I saw a very funny Facebook post on this subject that prompted me to write this spontaneous article.

owl and a woman with peacock featherI listen and observe quite a bit more than I tend to speak.  This enables me to take in more than I put out.  I watch, observe, transmute and learn.  When you try to live more on the inside, you tend to see what is really going on in our perceived outer world.  With all the chaotic energy around it’s easy to feel like nothing has changed.  

It seems that, for many people to feel real change has occurred several of the following need to happen:

  1. Our current political system must be vastly different.
  2. Our current healthcare system must be vastly different.
  3. Our current legal system must be vastly different.
  4. Our weather patterns should be calmer.
  5. Duality should be ending on this planet.

This list can become quite long as you can imagine, and I too wish these things would become our reality.  But, just because these particular things have not happened does not mean that change has not occurred.  I can clearly see energetically that this planet is not the same as it was in 2008.

 I no longer see people walking around with many “attachments” and “cords” coming from them.  I have seen the power of the Azoth energy transmuting in the wake of its path.   Sometimes we have to look at what has not occurred to appreciate the improvements.  Many of the so-called issues we thought were going to come to pass did not.  Old prophecies and old remote viewing information have been proven out dated.  Our planet does not have to be covered in unicorns farting rainbows to see that changes have occurred.  I do wish that the energetic shifts would filter down into our dense reality faster, but they are being absorbed as fast as humanity can handle.  Change has, most definitely, occurred.  

dualtiyI guess my favorite from the list above is number 5 – “Duality should be ending on this planet.”  This one is near and dear to my heart because it is simply not possible.  I know I just made many people mad with my statement, but this is nothing new for me.

Our Earth Gaia was created with the concept of duality.  From the science of the yin and yang, right vs. wrong, as above and so below, higher self and ego.  Even our bodies have been designed according to the science of duality, as evident in our right and left brains.  This was done on purpose, and it is the theme of this current Earth school we call Gaia.  The gematria of Gaia in all 3 versions of gematria all add up to 9.  Which is ½ of duality.  It is the upper level of duality, but it shows us our goal – which is to master the duality of our minds and move into the upper section of our consciousness.  People can rant and rave all they want about duality, but it will not disappear on this planet.  

We are here to master duality not to end it.  Will it end?  Yes of course, but not on this planet called Gaia whose purpose is to be the school of duality.  I wrote about the name of what I call the future new Earth school for the human experience.  I mentioned its name in my Naga article that I wrote many months ago.  I clearly heard the name told to me.  The voice was not my own, and it was not AI.  LOL….  The name of this new Earth greySchool is Greysin.  It will not take place on Gaia. It will take place in a new location with the energy of the name Greysin.  Why Greysin?  Well, because humanity will walk in shades of Grey and not black and white.  And because we are above the sine wave of zero point, as I have previously written about.  This planet, realm, reality…whatever form it takes, will not be black or white, but will instead be grey.  A combination of both.  Duality, will still be present, but at such a low level that it will be hard to detect.  Light and Dark workers will no longer exist because they will will be a combination of both and will be Grey.

So, for those who are waiting on number 5 to happen, you are really missing the boat, for if you want to incarnate to learn the new energy of Greysin, you have to have mastered duality.  That is the basic requirement.  If you still hate duality because it is turning your life upside down, then you will reincarnate in a location where you will continue to learn to embrace and master duality.  When will you be DONE with duality?  When it no longer bothers you.  Running away will get you nowhere, you must face what you need to master.

Master your mind, body and soul. This is the key to seeing the change that has occurred.  You can’t see or experience what you have not created within yourself.  If you want this dense dual reality to loosen its grip on you, then you need to loosen the grip in your heart.

irma Imagine a hurricane, which is not hard right now since we have so many to deal with at the moment.  See the eye of the storm.  The sun shines in the center of the dangerous chaotic, destructive energy that surrounds it.  The wind is calm and there is no rain.  Our reality is like this.  When you come to the mastery of your mind, you have the clarity of clear light, and this is where you can remain as the rest of the world is being thrown back and forth.  Here is where you can really see the change that has occurred.  When your life is a whirlwind, change and progress can’t be seen or experienced.  

Peace And Love To All,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Great article Lisa! There was change, more in feeling lighter..letting go of crap! LOL, not literally…anyway, yep….play duality….be a doooobeeeee….dooobeee, doobee….LOL ❤

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