This eclipse season was history in the making.  The theme of August is the Dark Divine Goddess.  Their are many names for this consciousness such as Kali, Lilith, and Lucifer.  These are just a few. There are many more, but the name is not important. It is the lucifer newenergy that is important.  The dark side of the Divine Feminine is not evil like it has been made out to be.  Society has been brainwashed to fear this energy.  It is destructive energy from the heart.  It is known as the destroyer, but with compassion.  You cannot create without destroying what no longer works first.  If you build on the old, you will have the old with some extra pretty colors, but it is still old.  To start new, the old must go.   You will see through my article how this unfolded during this entire month.  

Since the theme is the….”The Rise, Release And Balance Of The Demonized Dark Feminine”, it creates a lot of fear in people.  Everyone wanted this energy to arrive, and now that it is here they are changing their minds.  This energy is still balancing.  It was a prisoner for eons and was just released the day of the solar eclipse.  Imagine you where held captive for what seemed like forever, and you just got your taste of freedom.  How would you feel?  How would you react?  How could you trust?  She was more balanced before her release because that is what she had known for so long, and she got used to it.   This Dark Goddess energy is like an abused animal, shaking and weeping.  She is thrashing around releasing all of her pain, then she will calm down and basically collapse in a heap.  Then the healing will begin.  My second article will be on Hurricane Harvey.  This eclipse season greatly affected this weather system.

my vision of 8 8This all started for me with a vision I saw with my eyes closed in my altered state.  I saw two infinity symbols side by side, then a line underneath of both of them, then two more infinity symbols under the line. (Please excuse my humble drawing.)   I had zero idea what it meant, but I knew it was about August, which is the 8th month.  I then realized that the eclipses where together with two more important dates.  The lion’s gate and the 8/22.  First I will do the numerology for all four of these dates which shows the correlation to the rise of the Dark Feminine from two different aspects. It is interesting how the number 2 plays such an important role.  There are two aspects to the Divine Mother energy.  One is creative from the heart, and one is destructive from the heart.  


The first event that took place in August was the Lunar eclipse on 8/7/2017.   The numerology for this is 25, which I reduce to a 7.  The 7 is the platform which the dark feminine climbed up on to rise, which I will discuss further later in the article.  The second event took place on 8/8/2017 and was the Lions gate.  The numerology for this is 26, which I reduce to 8.  8 is the infinity, and the Dark Feminine climbed through zero point, which is the heart.  The third event was the solar eclipse which occurred on 8/21/2017.  The numerology or this is 21, for this aspect I did not reduce it.  It is the trinity that she rose to through the heart of infinity.  The last event occurred on 8/22/2017, which no one took notice of.  But this is the afternoon that the sun moved into Virgo, the virgin and the Dark Feminine was born again into new energy.  If you take 7+8+22+21 you have 13.  Which is the number of the Divine Feminine.  I felt there was more to the math and numerology, so I decided to add the numbers without reducing them, which is 2+5+2+6+2+1+2+2 and you get 22.  This is balance and ties into my vision of two infinity symbols with a line dividing them.  Now I would like to go into the date of each event and discuss it further.  This is the anatomy of this eclipse season.



This eclipse took place on a Monday.  This day of the week is ruled by the moon, so it was the perfect day.  It took place in Aquarius, one of the locations the nodes of the moon are now in.  Remember, I wrote extensively about the nodes of the moon – Rahu and Ketu – lunar eclipseand how the energy of these two demons where removed.  We also did a couple of radio shows on this topic.  This was the beginning of the healing of the Naga/water spirit/dragon energy.  This eclipse took place at 15 degrees of Aquarius.  1+5=6.  6 is the underworld where the Dark Divine Feminine rose from.  So, we had the Sun opposite the Moon and also Jupiter square to Pluto. This represents polarity and tension to the maximum, and this is what the Dark Feminine was preparing to leave.  Remember this is the 7 day.  She climbed on the platform of the top of the 7 to leave the 6 of the underworld of duality and extreme opposition of the horrible underworld. She was just beginning to climb out of her prison, and she was right on schedule.  


lions gate 2017The Dark Feminine went through the Lion’s Gate. Leo is the heart of infinity and is the other sign that the nodes of the moon are currently in.  On this day the Dark Feminine leaped into the heart of Leo, the center of infinity.  This was an 88 day, and the numerology for this day is a 26, which is also 8.   Double infinity day, which again, is in line with my vision.  Leo is also a fire sign, so she lept into the fires of purification.  Here the Dark Feminine squeezed out the demonization that she has endured for so long.


