Before reading this article I would strongly recommend reading my last two articles that I will post here. FIRST ARTICLE….SECOND ARTICLE I go into the details of Rahu and Ketu, and how they where the demonic energies that controlled the moon until the nodes shifted on May 9th.  Both articles are very long.  We also did 2 radio shows on these articles that are on our Rising Frequencies YouTube Channel.  This Thursday will the the 3rd.

It’s interesting that the energy of the full Moon on the 8th and 9th of this month (July) is perfect timing.  8 and 9 are playing an important role right now in our 10 year of completion.  The Earth has been continuously purified with the fires of Azoth…a topic that I have been writing about for a long time. Now it is the Moons turn.  Without the purification of the Moon, things would only be half fixed, not balanced.  

do-not-disturb-sign-se-2655_showcase-burrevI have been on a 9 day vacation, today is my first day home.  I really tuned down my antenna and put up a do not disturb sign..  I didn’t want to receive any information unless it was an emergency.  A friend/client of mine sent me a great question, and when I tried to respond, I couldn’t respond at all.  It was a question that was easy to answer, and knew the answer, but nothing….  I needed a break.  Today, I read a post on Facebook by a fellow writer and clairvoyant Lisa Gawlas.  She described what she currently sees in the field and I jumped for JOY!  My vacation is over.

I normally only write my articles on the basis of my visions and personal experiences, but I 100% trust what Lisa saw, because it ties into my first two articles about the nodes of the moon.  She has a great way of seeing the field that I resonate with as much as I resonate with my own abilities.  

Here is how she described what she saw.  I give explanation it in my terms based on my previous articles.  My interpretation is connected to my work, she will write about how this is connected to her work.    Plus, when I read what she saw, my do not disturb sign crashed, and I was flooded with information.  

There is fire in the sky, lots of them in bonfire visuals, in a horseshoe shape (starting deep right, then bending deep left, then right again as we enter August. The fire flames turn into crystalline flames as we enter august. The great purification is underway (came thru my first reading today) as we move into the 8/8 Lions Gate!!

Written by Lisa Gawlas

Before I even go into the root of her vision.  The first sentence speaks volumes to me.  I wrote an article called Fire In the Skies in 2014.  It was about the Blood Moons.  There were things that did not feel right to me about what I experienced, but I didn’t write about them.  I decided to stay positive, and I just thought it was my monkey mind playing tricks on me.  This was not the case.  The moon was supposed to be purified in 2014.  Things have only been half prepared until this full moon.  I wrote how I saw the fires ignited, and then” fire trucks” pulled up.  I really thought the symbolic “fire trucks” where supposed to put the fires out by adding water to them, but I was wrong.  I understood the adding water part, but not to put them out. I didn’t  grasp the knowledge of Azoth energy in 2014, to the extent I do now.  I saw fire with no water applied.  Azoth is a perfect combination of fire and water, which creates steam/smoke that is carried by the energy of the air element via the White Horse.  The water was supposed to be added by Rahu and Ketu the nodes and keeper of the Lunar/Feminine/Water energy, and it was not added.  So, there was zero Azoth purification of the moon taking place, all we had on the moon was fire energy.  This is anger energy, Mars energy…all male with zero feminine water.  You will read in my last 2 articles about how the Nagas have been deprived of water, and my personal experience with this.  This is why I did not see any water applied to the fire when the “fire truck” pulled up in 2014.  The good Nagas were without water, and the bad Nagas…Rahu and Ketu were in control.  We did not fully experience the Blood Moons the way it was intended.  The Moon has been broadcasting angry fire energy at us…not purified Azoth energy.

 I have been saying since 2015 that things always feel ½ way done.  Like with every grand leap we make, I only see fluffier bars on our prison cells.  I don’t see any bars now…not at the moment.  I also wrote in my Fires in the Sky article,  about an experience I had during the Blood Moons that I thought was a positive experience.  I am sad to say it was not…it was an attack.  I did figure this out at the end of 2014, and was positive by 2015.  The crazy physical and clairvoyant experiences I went through from this time until the present would blow your mind, and would be a book.  I now understand were it was coming from and how it was Moon related.  I was at the wrong place on the Astral and saw what was being hidden, and I got attacked. Or you could say I was in the right place, which is my point of view.  I am just now putting all the pieces together.  The whole saga for me began in sometime in 2013.

Her next words….bonfire visuals, in a horseshoe shape jumped at me as I sat down to write this article. And her words….The fire flames turn into crystalline flames as we enter august. The great purification is underway (came thru my first reading today) as we move into the 8/8 Lions Gate!!

