I know it has been a long time since my last article, and I have to warn the readers right away, that this is extremely long.  You may have to read it in sections at a time, sorry about that.  I am finally about to share a lot of information that I have received over the years that I did not feel comfortable sharing until now.  The reason being, is that I did not understand it enough to write about it.  Now, I am experiencing some more clarity surrounding astral experiences that happened to me as far back as my childhood.  It’s like seeing my life through new eyes.  It is for this reason that,  I have been working so long on trying to put the pieces together for this article.

This article has been the absolute hardest for me to write.  And that’s because, so much of what I am tuning into can’t be found in ancient written text.  Up until now, I would see visions, hear information, have dreams, and then I would let them cook in my inner being.  Then a in a month or so written information in ancient texts would just come to me.  I could then include them in my writing to explain where we are in the shift of the ages and kind of back myself up.  For the most part I really don’t have all of that for this article.  I am having to do what many ancient prophets had to do in the past…which is to just put yourself out there, and this is something I am not good at.  It is for this reason I am asking you to take what resonates and just leave the rest.  Some of what I have to say may sound absolutely crazy. I know because I am living it.

I am writing this article about my experiences as well as some friends of mine.  To protect their privacy their names will not be mentioned.  I will refer to the as first, second and third woman.    Together we have been working on this for many months.  It all started when she had a reading with a very talented “reader” to whom I feel connected.  Her name is Lisa Gawlas.  Lisa saw a frog around her and helped to set this frog free.  (This is the short version, she will explain in greater detail in her section of this article)  

frog with drooopy legsDuring this exact same time I had a lucid astral experience where I was sitting in a temple and a flying frog came zipping around the corner to me.  He was moving very fast and he stopped right in front of my face.  He was floating in the air with his legs limp underneath of him.  I gave him water right away.  I poured water onto his head, and when I did this his head became a circle.  He was completely dry.  For all of you who have been following my work for the past few years, I write about the Azoth energy, fire and water, a critical component to this shift – and my frog was completely dry.  

The frog was unable to perform its role with the connection of the Mu Cord…(see previous writings for explanations on this).  I knew right away that my frog had been held somewhere for a very long time and had been deprived of water on purpose.  

It wasn’t until the first woman wrote to me to tell me that her reading was included in Lisa’s daily blog that I put the pieces together.  I had read that particular blog post and thought it was odd that it had a frog in it and that my frog returned to me completely dry and limp.  

I didn’t put the two together until the first woman said it was she who had the frog.  It was tangled up in her energy.  When I connected in, I could tell that she was right.  My frog was released from what was holding it due to the changes in the Earth’s energy, and it was lost.  It ran to the first woman first and slammed into her energy.  

I feel it knew the first woman was having a reading with Lisa, and he could get help and find his way back to me so I could fill him up with the water energy he desperately needed to complete his job.  And that is just what happened.  Frog energy is so important and we will go deep into all of that, but first I want to give some background information on why my frog, who I have named Jeremiah, was held captive and who did it.  I will also explain his name later in the article.

This is the section of my article that is partly connected to history written in ancient mythology and the rest is all from my “knowings”.  Since Jeremiah is my frog, he “told” me what happened to him and the rest of the entities connected to him.  I have to say that I didn’t want to write this article because of this, but spirit kicked me in the butt and told me to pull up my big girl panties and just do it.  Once I explain what happened to him and the others,  then I will discuss frog energy and how it is connected to frog tea mugeverything, including horses.  So, sit back, get a cup of tea and enjoy this long article.  I am not going to attempt to make this writing short, and I will leave no stone unturned.  

I will start at the beginning.  Frogs are part of the Naga family.  Nagas are entities that live in waters which can be considered the underworld.  Frogs are not the only beings included in the group, but also snakes, dragons and what people refer to as demons.  Not all nagas are evil – in fact, way before the creation of the 26,000-year-old galactic cycle that just ended, the nagas were all benevolent.  

They were highly evolved beings that played the role of the dark for the purpose of higher teachings to those who were ready to receive it.  All of them were compassionate, wise and fiercely powerful.  They were great protectors! Then as the story goes, real evil came into our ancient reality, and this all changed.  The Mu Cord was cut, which was our connection to all of the worlds, which were the heavens, Earth, and the underworld.  

In mythology there is the story of a tree that connected all of these worlds.  They could communicate and travel to each location.  The teachers could come and go as they pleased and work in all of the different locations that existed in these worlds.  Then the tree was chopped down.  The tree is what Tibetans call the Mu Cord.  

The first group to be attacked was the Nagas.  This is because they were the ones that chose to play the role of the dark.  If this aspect could be controlled then evil could have the upper hand.  I am not going to go into who the evil is.  But I have plenty of experience with that topic to write a book. For the purpose of this article I will just call it evil, which is “live” spelled backwards.  This evil does not live any longer. It is gone, and we are cleaning up and moving on.  

Most of the Nagas were corrupted, but not all.  Some of the ones that managed to resist were energetically prevented from fully doing their job.  Ancient cultures have been doing rituals to them to keep all of them happy.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.  Someone in my family has seen with their eyes wide open the benevolent snake race, and they are amazing.

At the beginning of the 26,000 galactic year that just ended, the corrupted nagas had the upper hand in the ongoing battle of duality, and as a result many things that were necessary to begin the new galactic year became lost in the Universe.  

Our Universe is referred to as the Milky Way, and this brings us to the Churning of the Milk Mythology.  When Gods and Demons were trying to begin the new Universe, the essential Amrita was lost.  “Amrita” means immortal.  It is actually the claustrum oil in Churning of ocean 3our bodies that I have been teaching about in my Oils classes.  

The knowledge of how to raise this oil was lost in the vastness of space and had to be recovered.  Learning how to raise this oil is the purpose of the Great Work of humanity.  If the bad Demons had control of it, then humanity would never rise and they would suffer forever. If the Gods had control of it then humanity could learn to use it and graduate Earth school.  

The only way to recover this was for the Gods to work with the Demons.  The Gods knew it was risky business working with the corrupted Demons because they were already a little bit more powerful than they were, and they had a slight upper hand.  If they had control of this knowledge it would be horrible.  So the Gods proposed to the Demons to work together.  

