This is a article that I wrote before Rising Frequencies existed.  I wrote this on August 4, 2014, which was a 10 day in numerology.  We are in a 10 year this year, so I strongly feel the result of this information is occurring this year.  This was the beginning of me sharing the information that I experience.  I decided to post it as I wrote in in 2014, however, I placed in parentheses (……) my current comments.  This all started when somehow I found some drawings of Nostradamus, and information just flooded my heart.  I can’t find Part One of this paper, maybe it will turn up someday.

From 2014 with current remarks in parenthese (….) and will have it in bold.

3 women 1This is Part Two of my analysis of the current Nostradamus Drawing that we are experiencing. First I would like to explain how I receive my information. I do not speak to aliens or channel any energies. I “see” and experience my information in a variety of ways that every human on this planet can do. I use Astral travel/projection, lucid dreaming and clairvoyant visions, and my favorite remote viewing. I always have my experiences first, then I combine that with the Wisdom of Astrology, Gematria,Kabbalah, Alchemy etc….Basically the Holy Sciences as a Whole unit. The study of the Ancient Sciences is a full time passion of mine. My information does not come from outside of me, it is part of me. I firmly believe that we are the ones we have been waiting for, and we are taking back our power.

3 women 2When you look at the 3 crescent moons (This is from part 1 and they are connected to each of the women here.  Things have been only 1/2 fixed here until the nodes of the Moon shifted this May of 2017, this is why Nostradamus used crescent Moons.  The Moon energy was the last piece of the puzzle for this new energy to be fully created, merged and realized.)  They represent the 3 stages of Feminine Energy, Crone, Mother, and Maiden. This also relates the teaching found in the Sefer Yetzirah about the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. The 3 Mother letters are Alef, Mem, and Shin The first, middle and last letters, just like the stages of the Feminine life. It appears we are ending this phase and we are getting ready to begin again with a new Maiden Energy, and the Nostradamus Drawings support this theory. But before I go into that I want to discuss some information that I have known since beginning of 2013.  (The new Maiden energy is the Graysin energy, which is the energy of the new Earth experience that I  have been writing about.  She was created out of the void of darkness which is the 5th element also known as Aether or the Space Element.  This is why she is wearing black, I will explain the gold veil later)

Right now our bodies are connected to the frequency of the number 666. Meaning 6 protons, 6 electrons, 6 neutrons. Our current bodies are dense and carbon based. I feel we are shifting to the frequency of 888. (We shifted to this frequency of 888 in 2015 when we moved above the plane which I have described in previous articles in 2015) The Gnostics believed the highest vibration represented is the number 888, and is directly related to the infinity symbol. The zodiac sign that is leading the way for this shift, in my opinion, is Scorpio, the 8th sign. The number 8 also symbolizes the merging of Heaven and Earth. To take this a step further, which this bit of math may make some uncomfortable, depending on where your knowledge lies. If you take the correct spelling of the name Jesus, which is the Greek…Iesous, which represents Heaven, that which we are trying to obtain here on the planet, and you take the name Lucifer, which represents Earth/Material, that which we are trying to overcome, and you add them together using Gematria you get 888. Which is Heaven and Earth merged. Iesous = 444 Lucifer = 444 Heaven and Earth merged, which is the New Age and will equal the vibration 888. This is why our bodies need to vibrate at the Christ Consciousness level of 888.  This is also the merging of the energy of Michael and Magdalene.  The two M’s.  If you put two M’s together, you have the upward infinity symbol.  (We were not trying to overcome the Lucifer/Divine Feminine energy, but trying to balance it from it’s fall.) (Also, the energy of the 2 M’s could not merge fully, until recently after the nodes of the moon’s shifted in May of this year…2017.  I felt them completely merge 2 weeks ago.  It is connected to fresh and saltwater merging, the Lions Gate this year, the 2 eclipses, and the eggs I have been writing about.  I will write about all of this later, as it is still unfolding)

Going back to the Nostradamus drawings of the 3 women, you will notice the women wearing green (heart chakra and the Maiden) moves away from the other two and receives a halo. Once a person is centered in the heart and fully embodies Christ Consciousness, a circle of light will be emitted from the crown chakra. The circle/halo is also a symbol of infinity. This is the new Divine Feminine Energy forming on this planet right now. The next “Christ” figure of history in the New Age will be a Female. (Also, the woman in green is pregnant.  I saw this woman give birth around June 13th 2014 a couple of months before I wrote this.  The baby or energy she gave birth too was wearing a light gold dress, I saw this. I didn’t put those experiences together until today 8/4/17)

This new Divine Feminine Energy will eventually merge with the Divine Male energy that is beginning to emerge, and the two will form the Golden Energy of 888 for the upcoming Golden Age. The two shall become one is true on so many levels. This follows the Principle of Correspondence, which is taught in the Kyballion. As above so below, As within, so without.

The Collective Magnum Opus is turning humanity as a whole into this new Golden Energy. Of course, this begins with each individual doing their own personal inner Alchemy work. Which is then sent out into the collective energy, so the ones that follow will have an easier time with the transition. (I can clearly see and feel that is upcoming Lions’s Gate for 2017 is not for everyone.  Unlike the previous Lions’s Gates we have had in the past, this one is selective based on our vibratory gate.  Those that are ready to incarnate in their next life on Greysin will go through, those that are not ready will incarnate in another location to finish what they need to learn.  Not everyone is connected to this new Divine Feminine Energy that is Greysin)

This is why we need to “Be Come The Change You Want To See In The World”.   What have you Be Come?  Are you still stuck living in the ups and down of black vs. white?  Or are you living in shades of Grey that is the energy of Greysin?  

We will continue this discussion on our next radio show, which has yet to be determined.

Much Love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Awesome! I forgot about the part of Dolores’s commentary on Nostradamas was the new earth too! So exciting and can’t wait until the next show. Interesting about the Micheal energy you mentioned as I had read an article about it and his sword and how this sword was not from this world as in the King Arthur’s sword that had special energy and had returned to it’s place of origin and why they keep making those movies about King Arthur. Very interesting times indeed! ❤

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