This Thursday will be Part 2 of our Moon Matrix Show.
We will open show with a discussion on Demons/Nagas. I plan on fully and openly sharing my knowledge on this subject, which is based only on my life long personal experiences with working with demons both benevolent and evil. This will be a one time thing for me to do, as I don’t like discussing this. I feel what I have to say will help others understand how things have changed, and where we are moving too.
I understand that the topic of Demonology is not for everyone.  If you are not capable of thinking out side of your physical reality then this is not the show for you.  LOL….
If you would like a Zoom invitation to this event, please provide me with your email address.  I will post the link once the show starts on Facebook.
The Moon Matrix is not the same energy anymore. We went deep into our personal experiences and showed how everything is linked to the Moon energy. And how it is being healed.
Melissa Read, who is the co-author of the article, Gabriella Orlando, and Sanna Sara Maria Tarnstrom will be our special guests sharing their experiences that were discussed in the recent Naga article.
We hope to see you there!

I am currently running a spring clean up special that will last until Summer Solstice.  You will receive 2 sessions for $99.00.

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward. Please read our website to explore what I have to offer.  You can also read my Bio on our page to see my qualifications.  Click here to schedule an appointment….LINK TO SCHEDULE

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10 thoughts on “The Moon Matrix & The Frog – Part 2

  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for the update. The last show was insightful for sure. I would love to be sent the link for tomorrow’s show. Prosperity to you and yours, Esmeralda


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  2. Hi Lisa,

    I’m not sure what time your show is on tomorrow Thursday and how that relates to Peru time? I’ve got something on till 5.30, but I’m hoping that I can join the show if it’s after that.

    My email address is

    Many thanks.


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