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But before I go into Harvey, I would like to share my personal experiences on the day of the solar eclipse, and as well as past eclipses.  I have always suffered during every single solar eclipse – not emotionally in the physical world, but psychic suffering. It’s the kind of suffering that the majority of people don’t understand and think you’re nuts if you bring it up.  During each eclipse, I would be psychically attacked…full on scare-the-crap-out- of- you attacks.  I experienced these attacks in my lucid dreams as well as

solar eclipse 2017
Taken from my backyard

when I was awake.  When I was awake it would feel like bees stinging my body.  I would have “things” in my dreams chase me into my awake reality.  Some of them would pull the covers over my head in the astral and try to suffocate me.  My husband witnessed this happen once.  He saw the covers over me sink.  He said it was clear that something was on top of me.  It was an entity that I was fighting during an eclipse that followed me to my room, jumped on me and tried to suffocate me on the astral and in the physical.  I knocked it off of me and started gasping for air.  I didn’t realize why eclipses were so hard on me until I learned more about the nodes of the moon and Rahu.  My soul has a long dark history with this ex-demon. I fought the fallen corrupt demons and dark entities.   HOWEVER, this was the first eclipse that I did not get severely attacked.  And this is due to the shift in power when the nodes of the moon moved to Aquarius and Leo.  I have written articles about how Rahu is no longer an energetic presence on the moon.  Only his name remains.

So, despite my horrible history with having to fight Rahu and others during eclipses, I decided to face my fear and hope for the best.  Even though I absolutely know the Rahu energy is gone, there was that little “what if” in the back of my mind.  I was advised by my dear friends to stay inside, but I decided to sit out in the sun and do my spiritual practice. I became fearless. If there were any pieces of Rahu left coming from the moon, I was positive if I sat outside in defiance they would come and get me.  I sat there like a big portaljuicy worm, waiting for any last remnants of Rahu to come and take a bite of me.  Everything was fine for awhile.  I saw the dark feminine energy rise in pulses, then it formed a big ball of whitish light.  Then I saw a portal trying to open, and it did not feel good, so I thought…OK, here we go.  I was watching the eclipse with my son, who is even more clairvoyant than I am, and he was keeping an eye on my energy.  He offered more visual confirmation for me.  We both could tell this portal was being opened by two groups of people.  One group was not from any entity on earth, but the other – the other truly shocked me.  This second group was humanity on earth!  The first group has the ability during a solar eclipse to enter without permission. They can come in through a back door.  They took advantage of the fear and confusion earth’s humanity was feeling.  This fear and confusion was coming from the USA.  These groups do not like the shift of the dark feminine energy.  This “Kali/Lucifer” energy has not been present in all of its glory for at least 2 precessional cycles. (which are 26,000 earth years each).  I watched this portal try to open, and I felt myself and others close it down.  When I started to participate I was attacked three times.  Yes it was painful, because it feels like bee stings.  But it was really nothing like I used to feel.  I was happy to feel it because the portal was closed.  On a scale of 1-10, the pain from this portal event was a 3.  It really was not a big deal.  I have experienced what I consider 10s before.

People in the West, especially the USA, have not mastered their minds.  They live in fear mirror of heartand do not look inward.  When this happens other energies will use your mind.  It seems the other entities that where trying to open the portal tapped into the fear of the people thinking the eclipse was evil or fake.  And they tapped into the people that were being shown what was in their hearts, and it created fear.  This eclipse was a giant mirror to our hearts.  If you have a heart of darkness, then you will be in fear and anger.  Of course people that experience this will blame everything outside of themselves and not take any self responsibility.  This is why I chose not to write any articles right away.  I preferred to stay calm, in my center and not jump to any conclusions.  The rest of my eclipse experience was just beautiful.  It’s one I will never forget.

Now, let’s get to Harvey.  Again, I waited….I did not just jump on the fear band wagon or the anger train.  I was reading on the web that many people feel this storm was created by AI.  Many saw pulses on the radar and assumed any pulse on a radar screen is AI energy.  This is not completely true.  When I saw the dark feminine energy find her freedom, I saw pulses of energy like what you would see on a radar screen.  Energy is energy, and very strong organic energy can show itself on man made equipment.  But, still I did not just throw out the idea that this storm could be government manipulation.  I did a test that I learned I could do in early fall of 2008.  I had just finished a month long training at the Mystery School that I attended.  I was accepted into the Ritual Masters program.  I learned a very powerful ritual that cannot be found online. Plus, I had just learned about HAARP technology.  For some reason, I just got the urge to throw the ritual ball of energyat HAARP to see what would happen if organic energy hit inorganic energy.  After I was done I got a loud mechanical screeching noise in my ears.  This completely shocked and scared me. I did not remember to remove my energy signature from my “attack” and I could feel these energies coming to get me.  I got a few “bee stings” before I could get it under control, and I did go after them first, so that was fair.    What I did learn with this ritual is when I use it in a certain way, I can ping my energy off of inorganic energy and let me know if it is fake.  I tested Harvey many times, and it is not fake. It does not have the elements or energetic remnants of manipulation.  If it did, I feel that I would have found it, like a metal detector.    However, that does not mean that this storm is the way it  should be.

