I have been seeing talk in different spiritual circles about choosing realities, timelines, etc…  And this really got me thinking because choice is not what we think it is.  It’s not as cut and dry as one thinks.  I wrote in my previous articles about how I can see a split

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occur in our collective energetic realities.  We all have our own personal reality that is our experiences, but there is also a collective reality that we are all connected too.  I used to only see one reality, now I see two, which is something I never thought would happen.  I saw with the hurricanes people that experienced the storms as an inorganic creation in one bubble and I saw people experience the same storm as an organic creation in a separate bubble.  It was one hurricane on one planet, but two reality bubbles that represented two different experiences.  I decided to look deeper into this, and I found out that it is connected to my other articles I wrote on the Secrets Of Infinity.    Secrets of Infinity Part One….CLICK HERE TO READ  Secrets of Infinity Part Two…CLICK HERE TO READ


silver and golden gateIn the not so distant past, the matrix reality construct that surrounded our planet was a sideways infinity loop.  It was like the poison apple, it was the silver gate of men, that very few could escape and achieve liberation from.  The infinity loop fell when things got very bad here, and the connection between the upper worlds became disconnected from the lower worlds.  The Mu Cord was cut and the wheels of time fell over.  This created an inorganic time matrix.  In 2015 the infinity symbol flipped upright and became Gold.  Then in 2016 the Mu Cord was restored and flowing.  Once the nodes of the Moon shifted in May of this year, it prepared for the final click between the upper and lower worlds.  Now, with all of the alignments that have been occurring this month, the gates between the two worlds is finally fully open and working.  The Wheels of Time are clicking in the right direction.  I knew this time was coming, and I said on one of our radio shows that I gold-infinitywasn’t sure what would happen to people that did not connect to the organic reality.  Now, I have my answer and it is amazing.  I see the old sideways inorganic reality completely cut off from it’s source which you could call God.  It doesn’t’ have a Mu Cord.  In the past when this was our only reality, it was feed by inorganic means, and now that is power source is gone.  So, it is slowly starving.  I feel it will take a very long time for it to totally dissipate.  Perhaps generations.  Right next to it, I see the upward infinity symbol shining with Golden light, and it has a strong Mu Cord running right through the center like a spine.  It is 100% organic and fully connected to God/Source as well as all five elements.  There are more people connected to the inorganic sideways reality than the upward organic reality.  Why is this?  Did they chose to be connected to a slowly dying reality?  Well, the answer is yes and no at the same time.  We have the illusion of choice in a way, but what really matters is your intention and action.

Do, you think anyone would chose to live connected to a dying inorganic fallen time reality?  Seriously, who would say…sign me up for that.  The answer is no one.  Even the cabal wants to live in the organic Wheel of Time or infinity loop.  This is not where your choice takes place.  No being on this planet will choose to remain in a dying reality, so dna bodywhy are they there?  If, it were as easy as saying I want to live in the organic reality and poof you where there then all sentient beings would exist in the organic and the inorganic would disappear.  But that is not how this science operates.  It all goes back to the old bible verse that asks the million dollar question.  Have you prepared a body for me?  The “me” in this question is the Mu Cord that is connected to organic God/Source energy, in the upward direction.  I have been saying for years that people need to do a spiritual practice.  This is how you prepare the body, and this is where your choice begins.  

You choose, how much you meditate, chant mantras, do pranayama breathing.  You choose how long you live in anger, how stressed your life is, how you judge people, what comes from your speech.  You chose what you eat, drink, smoke, what you put on your skin, along with, what type of physical activity you do.  These choices are what give you a personal energy signature.  Remember your body is a temple. 

Picture yourself standing over a giant cauldron.  The cauldron is your body.  Before you do anything, you look down at the cauldron.  What is in there?  Do you think it is empty?  

alchemy woman

The answer is yes and no.  It is not empty because it contains the 5th element of Aether/Space.  Which is full of potentiality and is boundless infinity.  It also contains the highest and only choice which is the organic reality.  That is what is the best for you, and is what all humans aim for, even if they don’t behave like it.  It is science, and we all start with a empty cauldron that is very spacious and luminous.  Perfect clear light of clarity, and all organic.  Then we add our experiences into the mix.  These experiences we have are based upon our choices that we make everyday.  Then the soup in our cauldron cooks and creates our personal energy signature.


Each reality bubble has a vibrational requirement.  It’s like your passport to gain entry, or like a library card.  Your vibration is encoded into the card.  If the organic reality bubble requires a 8 or higher to enter and someone vibrates at a 6, then they can’t lib-cardconnect, they can’t get in the gate.  Even though they want to be in the organic bubble they have no choice because they don’t vibrate at the correct frequency.  The vibrational requirement for the organic bubble seems to be increasing.  I feel it will reach a point where it will level out, but I don’t know when.  I do see people that are in the middle of the two and they live in two worlds.  This is a very uncomfortable place to be, as you can imagine.  I am also seeing the people’s energy in the organic bubble pushing those in the inorganic bubble away from them.  This is affecting all types of relationships.  The two are like oil and water, they don’t mix.  Which makes me sad sometimes,

My advice is to work hard on increasing the vibration of mind, body and soul.  All three play a role.  Especially the body.  I am really seeing how the health of the physical body is crucial right now.  It is our computer, and since the hardware is changing we must always keep it in tip top shape or it will become sluggish and lock up.  

8 spoked wheelWe are like mini 8 spoke wheels of time, all connected to either the dying form of infinity or the living one.  Don’t let your wheel get stuck in the mud, instead nurture it so it will grow out of the mud and blossom upwards toward the light, as the lotus flower does.


Peace and blessings,

Lisa Rising Berry

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13 thoughts on “Choice Of Realities…Does this choice even exist?

  1. Thank you Lisa for this “Choice Of Realities…Does this choice even exist?” It does make me feel sad because I see how people are moving away from each other, especially in family relationships but I understand. You’re explanation made a great deal of sense to me. As much as I’d like to help my husband and family raise their vibrational frequency, it just hasn’t been possible. I’m hoping that my striving to be the best I can be that maybe they will be uplifted through me. I have found it very difficult to actually get people to change, or stop bad habits, or take a yoga class; no matter how much I talk about this being something important, if the person is not interested or doesn’t see the value in it. Thank you Lisa. Much Love ~ Belinda

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  2. Thanks for this article Lisa, totally answers the question I had and makes so much sense! Think I am stuck in the middle…LOL, that song ‘Stuck in the middle with you’ comes to mind! Such great advice and clear understanding/explanation of how and why of the realities…The Leo King spoke about that split happening and how we all have to choose, and many just didn’t understand how to chose, so they do nothing. Like in the song by Rush, ‘Even if you chose not to decide, you still have made a choice’. So, here’s to getting unstuck and moving on out or up! And many don’t understand that choice is action or the default of inaction. Whoot Whoot! BIG HUGS!!! ❤

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      1. Some good stuff lately. Been a pretty full on few days for me internally. Awareness high and feeling stark. Medication had nothing to do with it either way. Just awareness.
        Feeling relaxed again now. Removing myself from toxic people is essential. Funny how many of these toxic people actually consider themselves on a “high vibe”…. I guess the term ‘high’ is quite subjective. Lol

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