Here is the short version of the story.  Remember this is Mythology so the truth is told in story form.  Vishnu, who is part of the male aspect of “God” had a divine snake that was his partner named, Vasuki.  They wrapped him around a big stick that was really a mountain named Mt. Meru.  Notice the name begins and ends with a M and a U, as in Mu Cord.  This mountain is in the center of Universe, and in the physical it is Mt Kailash.  

I wrote about the importance of this mountain in my White Horse articles and some other ones.  This stick made from this mountain was placed in the energetic center of the Universe.  Also notice they used a snake to churn the ocean.  Vasuki was a balanced naga, which would please the Demons.  The Demons chose the head of Vasuki and the Gods chose the tail.  As the churning progressed Vasuki’s breath became very hot and toxic, and the Demons almost passed out.  Then Vasuki started to get sick and vomit, and Lord Vishnu took it into his throat.  

kurma___the_tortoise_by_ankushverma-d8qztf2Then the stick began to sink, so Lord Vishnu went to the bottom and formed a Turtle Shell and raised everything back up so the churning could continue.  The churning produced many great things that were needed to create the school we are now graduating from.  Among them was the White Horse that my frog is connected to, and also the vomit that Vasuki created became a type of poison that would be used for evil.  

This poison was used on Nagas that resisted the rulers of the Nagas, and one of them was named Rahu.  At last the Amrita, or claustrum oil, began to rise.  Knowing what was at stake, both Gods and Demons tried to seize control of it, but the Demons got there first.  While they were fighting over who would drink it first and become an immortal evil Demon (which did not exist at the time), Lord Vishnu took the form of a beautiful woman to distract them and switched the Amrita for liquor.  

ambrosiaThe Gods had control of the Amrita/Ambrosia which is the Golden Nectar of the Gods, but the Demons tried to take it away.  One version of the story I resonate with has the Red Garuda Bird taking the pot of the Amrita away from both sides, and as this occurred some of it spilled out and Rahu was able to drink it and become an immortal Demon.  

Seeing this Lord Vishnu cut Rahu’s head off, but since he was immortal, he became two instead of dying.  This is how we have the nodes of the moon Rahu and Ketu.  They were the evil head of the bad Nagas and are the ones that corrupted, imprisoned, poisoned, and deprived my frog of water.  

Thankfully their time is up, and the nodes of the moon have moved into Leo and Aquarius (the water bearer) which is a wind sign connected to our White Horse.  If my frog had not returned before this transit things might have turned out a little bit different.  Not that all would have been lost, but more work would have had to have been done.  

Now you can see why the nodes of the moon are so powerful, and why the Divine Feminine also has had a extremely difficult time.  And frog energy, along with the other Nagas has been very messed up.  This is being corrected since the Nodes of the Moon shifted.  This has been magnified by the Full Moon in Scorpio.  

I can clairvoyantly tell that Rahu and Ketu will not have the effect that they used to have on our charts.  We will still see them there because astrologers have not caught up to the fact that things are changing.  The full moon in Scorpio is accompanied by a grand fire trine to burn away the residue of Rahu and Ketu.

Rahu is the 8th planet in astrology and is connected to the power of infinity since he became an immortal demon.  There is an aspect of Rahu that is not written about, at least nothing that I can find, and that is he hates Scorpio energy.  

Scorpio is the energy of death and destruction and the true keeper of the energy of the number 8 of infinity.  And it is fitting that it was the full moon on the 10th of May that destroyed and burned away the residue of Rahu and Ketu.  These Demons are finally out of business, and all nagas can finally heal from their rein of terror.  

rahu-ketu-in-vedic-astrologyI want to point out that Rahu and Ketu were in a long line of Demons that were corrupted by the ultimate in evil and are not the top ones responsible.  I will save that for another time if I choose to write about it.   I am not sure if reliving the past is necessary in this time of healing.  

Today’s date is now 5/17/17 and it is a 13 day, which is the number of the Divine Mother Feminine energy.  I had to stop writing for a while due to my busy life as well as the fact that so much information and experiences have been pouring into me that I simply can’t keep up.  Today is also a 88 day which makes this the perfect day to continue my writing.  This will be my longest article which will be followed up by more articles right away.  There will also be corresponding radio shows where I will have women discussing their experiences with all of this information.  We all have shared events that we went through both in the physical and astral that are amazing.  

Since I started writing this article so much has changed.  The moon’s energy has been fully released from the demon control of Rahu and Ketu, and the nagas are healed and functioning as they should.  This means they do the work of the dark with compassion as well as the work of the light with compassion.  They are no longer being forced to work for evil.  Now that the moon’s energy is not the same this will affect women’s physical bodies and our lymph nodes.  The moon and the nagas were the last piece of our puzzle in this shift.  

Before I go any further down this rabbit hole of information, I need to explain that we have 3 major changes going on as I write this.  1.  We have the transition of Gaia into her new incarnation, which may or may not be a new planet form.  What I do know for certain is that this new “planet” will be the new school for people taking the human form.  This is what I was writing about when I introduced the Mu Chord.  2.  We have the moon and the nagas which are completely new, and the moon is pouring new energy to the Earth.  This is where my frog Jeremiah comes in, as well as the connection of Frog energy in general.  3.  We have the changes in our physical 3D bodies that will occur way before the final shift takes place.  As you can see there is a lot of work being done.  

I will begin with discussing the first point on my list.  This will be the most controversial topic of my article.  Our planet Earth is just like our bodies.  Here is a extremely basic explanation of how the elements are connected.  The “earth element” soil and rocks are gaia transitionthe bones, “water element” and oil are the blood, the “fire element” is digestive, the “air element” is the wind, which are the lungs, and the “space element” is the all encompassing aether or prana/chi.  A few years ago or so, the elements of the Earth began to dissolve.  This is the normal dying process that our human bodies go through.  Earth dissolves into water…Water into fire…Fire into wind and finally Wind into space.  Then you move into your next incarnation of physical form.  This is what has occurred to Gaia.  

