The Moon Matrix is not the same energy anymore. We went deep into our personal experiences and showed how everything is linked to the Moon energy. And how it is healed.

Andrea and I would like to thank our special guests…Gabriella Orlando, and Sanna Sara Maria Tarnstrom for taking the time from their busy schedules to be with us.  The energy was so high last night that it gave me a slight happy headache.

I was truly amazed how all of our experiences just connected like puzzle pieces.  We all live in different corners of the planet, but we had so many same events and visions occur.

We discovered more shared experiences that we all had forgot about.  There was so much to discuss, that in 2 hours we did not get to all of it.

Part 2 will be recorded live on June 8, 2017.  There is one of my favorite numbers 8.  I am sure this show will be amazing as well.

I am still running my special on sessions for Spring Clean Up.  Check our website for more information.




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