka Ba.    This really jumped started my dive into the dark abyss of the Aether, so I could begin the death of my old energy and birth the new.  Linda is also my friend on Facebook, so she has been following my progress as I write about it.

She greeted me today with a big simile on her face.   She held my hand as she lead me to the treatment room.  I could immediately feel the energy buzzing between our hands.  I knew this was going to be a special experience.  She told me that she had the perfect treatment for me today.  She said that this treatment will go deep into my energy field and release my shadows and grief.  It is connected to the lungs and lower intestines.  My eyes started to water just feeling the energy.  

The next thing she had me do is something she does every single session I have with her.  She has me close my eyes and pick 2 essential oils from her oils case, and then she picks the 3rd.  Every time I do this, the oil is always directly inline with what I need.  But today just blew me away.  The first oil I picked represented what I was releasing.  I picked Texas Cedarwood.  This oil helps you to feel your inner power, so you don’t feel powerless.  This oil is the grief I am releasing.  The second oil I picked was Valor, which helps you to build courage.  She picked Lemon, which purifies the liver and helps to release anger.  These oils could not be more accurate.  I was in awe!  Especially when I picked Texas Cedarwood.  I had never heard of the oil before.

After I was on the table and the needles were in place she used a Tibetan singing bowl over me.  It was ringing so loud.   She told me that it was my energy was making it sing.  After she left the room, I could actually feel more of my shadow of the past leaving my body.  The last remnants of my old energy was leaving.  Then I felt grief.  Plain and simple grief.  I began to mourn the old me dying.  I could tell that I wanted, on a subconsciousness level, not to let go of the last of my old energy.  But that was impossible for me to do with the needles in place.  So, I gave up fighting and I just let go.  I felt the energy of the Texas Cedarwood pull a lot of dark shadows from me.  Then I felt courage as my body began to vibrate.   I felt another energy helping me, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it because I was really doing my dark inner alchemy.  I felt amazing when she pulled the needles out.  

I knew this treatment was important for many people to have, and I needed to write about it.  I asked Linda what is the technical name for this treatment.  She said it is called UNICORN POINTS.  My mouth dropped open!!!!  This treatment is all about the White Horse energy I have been writing about and experiencing for the past year.  The energy that I couldn’t quite put my finger on was my White Horse helping me release the rest of what needed to go.  This Unicorn Point Acupuncture treatment is a must for anyone that is currently undergoing a major shift in energy.  It contains the White Horse energy, and will make you feel brand new.  Linda said that anyone that wants this treatment needs to tell their practitioner that they will need to look it up.  It is a ancient treatment that is not used all that often.

I am now ready for the new moon in Libra.  I feel very balanced, happy and ready to step onto my new life path.  I have no idea where this new path will lead me, and I don’t care.  I have the golden light in me, and with that by my side, I have nothing to fear.

I feel like I can fly!

Lisa Rising Berry

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8 thoughts on “UNICORN POINTS

  1. How awesome for you Lisa…me thinks this is just what you have needed!!! Those acupuncture sessions sound so awesome and so wonderful you have a deeply connected person that can help you. I have never heard of those types of acupuncture sessions but it makes sense…they connect the meridians and unblock them so …..’Happy Unicorn Points’ Day! LOL ❤ Big Hugs!

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