In 2015, when I wrote the Article that was entitled “Let the Living Waters Of the Divine Feminine Rebirth the Earth”  click here for article , we had no idea that we were witnessing and participating in the dissolution and release of the elements goddess-of-water-ronnie-biccardof Gaia.  But it is no coincidence why we named the article what we did.  Then I wrote a another article after that one entitled “Water To Fire.” Again this is what happens as the elements dissolve, but  I did not understand the full meaning of this article until recently. click here for article.  I also wrote how I saw this occurring in the skies…click here for article.   

As Gaia’s water element  dissolved into fire, it made Azoth.  I have written many articles on this subject.  The Azoth then turned into what looks like smoke or steam.  It is the energy of God that you can not grasp with your hands.  It can only be experienced in a open heart.

Then the fire Azoth energy dissolved into the air element, and it was at this point in time when the White Horse vision occurred for me last year.  We did a radio show completely dedicated to this event.  That completed the dissolution of the Air element of Gaia.  

The physical body that we call Gaia is dead.  I know that is hard to hear, but it is not sad.  Gaia has a soul consciousness just like our physical bodies do.  We are a microcosm of her.  Her soul consciousness has moved onto its next physical incarnation that will be the new school for humans.  Her new consciousness does not look like the old Gaia at all.  She is now waiting for her new body to be created.  Just like we do when we die.  She is now waiting for her physical body which is the Earth we are standing on right now to be cremated, and all of the energy she contains will be finally purified at once.  

She will obtain the rainbow body at whatever level she can.  How will this be done?  It will be done with correct Nuclear energy.  Fusion not fission.  She will go supernova and explode into a massive white light with rainbow energy all around it.  On a very small scale, this is what very advanced yogis do when they leave their body.  They turn it into super novalight, using this special type of nuclear energy we all have access to that lies in our hearts.  Look at the word nuclear….say it out loud..Nu-Clear.  Or New Clear energy.  There is a prophecy about how this planet will be purified with fire.  But the prophecy we have is incomplete.  It doesn’t discuss the final and last use of the fire element with this Nu-Clear explosion.  I have also written about the 8th Fire prophecy and also Nu-Clear energy.  Looking back, I knew so little about what I was really writing about, and this also makes me realize that I most likely know very little about the depth of what I am writing today.  Only time will tell.

I recently had experiences with the future cremation explosion of our planet with the first woman.   She scheduled a session with me at the end of April or beginning of May to discuss an experience she had.  She can tell this story better than I can, and when we do the radio show on this information she can explain it in great detail.  But, basically she was standing at the opening of a great void and was told to jump in and balance herself.  She was carrying what she described as cylinders.  I saw then as the tip of a plane or a nuclear warhead.  Since I knew that Gaia is waiting for her body to be cremated so she can move onto her new body once it is created, I understood what she did.  She jumped into the middle of Gaia’s body to place what will fire up Gaia’s rainbow body process.  These cylinders are the fuel for her cremation, and actually they turned out to be even more than that.  But, I will get to that part later.  

After her session, I just let myself forget about it.  Until about 4 nights ago or so….I woke up on the astral level of myself in dream.  I saw a huge tip of what looked like to me as a airplane coming right into my window.  I couldn’t stop it, and it was bending my window inwards.  I said to my husband….when that plane pops our window we are gone, we won’t be here anymore.  I knew I was going to die and leave my body at any minute.  I was not scared, but I was not completely at ease either.  I then had a vision flash that showed what looked like a deflated hanging balloon.  I knew then that it had popped.  My next thought was that we were free falling in space and when we hit the bottom then we would die.  But of course you don’t really die.  When I woke up, I knew in an instant what the symbology was.  The next step was taken to cremate Gaia’s body.  But this is only one piece of this process.  Now onto number 2.

I will discuss the spiritual implication of how we have entirely new moon energy, and what this did to the Nagas in general as well as Rahu and Ketu, then I will cover the science of the frog.  This section connects to the activation of the 13th cranial nerve that I wrote about in many articles.  Click here for Part 1 about the 13th Cranial Nerve…click here to go to article

First I would like to say that Rahu and Ketu have left the moon.  I saw and felt them go right after the nodes moved into Leo and Aquarius.  I was in a deep state of meditation aquarius-and-leo-horoscopewhen I had this moving vision flash before me.  I saw these 2 groups of black dots that were flying like small black butterflies, but I could not see any distinguishing features of a earth butterfly other than the way they were flying.  They were in the diagonal position of Leo and Aquarius if you’re looking at the zodiac chart.  There were more black dot butterflies on Rahu’s side.  (Notice the symbol of Leo is the same as Rahu, nothing happens by chance.  This is why it was so important that this new energy finally shift when the nodes of the moon entered into Leo and Aquarius.  It would pack a bigger punch to Rahu and Ketu).  Shortly after that I began to feel crazy weird, with psychical symptoms.  I have been telling people to do a spiritual practice everyday that involves a proper meditation with purpose to prepare for these changes.  

From here on out until this shift is complete…meaning Gaia’s body goes supernova, if you are not doing practice your ascension symptoms will put you a state of dis-ease, both physically and mentally.  Even with my daily practice, I came close to being laid out in bed for 2 days.  But, I managed to hold it together and continue with my day.  This is because practice is like putting money in a bank.  My account is high, so I could withdraw a lot those 2 days.  I am now planning on making some huge deposits by doing as many hours of practice I can.  These upcoming changes will be a blessing, but they will be uncomfortable to those who don’t find time for practice.  

I wondered what would happen to the old nodes of the moon.  This body of Gaia, dead or not dead, still needs some type of energy to take over the role of the nodes of the moon.  About 3 days ago I heard and saw the following words….KA YONI RA.  I laughed and wrote it down, having zero idea what this word was.  If you remember I wrote about another vision I had in one of my last articles where I saw 2 white pieces on either side and a gold center in the middle and at the top.  Now I understand what that was…finally.

 The moon is white and has a long history of being a not so good moon matrix.  It contains tons of information that is sent to the Earth via Saturn’s rings which are like radio transmitters.  Saturn just sends out what is in the moon.  I remember in 2010, I was in the backyard of my house on the astral level during lucid sleep, and I saw the moon sending balls of energy at me to attack me.  I was so confused, now I understand what was happening.  