This gave me shivers to my core.  Here is her drawing of what she sees….

lisa g horse shoe pick

Andrea and I visited Lisa Gawlas during the summer solstice this year.  I volunteered to charge/activate her crystals that she recently mined.  I told her I would use my Tibetan Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, closeupchants/prayers.  She accepted my offer before I left for Texas.  At the end of our day with her, we all decided to make s’mores by her bonfire.  My husband, who is very strong and balanced male energy built the fire.  Just like I saw in my vision, the fire was placed.  And then 4 women sat with him in a horseshoe shape around the fire.  Four water/feminine energies to add to the male fire…  I will get to Lisa’s role in a bit.  Shortly after we sat down around the fire, I had a special visitor come to me.  It was an OWL!!!!  Anyone who knows me understands that I am the crazy Owl girl.  My connection to this divine creature is indescribable.  Owls are silent in flight.  I saw it land in a tree very close to where the fire was.  Without thinking, I got up and and walked over to it.  We locked eyes for what felt like an eternity.  Then when the others walked up he/she flew away.  But that is OK, I knew I got what I needed from our gaze.  I just didn’t know what it was.  Then Lisa said to me, “Alright Owl girl, how about you charge my crystals.”  I knew the timing was 100% perfect.  We returned to our horseshoe shape and I began my ceremony.  I ended up completely doing something different.  I did not do what I had planned, which made me nervous.  I should know better than to make a plan.  The wisdom of my Owl gave me different instructions.  At the end, I felt like it didn’t work.  But, the seed was planted and Lisa felt the energy in her body after we left (which she wrote about), and now she sees the flaming horseshoes in her trees, which is where I connected to my Owl before I worked on the crystals.

The symbol for Rahu and Ketu look like horseshoes.  This ties in with the White Horse information I have been discussing.  (picture)  If you combine 2 horseshoes it will make a circle, if you twist a circle you have infinity.  Rahu and Ketu were each one half of the nodes purificationpower of infinity.  Lisa saw a sideways horseshoe, which clearly tells me they have been turned off.  When where were sitting around the bonfire in a horseshoe pattern, Lisa sat opposite us, in what would be the open part of the horseshoe.  She was recording me, and was not really part of the horseshoe group.  Her position closed the horseshoe, and the trees where the Owl landed were behind her.  She turned the horseshoe into a sideways infinity symbol which is a closed loop.  I wrote about this closed loop of infinity in the Secret to Infinity articles.  Before that night, the Rahu and Ketu symbols were in the upward, open position.  Now they are closed for business and the great purification by Azoth is beginning.  She sees this continuing into the Lion’s Gate on 8/8.  Which I 100% agree.  The infinity symbol connected to the Earth has been switched and now the infinity symbol for the Moon has done the same thing.  When you look at the date of the Lion’s Gate 8/8, there are 2 infinity symbols.  Until now, only one was working, now both are working.  In my humble opinion, this is the first fully functional Lion’s Gate we have ever had.  

Lisa sees the tiny horseshoes on fire in the upper part of her trees. While I was with Lisa, a group of us went tubing.  I saw trees that looked like Mangrove trees to me.  I wrote about a vision I had were I saw the Mangrove tree and was told it was the new tree of life…the tree of freedom.  We just finished celebrating Independence day here in the states, and it felt completely different to me.  Like it was real freedom I was celebrating.  Well, the Owl I had an encounter with was at the top of the trees representing wisdom and freedom, and Lisa’s vision took place at the top of her trees.  Perhaps the Owl will replace the Eagle as a sign of freedom…who knows.

Thanks to Lisa’s vision I am doing my happy Azoth Fire dance in celebration of the FULL purification of the  moon, which occurred on 7-8 and 7-9.  These numbers are very important.  8 is of course infinity, but the 9 represents higher consciousness which we need for this 10 year of completion we are in.

We are having a radio show this Thursday, and hopefully I will get a chance to add this to the discussion.  If not, then we will get to it during next show.  Or… if I feel the information surrounding this event is not complete then I may wait to discuss it further.  

Enjoy these completely new FULL Moon energies, they are the gift that will keep on giving.

Much Love and I hope to see you in the chat during our show Thursday,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Great post Lisa. Thank you.
    I think I caught a glimpse of the Azoth. My birthday was on the 9th of May, and while having a conversation with my 11 year old daughter I started ducking my head and holding my breath so as not to breath in the what I thought was smoke that appeared between us. It lasted for a few seconds than disapeared. Its been bugging me till I read your post.

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