This third event is the one that threw most people into fear.  In the skies Dark Moon

solar eclipse 2017
Photo taken from my back yard

Lilith was literally facing Saturn, head to head.  Saturn is the patriarchal consciousness that has oppressed her for so long.  Only now she was free from her prison and a little dazed and confused.  People with Lilith/Lucifer/Kali energy have been burned at the stake, mutilated, tortured etc… for using their intuition to see beyond the shadows.  If you follow the mythology there are many tales of how the Dark Feminine was kidnapped and thrown into the underworld and kept there by the patriarchal consciousness.  This is not about the division of man vs woman.  It is the the energy.  I know many men who embody the Dark Feminine energy and not the Saturn patriarchal consciousness.  

When the Dark Feminine climbed out to make her big debut, her energy was so unbalanced that it totally terrified the majority of people.  Most prisoners do not leave the jail cell all balanced and happy.  Also, to make this even more dramatic… the planet, and former demon node of the moon, Rahu, also had remnants of his energy mixed in there as well.  Since he was a major oppressor of the Divine Feminine, this made her energy appear even more unbalanced  It is easy to see why so many thought this solar eclipse was bringing evil.  It was NOT evil, it was the Dark Feminine rising from the underworld.  

seriously carThere were people who actually thought this eclipse was fake because they could not see the moon.  I would like to point out that a solar eclipse is only scientifically possible during a new moon, when the sun shines on the dark side of the moon.  You can not see the moon during a new moon.  The moon passes in front of the sun, so the moon is not visible.  I was stunned by this belief even more than people thinking the energy was evil.  I really can understand why people where afraid.

Also, as I have been stating for a long time now, once the moon’s nodes shifted into Leo and Aquarius, which is the location of the heart, what is inside of people will be shown to them.  This nodal location acts like a giant mirror to each and every one of us.  You can’t hide your shadows anymore.  If you have fear in your heart then you will experience that – which is what many people did and still continue to do.  This energy filtered into Hurricane Harvey, which will be my next article.  


rebirth of lucifer8/22/17 may have seemed like just the day after the amazing solar eclipse, but it was not.  It was the biggest day of the entire eclipse season.  It was the birthday of the new Dark Feminine, and most people did not attend her party.  This was the day the sun moved into Virgo…the Virgin.  Deities are born in Virgo, the virgin birth.



Virgo – the sign of the Goddess Herself –

has a mind that’s sharp and clear.

She’s independent and self-reliant,

a valued friend amongst her peer.

She’s objective and observant,

a perfectionist, discerning and refined.

She’s broad-minded and exclusive,

she’s generous and kind.

– by Silvestra Silvermoon


This new Dark Feminine is like a baby that has just been born. It needs love, kindness and time to heal and balance.

So now we have the very demonized Dark Feminine energy that has been reborn through the sign of Virgo.  A new day, a new age may begin!  May all sentient beings be free from oppression.

Much Love And Compassion To All,

Lisa Rising Berry

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13 thoughts on “The Numerology And Anatomy Of Eclipse Season 2017 Bringing The Rise, Release And Balance Of The Demonized Dark Feminine

  1. WOW…I got this photo someone took of the eclipse and you can totally see a feminine figure in it, and also looks like a mermaid tail, like two women, an older one on top and a mermaid on the bottom part of the photo, I don’t know if there was another one but it was an amazing photo. Wished I could share it on here but did share it on facebook. Don’t know if you saw that photo but I can share it again. Totally amazing this image and rightly so! Whoot whoot!!!!!! Great article Lisa!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Not as far as I know. I know it is not like the others, a friend of mine said her daughter took the photo and at first glance it looks like flares but blow it up is amazing, I know people photoshop photos all the time but don’t know how they would do this one. Can always take a look at it in photoshop and see…you can tell if people have altered it. They can’t hide it. Anyway. yes, it was a cool photo.

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  2. My experience with the total solar eclipse’s was incredibly energizing! I felt illuminated. My intuition was on point I felt untouchable almost. What does this say about me?

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Will read again when I can. Plenty going on here. Last night huge. My father tried to get me in a fight. I declined. He went nuts. Had I not changed my health situation and been meditating for the last 18 months it would have been bad. I was able to decline his invite to get angrier last night and I managed to get around him and leave.
        The real miracle happened an hour later when he txted with a very real apology. My father was a disciple of Mark McCormack when he put on the Australian Open Tennis each year and saying sorry was a weakness in our growing up.
        Dad’s apology was genuine. I accepted it. Will see hpw he is today. Poor old bloke has been through too much. Helps me get over me too

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  3. My name is Nazar. I am from India. In Vedic astrology 13nth star is Hasta which had a connection to Rahu…My star is Hasta… Because of its connection to Rahu i have experienced lot of problems and sufferings….In my childhood…

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