About a month ago, I saw the moon energetically split into 2 separate pieces after Rahu and Ketu left and release gold energy to the Earth body.  I briefly mentioned this in one of my last articles, but I didn’t go into a lot of detail, because I wasn’t sure what I was egg of dreamseeing.  This picture is almost exactly what my vision showed me.  Except there was no egg white, just the golden yoke.  The moon is a egg of creation, and so is the Earth.  Which is amazing to me.  And all of this time the Moon Matrix was being controlled by Rahu and Ketu so the Moon Egg would not release it’s gold energy.  I wrote about the gold energy entering the Astral Earth 2 or 3 years ago, and I was left wondering why it was not reaching the Physical Earth.  I had no idea the the Moon needed to to the same process.  The two needed to connect.

 More about Gaia……When Gaia’s elements dissolved and her energy signature changed from old Gaia to the new Gaia, she received a new name.  This name is Graysin.  I heard this name 2 years ago, and I knew that would be the new name of Gaia, but I was told not to write about it until now.   I actually have had many clients ask me why they see Gaia as the color grey, which was amazing to me.  I know this color is symbolic of the lessons that will be learned on Graysin.  The gematria for this name is 558 using English Gematria, which adds up to 9.  9 being the number of higher consciousness, the upper section of infinity 8.   I wrote about crossing the plane of time and space in my article “The Numerology of the Shift.”  click here for article  The purpose of Graysin will be very different and difficult.  Gaia was about extreme duality.  Too extreme.  As we know, things here where so abused and the split became so far apart that it made it almost impossible for people to reach the levels of higher attainment.  Graysin will have duality, but it will be mixed and that is why it is called Gray-sin.  Sin is the sine wave of science and astrology.  It was easy to know good from bad here on Gaia, but it will not be easy to determine this on Graysin.  Graysin is Gaia’s higher incarnation and will be a harder school.  

easter-egg-owls-8744Now back to the 2 eggs of creation.  I had the pleasure of having 2 sessions with a lovely soul named Sanna.  She will also be joining us on a upcoming radio show, as she is connected to the implementation of the golden egg that was placed in the center of Gaia’s current body.  It contains all the information and codes for Graysin’s new school.  It was during her last session as we where talking about the moon that I was about to tap into what KA YONI RA means.

 It is the new name and energy of the Moon.   I will take this new name and energy syllable by syllable.  Remember the names of the old nodes of the moon?  RAhu and KEtu?  Well, please welcome KA and RA.  They are the names of the new nodes.  Similar, but balanced.  KA is the light body energy and is connected to the Golden Kati channel that runs through our body.  This is channel that is not written about very often because ThogyalPosturesso few have activated it.  It is an upper channel that is separate from the 3 channels that are used in the 9 Breaths of Purification.  This channel connects the heart to the eyes.  When someone begins to reach this level of attainment they will “see” while they are awake, with their eyes open, the lusters of awareness called vajra-strands.  Which appear like moving, floating threads of gold. That is the initial phase. After awhile they appear like pearls threaded on a string, and finally they emerge in the form of full and half-lattices.  The use of the Kati channel is available for everyone.  The Thogyal practice which begins with the preliminary Zhine practice is the way to connect to this channel.  I wrote about the Zhine practice in my last article.  It was too hard to get this channel moving with Rahu and Ketu around.  It will be easier now, but it is something that requires spiritual practice and is not just handed to you.  

The Kati channel is connected to the 13th Cranial nerve that I have written about.  It was first discovered in fish, which is why Rahu and Ketu where controlling the Nagas, which are fish, snakes, and yes…frogs.  KA is connected to the sign Aquarius, which is depicted as a woman’s body pouring water energy over the world.  RA is connected to the sign of Leo and  is fire, male, purification.  Together they make Azoth.  YONI is the female creation, the void of creation.  It is the location of the wind horse.  We actually have all the elements present here.  KA is light body, but also physical body, Aquarius is the wind sign of the zodiac.  Earth is with RA as this is what will cremate Gaia’s body. And finally we have the 5th element of Space or also known as Aether.  This is represented in YONI.  The 5th element is where all the elements and everything in creation comes from.  It is the source of the energy that exists in the birth canal. YONI is the link between KA and RA.  YONI is where this gold energy is coming from.  It birthed the Golden Moon Egg.  This Golden Moon Egg is connecting to the Golden Egg that is in the center of Gaia’s body, which contains all the codes and information for Graysin.  They are linking up. What will come from this link is unknown at this time because this just occurred yesterday.  

jeramiahI would like to bring my frog Jeremiah into the mix.  Remember when he came to me he was starved for water energy.  This was done by Rahu and Ketu.  Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet.  It is said that he weeped for his people.  But, I feel this goes deeper.  To me, he was also leaking water, just like my frog Jeremiah was almost completely dry of water.  Yesterday was like a sci-fi movie for me.  My clients blew me away with the amazing synchronicities with my experiences etc…  AND then, the most amazing thing happened to me and I got pictures to prove it.  I was in my meditation room where I see my clients…most of them via Skype or zoom, and I was doing my paperwork.  I had a lot to write down.  When all of a sudden I see something crash into the window.  It was so loud that I jumped.  I looked at the window and saw a clump of feathers.  I knew that a bird flew into my window, but the spiritual me also knew the feathers are the wind element and connected to the wind horse who was sending me a message!  Petrol the White Horse that  woman number two owned was with me all day.  I haven’t even gotten to my experiences with her yesterday yet.  It was obvious I needed to run outside to look for an injured bird.  There was no bird!  So, I walked back to the porch door when out jumped 2 bull frogs mating.  Here are the pictures…the feathers on the window are a bit hard to see, but they are there.  

feathers on window

bull frogs

I have had a connection to bullfrogs since I was 3.  Especially Jeremiah!  When I was 3, I was in church with my family when the minister was preaching from Jeremiah.  I had my head resting on my Mother’s lap.  When I heard the name Jeremiah, my body shot up and I sang at the top of my lungs…JEREMIAH WAS A BULLFROG!!!!  Now, I was a shy little girl who did not talk much, so when the congregation busted out in laughter, I was mortified, and utterly embarrassed.  But, apparently I was listening to spiritual teachings at the young age.  Bring time to the present.  I attended a Spring choir concert 2 weeks ago, and the first song they sang was “Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog”  I love my life, you can’t make this stuff up.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

Was a good friend of mine

I never understood a single word he said

But I helped him a-drink his wine

And he always had some mighty fine wine


Joy to the world

All the boys and girls now

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

Joy to you and me

Wine to me is water and new consciousness.  Joy to the fishes in the sea are the nagas, and joyful they are!!!!  Here are my photos!

