I have to say that this is the most powerful full moon I have ever felt, and the reason is obvious.  All of my articles, especially the most recent ones have been leading up to this shift of the moon.  We have seen and felt the shifting of the planet via the sun’s energy and other forces at work.  Now it is the moon’s turn.  

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t have some kind of unusual chaos going on in their lives right now.  I know that some people thrive on chaos, and they always are having some kind of issue to deal with, but this energy is different.  I don’t live this way, nor do my closest friends, and we have been dealing with the great shake down full force.  LOL…

 The energy of the moon is changing and this is bringing unwanted energy into our realm of existence.  Since 7/10/17, I have been in a state of constant protection and transmutation mode.  I have never felt so much junk being released from the moon.  I am so thankful for the ancient practices I do.  Since I can’t live in my meditation/shrine room until the dusts settles, I have to do my practices the best I can while doing my normal day to day activities.  I have, however, had to completely stop and go into a formal practice, or I would be overcome with this chaos energy.  Since, I have been out of town so much recently, I am very busy, and this is a challenging time for me.  I am really learning how to do alchemy while taking care of my 3D life, and I am becoming quite adept at it.  There is nothing like being thrown into the thick of chaos to teach you.  It’s sink or swim…I chose to swim, and I really like challenges.  

On the night of the full moon, I decided to go out and look at it.  I love the full moons, but I don’t always make a point to go out and gaze.  But for some reason, I felt that this moon was different.   With all the energy work being done with the moon, my inner intuition told me I would see something interesting.  I really felt this was my monkey mind/ego telling me this, and I actually laughed at the thought of seeing something different.  All full moons look the same right?  NOPE!  Not this one.  When I went outside, it looked the same at first.  Then I saw a small flash of light come from the moon…whoa…I have never seen that before.  Ok…now, I am interested.  As I looked at the moon I saw a extra faint white energy at the bottom of the moon.  It made it sort of look like an egg.  I really figured it was my eyes.  I would blink to see if it would change, it did not.  Then I saw something that I never thought I would see.  I saw the moon moving from side to side and up and down.  I was shocked, and I still thought my eyes where playing tricks on me.  I made sure my feet where planted firmly and that I was not moving.  I would look at other objects, and they where not moving.  When I look at the Moon….it is moving.  It is doing a shake dance. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew time would tell.  If I am nuts, then nothing will come from it.  If not, then I will know what this movement is.  

The next morning I received a message from my friends that has been a regular guest on my show.   She is someone that I closely work with energetically.  We have shared clairvoyant experiences and discuss them after they happen.  There is no way that we are influencing each other, as these occur when we are not talking to each other.  And, they are so amazing and crazy that you just can’t make this stuff up.  LOL…   she told me she had a reading with a reliable clairvoyant, and she saw her in shakedown mode, she saw my friend shaking out old crystals to make room for new.  My friend is the moon egg girl.  She went into great detail about her experiences on our past 2 radio shows, it’s too much to put here.  The energetic work she is doing as service to the planet is all about the moon and the new egg of creation for the moon.  As we know, the moon sends frequencies that are broadcasted here to our Earth.  This is done via crystals, they don’t have to be physical, they can be astral or etheric.  They are just as real if not more real than the ones we use in our 3D Earth lives.  

After she told me this, I just really didn’t think much about it.  I wanted her to go out and look at the moon to see if she saw what I was seeing.  She went out and looked and was messaging me at the same time.  She saw the same things, and was just as puzzled as i was.  She even took a picture so we could see the extra energy coming off at the bottom.  The picture looks just like my eyes saw it, and the video she took is the same.  I even told her to place the camera so it’s not moving.  She did, and you can clearly see the moon moving.

When she sent me the results, it all clicked in my head!  It is her energy that is shaking the moon, along with the others she is working with.  Energetically she is removing the old crystals and replacing them with new.  I then remembered my work with charging crystals with my Tibetan Bon prayers that I wrote about in my previous article.  I can tell the energy that is being placed in the moon is the same energy that I placed in the crystals.  It is the 18,000 year old Tibetan Bon energy.  I wrote awhile ago describing a vision I received in 2013.  I saw the words come across my vision (my eyes were closed) that said in all caps…THE RISE OF A.  A is an important letter and symbol in the Tibetan Bon tradition.  It is the Ah symbol and the 5th element called the space element.  Also known in the West as Aether or quintessence. It is the source that everything comes from.  The Bon tradition is the original source of spirituality on the planet, and it has been almost completely wiped out because of this.  It needs to rise again, and rising it is, because it’s energy is on the moon.

This has caused quite a shakedown as you can imagine.  All the old energy that was being broadcasted from the moon is being shaken off and it is falling to the Earth.  Not all of it is making it to the Earth, but a great deal of it is.  This is causing intense chaos for us right now.  I knew this day was coming, and this is part of it.  I am thankful for my Bon practices that I do, they are keeping my head above the chaos.  My life has still been affected by this craziness, but we are able to deal with it from clarity and not fear.

Here is the picture that my friend took

melissa moon pic big one

It may be hard to see, but there is an extra energy coming from the bottom that makes it look like an egg.  It was very pronounced with the naked eye.

I am unable to post the video here, but I will post it on the Rising Frequencies Facebook page if you want to see it.