Harvey is an unbalanced organic Azoth storm, strengthened by the dark feminine energy..  There are two main reasons why it is so unbalanced.  The first is because the dark feminine energy is new and unbalanced.  And, if you remember I wrote in azoth best picyesterday’s article why this energy is unbalanced. (It has just been reborn) The second reason it is unbalanced is because the Azoth that is in full power is also unbalanced at the moment.  The Azoth (I have been writing about this energy or 3 years now) is unbalanced because it came into this Earth before the energy of Rahu and Ketu where gone and before the dark feminine was free and reborn.  Both need time to balance.  Instead – as soon as this energy came into our reality – it sniffed out a big unbalance.  It found one in Texas….and it went to work, despite not being balanced.  We need to look to the elements for more answers.  Texas is a state that is full of fire power, and unfortunately a lot of Texas has been under a drought with record-breaking heat.   This just made this state even more unbalanced with the fire element.  I knew when this storm was heading to Texas that Houston was the target.  I didn’t know why then, but I knew that Houston was going to get hammered, and it did not feel good to me, even though this was an organic storm.  I kept hearing the famous words, “Houston, we have a problem.”  And that problem is that the newly reborn dark feminine was making the Azoth unbalanced.

Azoth energy when used by the dark feminine energy is very destructive.  It is from the heart, but it has the capability to create storms of a magnitude that HAARP is not capable of.  It can make HAARP look like a child’s toy.  Since this energy was not fully healed when it targeted Houston, it unleashed an unbalanced event of apocalyptic strength.  If the Azoth and the dark feminine were balanced when this storm developed then it would have not have been so devastating.  It would still have been one for the record books but not like it was.  This area should have been hit by multiple events to clear it, not one huge wallop.  It saw the over abundance of fire, and sent an over abundance of water.  It simply was not ready to be put to work.  

I was left wondering last night as to why Houston.  I knew Houston was a target, but why.  I do what I always do, and that is tune into myself and use Gematria or numerology.  I know that Houston is the Big Oil center of the USA, and this industry made record profits Big_Oil_1in April of this year.  Oil is the blood of Mother Earth.  The dark feminine is the destructive side of Mother Earth.  It seems the warrior side of Mother Earth, was tired of having her blood drained, and not balanced from being held captive for so long.  She went to the area unbalanced by fire energy, which is very Mars war like energy, and she attacked with the unbalanced intention to destroy Houston and big oil for good.  She felt in her heart this was the best thing to do.  If she was healed and fully ready to work, she would have not attacked like this.  Like I said in yesterday’s article I saw the dark feminine like a abused animal that just was released.  If you touch it, then it will lash out, no matter how loving it is.  She saw big oil, too much fire and war energy, male-dominated control draining her blood, and this energy snapped into a spiral that is uncontrollable.  This is why I made a post yesterday having people recite the mantra of the other aspect of the Divine Mother.  It is the aspect that is connected to the Magdalenes.  This is what the dark feminine needs, the antidote to calm it down is love….unconditional love and kindness.  Which is something she has never felt for a long time.

The gematria results made my jaw drop.  I did the gematria for Houston Oil.  In Jewish Gematria this equals 888.  In Simple Gematria it equals 148 which reduces to 13, the number of the divine feminine.  So, yes Houston was the direct target and it is due to the Oil industry greed.  Another interesting note is the hurricane hit Texas the day after the Birthday of the city of Houston.  Houston was founded August 24, 1836.  Coincidence, I don’t think so.  I also looked up the meaning of the name Harvey, and it means iron, blazing and battle worthy.  What is this storm battling?  The fiery blaze of the iron age, and the oil industry is part of that.  We use oil to create heat etc…  It appears that the oil industry has taken a huge hit, and it will of course pass this onto consumers.  Perhaps this huge price increase in oil will be what Americans need to say goodbye to fossil fuels and fully embrace alternative forms of energy.  

In closing, I feel that our planet is in danger of more out-of-control weather events until this new energy is balanced.  This does not mean that we will never have a devastating hurricane again, but we should not have what Harvey has delivered to Houston.  

Two of my closest friends are in Texas and they are OK.  I have another friend in Houston, and I have not heard from him since Sunday.  We had been writing back and forth, so I would know he was safe, and now that communication has stopped.  Texas is my second home.  My heart aches for the citizens that are suffering from this devastation.  I was a flood victim in my home state of Pennsylvania in 2011, and we lost so much.  We only had 9 feet of water in our house, which is nothing compared to what Houston is dealing with.  When this energy is balanced it will be amazing.  Until then, we need to stay calm, and give it some space and love.

Peace To All,

Lisa Rising Berry

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    1. Having digest your writings, to me, it makes sense. If I were locked up and not allowed to Be as created, who would I be angry with. That energy that said I was worthless, not strong. Mentally incapable. All those things the feminine energy has dealt with that was degrading. It will take a moment for that balance to show its self. She must be allowed to release her anger to those that degraded the feminine energy.
      I feel this will step humans integrity from the heart energy. It is already showing. This will help to heal the energy that is carrying the anger.
      Thank you for clarifying this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Interesting. Thanks for expressing this the way you have. A lot of people only ever get their own terms. Very hard for the mind to transcend itself

        Liked by 1 person

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