The prophet Jeremiah basically spoke of the destruction of the old temple and the creation of the new one, which will be better than the one that was destroyed.  The temple is body of Gaia, and our 3D bodies.  They really are about to be destroyed and new ones created.  WOW!!!!!

I want to add some information about Frogs/Nagas and the Tibetan Culture that I am so deeply connected to.  

Why are nagas revered? “According to ancient belief, nagas are repositories of sacred knowledge,” Aldridge says. “For example, Nagajuna was the first proponent of the Central View, which many regard as the culmination of Buddhist philosophy. Legend says that he learned it from the nagas.” In another instance of frog-found wisdom, the traditional Tibetan medical practice of pulse diagnosis–reading a patient’s health by feeling the heartbeat in his wrist–is called bel-cha, or “frog hand.”


and Toadie Tales in the Middle Kingdom

By: Pamela Logan


white horse prophecy 2Now we are at number 3.  I did a clearing and balancing session with the 5 elements with woman number two, who is the owner of Petrol, the horse of the White Horse Prophecy.  Her session turned out to be so much more than we bargained for.  Right off the bat, I was hearing a weird noise, but I didn’t say anything, I thought it was in her house, because it wasn’t in mine, or I thought it was just our connection.  It was a sound I have not heard before, but still I just figured it was something physical.  Then, she asked me if I had a plane over my house.  I said no…LOL…  

She, unlike me, was familiar with the sound.  It was the sound of a fighter jet plane taking off from an aircraft carrier.  She actually did a “Top Gun” flight sound for fun.  She said that was the exact sound.  I was so in tune with doing the ritual that I forgot about my plane experience.  Every time we would hear this sound I would have electricity shoot through my body from the top down.  She would feel something similar.  Once we got to the water element the sound changed to running water that we both could hear.  Then came fire, and the plane sound increased with the electricity being sent through my body.  

I saw Petrol, whose name means “fuel,” enter my room.  He came in with a blast because he was the one generating the sound.  When we moved to the wind element, woman number two and I were on Petrol’s back, the Mu cord was running right between us and I could see it connected to Mt. Kailash.  I have written about the importance of this mountain. I think it is in my White Horse Prophecy article.  

You know how everything happens for a reason?  Well, I was with one of my Tibetan Lama teachers a little over a month ago. I was at his home, and he was doing a ceremony on my Divine Mother statue which is called Sherab Chamma in Tibetan.  After the beautiful ceremony was complete, I have him a gift and walked downstairs.  A few minutes later my teacher (Lama la), came downstairs and gave me a white rock that is in a triangle shape that is from the sacred lake of Mt. Kailash.  

I was holding this rock during this ritual.  It contains the energy of the original benevolent Nagas. It contains the energy of the mountain that was used in the original Churning-of-the-Milk ceremony that I discussed at the beginning of this article.  It also most importantly contains the energy of the Mu cord.  My next vision was of woman number two and I sitting on Petrol’s back, but our energy was overlapping each other, and Petrol was merry-go-round-horse-12615139like a merry-go-round.  I didn’t really get that part at first until my body began to move in a circle.  The energy was moving me, not me, but moving me.  I  knew right away we were churning the Milky Way again.  But we were not alone. This churning was the beginning of the new, but also it is preparing our physical bodies for this transition.  

When Gaia is cremated, our bodies will go with her.  This churning is opening up the 13th cranial nerve and the Kati Channel, which will enable our bodies to leave the rainbow-bridge-by-michaelbittick-d4bfsmx-w900-ocorrect way.  What I am “told” is we will leave via the rainbow path, but that doesn’t mean we will obtain the rainbow body.  The Rainbow Path has been closed to only those that fully achieved the Rainbow body.  The Rainbow body still has to be earned, but we may use the path as we leave with our non-Rainbow bodies.  This Rainbow Path is connected to the 13th Gate as well as the 13th Cranial nerve.

The 13th Cranial nerve is the connection to the 13th Gate, which is the Gate of the Gods.  It is the Gate of the Rainbow body recipients, and it is a blessing that when Gaia transitions, we all will leave through this Gate.  Once again, I need to stress that is is not a mass ascension where everyone is just handed the highest achievement of the Rainbow Body.  We are just being allowed to use this Gate to leave.  I also need to stress, that no one knows when this will occur.  It could be next month or in the next 100 years.  I can tell you how to tell if it did happen.  If you are still on this same Gaia, then it did not happen yet.  So, our bodies need to be prepared for the activation of the 13th cranial nerve, and this is what woman number two and I witnessed.  

After this session I had another session with my next client, who is also involved in all of this. She is the one connected to placing the Golden Egg that is for Graysin.  It seems like many of my life’s experiences are all coming full circle for me as I write this article.  So many of the things I have experienced are making sense to me now.  It’s like having my life review, and I am only sharing a portion of them.  

goose and the golden eggI had an experience way back in 2012 where I was approaching a cave, and it was being guarded by a very large white goose.  I had no business being there. It was like it was not time yet, and she pushed me away very forcefully.  I wanted to see the eggs, but there was no way I was getting past her.  I tried to get more information about this, because I knew it was the goose that laid the golden egg story coming to life.  But, I could not get a single answer.  Until now.  

The women who are involved with this article all have very unique energies Two of them are masters of land, air and sea physical forms plus more, and the third is so unique that words are hard to describe her.  I am not using their names to protect their privacy.  