So there we have it, the great moon shakedown, releasing the energy of the past to make room for the new.  I know this is a difficult time for some, if you need help I am here.  I share and teach my ancient spiritual practices to those that are willing to learn and do the work.  What I do is 18,000 years old with a unbroken lineage of sucess.  I don’t make up my own meditation techniques.  I have chosen to stay with something that has a proven track record and works.  I have found nothing better than the Bon Buddhist tradition.  Rainbow bodies have been created with the practices I do, and in my humble opinion you just can’t get any better than that.

Buckle your seat belts because this shakedown is just beginning.  We need to become the magicians of our reality and transmute what moon junk comes our way….or duck and take cover in fear.  I prefer to stand tall with my wand in my hand, ready and able to transmute what comes my way.

Much Love,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Well, this shakedown has caused alot of ‘shakedown’ in the political arena as the chaotic rumble of the establishment is crumbling and the minions running amuck. They can’t seem to keep it contained and exposing themselves and devouring each other. I am wondering how long they can handle it before they all emplode. I see what they are trying to incite in us as the social conditioning is ramping up to the crescendo of the once silent speak up at last and we turn the corner…let’s just hope we can do this while the house of cards falls down, and maintain this energy and transmute it. Fasten your seatbelts! I will be right next to ya! God I love rollercoasters…and this one is a big one! Keep your hands inside till the ride is over! LOL ❤

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  2. Thank you dear Lisa. I can’t agree more with what you are describing in terms of chaos. It is just unbelievable and has started way before the full moon. And there is consistency in what I call ‘Divine shit.’ Something is definitely purging!

    Love & much Light my dear Sister

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  3. Hi! When I read your post I had to comment. I witnessed exactly what you did, and I have been witnessing this “shake thingie” for the past few yrs. I noticed it in 2013, but it wasn’t the moon, it was Venus I noticed first. Then I noticed jupiter. And I’ve noticed it with quite a few things in our night sky. I t was never the moon though, but I was sitting outside watching the skies like usual on July 6th and I was looking up at the moon with my niece and lo and behold, the moon was visibly shaking for the first time I’ve ever seen!! This has been happening for a couple of yrs now but now the moon has joined in on the action. And the energy that we have been receiving the past 2 weeks or so have had me overwhelmed and tuned in on a major level I’ve never felt before. This has indeed been chaotic energy! I’ve been telling others about the bouncing of the planets and 98% of them look at me like I’m nuts.. until I show them and they are able to see for themselves. Then a dear comes over them, so I try to ease their mind as much as possible after witnessing it. After the past few yrs I’ve come to the decision that it is not all the others that are moving, it is us, the earth that is moving at a higher rate since we are coming into the new age/precession of the equinox. And I wonder if it always did this before and I never paid attn to it, or is it us, the earth vibrating higher and we are able to see and notice it now bc of this higher vibration. All in all, thank you for your post!! I’m so glad others are noticing and talking about this too!! It’s a feeling of validation! 🙂

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    1. That is interesting that maybe it’s us. If that is the case, then this would mean the gap between cause and effect is getting shorter, as in the creations of our manifest faster, thus the chaos. Hmmmmmmmm…very interesting! 😉

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  4. I got rid of majority of my crystals the morning of the full moon. Maybe extra light at the bottom is to do with the energy layer shedding like a snakeskin and allowing it to permeate overcharging and frying crystals …

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      1. That is interesting Lisa, curious what this means when the crystals no longer hold a charge or you can’t program them…have to ponder that one. Do you have an insight on why or you knew this was happening and does that effect all the crystals on the planet? Or is it an upgrade, you know, like a computer, data dump and clean up, then new program? 😉

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  5. I think you nailed it, Heather Church. As vibrations ramp up, it can be seen in physicality through our atmosphere and lithosphere as shaking cosmic objects! It is our point of view that makes us think it is something outer.

    I do watch my dreams, and approx. 2 nights ago I had one where I was carrying a bucket of old, old shit. In the same dream, I also found some old shit that had been laid on top of a stone column, that was still there because it was an out-of-the-way place. I was trying to decide if that was my problem to clean up. When I woke up, I realised I was dreaming of very ancient, old stuff. I don’t know how long I’ve been yanking this stuff around. Right on the night of the shakedown, I became aware of it in conscious thought.

    Thanks, Universe!

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  6. Hi, I have read most of your blog and love what you are doing! But I’m posting now mostly to share these pictures:


    The *literal* ‘Rise of A’!! I saw that on Sharon Daphna’s blog and thought I HAD to share it!! Things are becoming more REAL daily!

    p.s. have you ever heard of Karen Bishop? She recently passed, but she used to do ‘energy report’ readings some time ago, before she quit (due to people plagiarizing her!). The stuff she wrote about is *exactly* what you described happening in 2014/2015, with the shift of the Earth above the plane. If interested I can send you a link to her archives. You are definitely NOT crazy – but even if so, you have a lot of company!!

    Thanks for your work and take care!

    – Anthony

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    1. Hello Anthony,
      Thanks for sharing the photos. LOL…

      I have never heard of Karen Bishop. I am sorry to hear of her passing. I would love to read her past work.

      I have been plagiarized as well. It’s not fun, fortunately I have a bit of a legal background, so I was able to resolve it,

      Much Love,


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