I am planning or creating more classes this fall, but here are two that I currently have available. Each class is over 2 hours long and only $55.00. The amount and quality of information that I provide far exceeds the knowledge of Essential Oils, and is affordable.
12 Essential Oils Of The Ancient Scripture Class I Recording
A short intro to the oils….history, how they work on the brain, and how to buy a good oil etc…
Kundalini energy and the oils, the inner oil… claustrum oil
Healing and the Priesthood
Entity and other energetic attachments and the oils
Ancient reflexology and the oils
How emotions serve us, with an exercise with the oils
Description of the Holy Biblical Anointing Oil
Anointing…both inner and outer
Mary Magdalene and the oils
12 Essential Oils Of The Ancient Scripture Class Two Recording
This over 2 hour class will discuss the body’s most essential self producing oil which is the claustrum oil. When does this oil drop? What glands does it directly effect? How long does it take? Why this is important to activate the FULL third eye, (not what new age teaches). What can you do to speed up this precious process. AND which 3 outer essential oils can assist us on the path, and why they are the real oils that are connected to the trinity of our brain.
We will discuss each of the 12 Oils mentioned in the Bible and how they affect us mind, body and soul. You will receive a pdf of this information for you to print out and keep.
We will also discuss the numbers 22 and 13 in our celebration of Earth Day, which is a celebration of the Divine Feminine.
We will end with a intense purification and empowerment meditation which will give your body a spring cleaning.
Once I receive your order I will send you a private YouTube video to view. You will need a gmail or YouTube account to view this video. Please give me some time to process your order, as I am not always at my computer.
In Service,
Lisa Rising Berry

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