Once I remembered my experience in 2012, I realized that it was one of these woman that was the Goose that chased me away.  She was in charge of the Golden Graysin egg.  Like I said, we will have all 3 of these amazing women on our next show, and you will hear their personal stories.  They will inspire and warm your heart form the core of your very being.  The third woman’s session started off with a bang.  I will share just a portion here, and I will let her explain the rest on the show.  Once our Skype call went through, which was difficult to begin with due to the crazy energy from the second woman’s session, I saw her lights in her house completely go out.  Except for her lamp that glowed like a large Golden Ball of light….hmmm….Golden Egg energy?  I don’t know yet.  But it was like I saw her room in another dimension, it was very amazing.  We ended up switching to zoom to get a better connection.  The first thing she tells me is about this amazing purification energy she felt herself go through and it left her feeling like a new person, something she has never felt before.  And guess where she was when she felt this energy?  An AIRPLANE, while she was flying to the island where she did her energy work with the egg!  I was so excited, I knew right then that she is another piece of the puzzle, and I could clearly see her energetically place the Golden Egg that our Mother Goose created.  That is all I know right know about the changes to our bodies.  This all just happend a couple of days ago.  As always, I will write more on this as it comes in.  

“Alchemy is no mere fantasy, but a philosophy applied to the world, to the elements, to the animals and to Man himself.”  W.B. Yeats


In order for me to make sense of the symbolic code that has been unravelling to myself, Lisa Rising Berry and anyone else who has been following her recent journey with the White Horse articles, I will attempt to break down the following information and series of events that have occurred over the past few months, into both Metaphysical and Physical aspects.

It is a cycle that has unfolded over time, through Lisa, and connected with me and many others, and that will I believe will continue to unfold.

The White Horse

It carries the energy of Air and Fire. It is also connected to Azoth energy, the number 8, which I saw as a Tarot card with a White Horse, with a blue background and lightening bolts on either side of it. 

‘Tasso” (the Tibetan name for Windhorse) is a metaphor for the human soul in the Shamanic Tradition of East Asia and Central Asia.  In Buddhism it was included as the pivotal element in the center of the 4 animals symbolising the cardinal directions and the symbol of well being or good fortune, as is the number 8.  It is also printed on Tibetan prayer flags as the Windhorse who carries prayers or consciousness, to the heavens and brings back blessings.  The horse is thought to be a spiritual communicator, messenger and carrier.

Pegasus was sacred to the Muses. The Mother of the Muses is Mneosyne, who is the Goddess of Memory.  Pegasus served as Zeus’ lightning bearer.   In Celtic lore, horses have strong associations with the Gods, particularly Epona and Macha both of which manifest as horses. They protect the Earth and show us the future and guide humankind with sure-footedness.  Epona’s name means “mare.”.  Thus the Celtic Horse became symbolic of the ability to bridge the gap between people and spirits.

Native Americans called horses “God Dogs,” Shamans of the tribe are illustrated on the back of Flying horses to reach spirit realms safely.

As an Animal Totem, Pegasus represents the immortality of the soul and serves as the carrier and protector of the spirit in its journeys to the Astral plane, which carried me to what I believe was the opening to the 13th gate on 11 January 2017.

The crystal Apophylite is aligned with the horse and Astral Travel.



The horseshoe was used to represent the source of life energy known as ‘the Yoni’ or ‘the pearly gate’ (the 13th gate) and a part of the hoof is called a frog, which then leads to our next animal symbol.  Venus’ Yoni (female genitals) sometimes was depicted as a fleur-de-lis consisting of three frogs.  The Yoni or Vesica Pisces both are receptive feminine symbols.  The word ‘yom’ actually means Yoni or womb, where one must return and be reborn to create something new.

Notice that the horseshoe is also the symbol of Rahu, which is why he had all the control over the moon, feminine energy, the White Horse energy, as well as the Frogs and the Nagas.  There is also a section of a horses hoof that is connected to the frog, which also resembles the Yoni.


white horse and frog

The Frog

The symbol of the frog came to me through for my first woman during a reading with Lisa Gawlas, in which she was wrapped from the shoulders to waist in a cord or rope that was self imposed. Lisa helped her to free the rope, which in turn disintegrated and was absorbed by her body. The frog then went to me during lucid time on the astral.  I saved its life by giving it water, which incidentally occurred while the first woman was having flooding rains and cyclones in Australia.  

The energy and symbology of the frog is Earth and Water, transformation and transmutation, fertility and childbirth.

Frog Shamanic Medicine is used for entering the unseen, the sixth sense, to spirit journey and is still used today in parts of the Amazon Rainforest. It is called “Kambo,” a secretion of the bright green giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor – also known as the giant leaf frog). It is said to cleanse, strengthen and heal the mind, body and spirit and is used by indigenous tribes there to gain strength, immunity and hunting magic.  Each tribe has its own legend or story about how they came to use Kambo.   The most prevalent legend regarding the origins of Kambo comes from Brazil.  This Kaxinawa legend tells that the Indians of the tribe were very ill and their medicine man (Paje in Brazil) had done everything that was possible to cure them.  All known medicinal herbs were used, but none helped.  Under the effect of sacred plant medicines, he entered the forest and whilst there received a visit from the Grandmother.  She brought in her hands a frog, from which she took a white secretion and taught the Paje how to apply it.  Returning to the tribe and following the guidelines that he had received, the Paje was able to cure his brothers and sisters.  From then on he was known as the Paje Kampu or Kampum. After his death his spirit lived on in the frog where it continued its mission to protect the health of those who defend the forest.  The Secretion became known as Kampo, but in some tribes it is known as Sapo, Dow-Kiet, Kampu or Vacina da Floresta.  Its usage spread and for thousands of years, Kambo has been used as medicine by the Kaxinawa people.Kambo Frog Cleanse

Frogs have an uncanny hearing ability. Because it is so acute, it is said that frogs can hear “beyond the veil.”  Native American meanings for frog have commonalities with Celtic symbolism.  The medicine animal brings rain and can heal. In one example of folk traditions, Shamans used frogs for curing coughs. The Shaman would put a frog in an ailing person’s mouth, recite sacred words, then command the frog to jump away with the sickness (this is a type of dis-ease transference).frog-side-linmida

Because the Celts revered water sources as sacred, frogs were often referred to in Celtic stories as rulers of the Earth.  They also used frog symbolism in healing and cleansing.

Far Eastern symbolism depicts the frog as the Yin feminine spirit.  In both China and Japan frog brings prosperity and good luck.

Members of the species Ranidae (which ironically sounds like rainy day) are found everywhere – even at 13,500 feet on the Tibetan plateau. Their well being is closely linked to that of the environment.

Rishi kashyap

Kashyapa is considered the third in the series of earthly Buddhas, the one who appeared before buddha Shakyamuni, the historical Buddha.  The Sanskrit word “mandukya” means frog.  The Hindu scripture, Mandukya Upanishad, says that the three letters that comprise the chief mantra AUM (usually written OM) each signify a state of consciousness: A= waking, U= dreaming M= dreamless sleep.

Lord Indra of the Tibetans consider the frog (bilwa) a member of the naga (Ihu) family.

In Ancient Egypt, the frog-headed Goddess Heqet or Heket, (the moon deity later associated with European magical practices) was the protector of newborns.  During heqet2childbirth women wore her amulets.

Daughter of the sun-god, Heqet, is called Eye of Re (or Ra).  That is, she is the moon which since earliest times was understood to be linked with the ebb and flow of water and of fertility.  Thus, she is associated with the germination of grain. Heqet is one of the eight deities associated with creation and she is the consort of Khnum, the ram-headed god.  She is the one who instills the spark of life into the body that Khnum molds out of clay.

The etymology of Heqet’s name reveals her function:  Heh is from a word having to do with eons of time, and the glyph for qet is the pointed knife, two of which this Goddess holds.  One is for cutting the umbilical cord, and the other for defense.  

Also at Denderah in Egypt is found an image of Horus in frog-headed form presiding over Osiris.

Frog is associated with the Crystal Rhodonite which in Atlantean times was known as the Mantra Stone and secrets held in sounds and music.  

‘When the people of MU had accomplished what they believed was expected of them in this life, they were capable of leaving their bodies and making the transition to the spirit world.  They symbol of a skeleton with upraised arms and crossed legs is an emblem from MU that they used in their religious ceremonies to further the impression that there is nothing to fear when the soul leaves the mortal body, for another life awaits.  This symbol of the Motherland of MU, which is part of the Freemasons’ liturgy is found in Egypt, and repeated many times on the cornices of the West Temple at Uxmal in the Yucatan.’  (Churchward, The Lost Continent of MU).


The ancient frog emblem below used by the French and later converted into the Fleur De Lis, looks very similar to a skeleton with crossed legs and up-stretched arms.

    The Merovingian Shield   Heqet

The heraldic symbol of the Frankish Merovingian dynasty of kings was three frogs.  The Franks descended from Germans into Gaul in the 4th century.  In the 6th century, Clovis united the Frankish tribes under one ruler.  His was the first royal house to rule the frog flagwhole of Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire. The “long-haired”’ kings were sorcerers on the order of the Samaritan Magi and priest kings.  However, when Clovis married the Burgundian princess Clotide, the queen persuaded her husband to convert to Catholicism.  His conversion was of profound significance as Western Europe then embraced Catholicism as opposed to Arianism.

At this time, Clovis changed the nation’s heraldic device from three frogs to three lilies.  From this date, the Fleur-de-lis became the symbol of the throne of France.  But, Clovis’s conversion was politically motivated and not a hear change.  The three lilies were just another pagan symbol.  They represented the Babylonian trinity of Nimrod, Semeriamis and Tammuz.

The Fleur-de-lis has especially came to be linked to the worship of the Goddess, the queen of heaven, of whom Semiramis is the original.  The Catholic church substituted the worship of Semiramis for the idolatrous worship of Mary. (archive.constantcontact.com.au)


The Iris or Rainbow

This third symbol of the Iris as in the flower, and in the form of the eye iris, came through a new Guide that presented itself to me. It showed me the flower symbol and the iris in the eye through a meditation where I went into the eye of the abyss, submerged in dark water with no light, no feeling of weight or up or down, (which I now realise was entering the ‘Yoni’ or womb of the Mother). Slowly the water and black hole lit up and I was above and separate from the abyss looking down on it, or having passed through it.

The first symbol of the flower Iris is associated with the ‘fleur de lis’ representing the holy trinity and has been associated with the band on the bottom symbolising the Virgin Mary, since it was she who bore the Son.  Alternatively the cord can be seen as representing the one Divine Substance (godhood) of the three Persons, which binds them together.

iris yoniIris is also represented in Ancient Greece by the Goddess Iris, (the Greek word for rainbow is Iris), who was the virginal rainbow Goddess, rushing down from Mount Olympus to communicate to mortals the commands of Zeus and Hera. Iris is portrayed with wings and the Caduceus, clothed in the iridescent dew.  (The similarly iridescent pigmented membrane of the eye is thus called the “iris”).  The rainbow  is also a symbol of a bridge or link between heaven and earth.  In some texts she is depicted wearing a coat of many colours.  With this coat she actually creates the rainbows she rises to get from place to place.  Iris’ wings were said to be so beautiful that she could even light up a dark cavern, a trait observable from the story of her visit to Somnus in order to relay a message to Alcyone.

The Goddess Iris The Fleur-de-lys is a symbol of the Blessed Virgin Mary because it resembles the Iris.

As the Rainbow only appears after the stormy skies and rain giver “The Frog,” it is a symbol for the restoration of cosmic order or the attainment of the Rainbow or Diamond Light Body, the 13 colour rays, or the 13th gate.  It is aligned with the crystal or stone, the Diamond.

The rainbow is the result or manifestation of the union of The Sun/God with Water/Goddess.  The power of the 3 to balance the 2 and generate something new is the power of the feminine.

‘There is no obligation beyond the Abyss.  There is nothing you have to do once you have reached the Mother.  She accepts all unconditionally, giving her the image of both whore and divine mother, depending on how you go to her, yet she is both and neither.  There is no vice, all vices have been stripped away, forgiven and culled for their understanding and wisdom.  What is, is.  You are here, you are loved.  You are given the drink of understanding these things….’

The Temple of High Witchcraft, Ceremonies, Spheres and the Witches Qabalah – Christopher Penczak


It’s amazing how through our shared astral experiences my friends and I were able to put this information together.  I love how we find more connections to each other every day we talk.  I would like to add again that I did not use their names.  They are first, second and third woman.

I would like to close this very long article with even more information that has come full circle for me.  Back in 2013 I had an experience of seeing the new “Tree Of Life”.  I knew xmango-tree.jpg.pagespeed.ic.BonY_Sv6CXright away what I was looking at, but I had no idea how or when this tree would take form, or why it looked the way it did, or why I was given the word Mango.  The tree was green on the bottom and gold/orange at the top – it was split in half.  I knew it was not done yet.  Then I heard a loud dominating male voice tell me to cut it down.  I woke up right away, and I knew this voice was evil.  I always wondered if the tree survived, and 2 days ago I got my answer.  I had long forgotten about this experience when I saw an article that Sadhguru wrote about the Mango tree 2 days ago.  The Mango is the closest representation of the Ambrosia (nectar of the Gods) that was being fought over at the churning of the milk ceremony.  Then it all came back to me, and here is what I learned about the Mango tree that explains our new tree on a spiritual level perfectly.  And since I saw this article, I know the tree will thrive on Graysin someday.  

If you look at a mango tree in February, March, there will be nothing but green leaves. Then, some small, innocuous looking flowers will bloom. Suddenly, one morning, you will see the tree is full of tiny little mangoes. From then on, they will be growing bigger by the day, until they are full of juice and sweetness. But initially, four, five years, nothing happens. You have to wait for years for a mango tree to bear fruits for the first time. It would be foolish to think after a couple of years, “Nothing happened, so I’m going to chop down the tree and throw it away.”


Notice how he says, “Chop it down”, and that is what I was told to do by something evil.  This tree was planted sometime after 2012, and 5 years later it is ripe.  I was told that this tree is named the “The Tree Of Freedom.”  All I know right now is that the Tree Of Freedom will be the new Kabbalah teaching on Graysin.  I don’t think I am allowed to know any more about this topic, but I wanted to share it anyway.  

As luck would have it,  the first woman also had a shared experience with the Mango Tree.    I believe she wrote about this close to the same time I had my experience of the Mango Tree.  It is about a girl named Anya that sits under a Mango Tree.  The book is entitled “A Girl Named Truth”.  It is interesting that she used the letter A as the first word in her title.  I wrote about the Tibetan A in one of my more recent articles.  It is the source of all creation.  I received a full blown prophecy in 2013 about this A, which was after my Mango experience.  I saw the words THE RISE OF A scroll across my vision.  I have learned that this means two things for us.  The first one is the letter A in Tibetan represents the space element, which is also known as Aether, and it is connected to the heart.  The A symbol in Tibetan Bon is the color white, just like the moon.  I feel now that the moon energy has shifted the energy of the A will continue to rise.  Actually the A energy has been continuing to increase since I saw the sentence in my vision, however with these recent events, I feel this will seriously intensify.   It will continue to increase and change everything we know to be true.  Also the prophecy is about the Tibetan Bon teachings returning to a place of honor, after almost being completely destroyed.  The destruction was lead by the same entity that told me to chop down the Mango Tree Of Freedom.  I would also like to add something that I forgot about.  When she had her reading with Lisa Gawlas, she saw golden butterflies around her.  I feel these golden butterflies are the replacement of the black ones that I saw leaving just after the nodes of the moon shifted.

binary codeThis year in numerology is a 10 year.  It is not a 1 year as most people think. We are not starting over with the same old system.    We are in new energy and the numerology of the years is changing.  10 is the number of completion, and is binary code.  As you can clearly see by this article, the service of Gaia to humanity is complete and she has moved on to her new service assignment.  We are receiving new codes through the 13th cranial nerve.  We are finally completing this cycle, and we will go out with a bang.  The Moon Matrix code is no longer the same. It was one of the last pieces of the puzzle.

I  also have to say that I did experience something during second woman’s session that was so unusual that I still don’t know what to make of it.  All of the elemental Goddesses that I work with, through this 18,000 year old Tibetan ritual were different.  I don’t know if this is a permanent change or since we were doing something special it was a one-time thing.  Only time will tell.  

My last note I want to leave you with is something that came to me via Facebook of all things about 5 days ago when I first started this final draft of the article.  Please remember this is symbology.  But here is what I saw.  It is about a virus that damages your computer.  Remember that Rahu was a virus that not only damaged the moon, but it poisoned Gaia.  Here ya go….

Tell all the contacts on your list not to accept a video called the ” Sonia disowns Rahul” It is a virus that formats your mobile. It is very dangerous.


Now…another word for Sonia is Sophia, which is one of the many names used for Gaia, which means Wisdom.  Gaia/Sophia/Sonia has definitely disowned Rahu, and I loved receiving this across my Facebook feed as further confirmation.  



This is not the end of our Frog journey. In the next article I will go deep down the current rabbit hole of Pepe the Frog, Trump and the Ancient Egyptian connection.  This new Frog energy is having a direct impact on our political situation.  Connect to nature and you will find the answers you seek.

We will be having a radio show in the next week or so, and we will be discussing this article.  All 3 woman will be joining as guests.

Till next time,

Lisa Rising Berry 

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    1. Thank you for the article. It is a breath of fresh air with the Moon changing. Some days ago I went through cleansing of the feminine programming that femine is evil by nature and has to suffer having her cycles and emotions connected with it. It was as if these two demons were supressing the yoni void in a feminine body. And now they are gone and the energy can be released.
      Funny enough I had a very healing experience watching the cartoon ‘Moana’. I believe it contains a lot of images restoring the true feminine nature!

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  1. Wow, I knew you were busy with your article! Now I know why! Very profound connecting of the dots! In the Urantia book, it said Frogs were the oldest of the reptile species..in which I had wrote in the side of the page ‘Go Frogs’! LOL Very interesting on all this coming to fruition and look forward to your radio show! Long over due girls! ❤

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      1. I wouldn’t have remembered it either if it were not for writing it on the side of the page, so much info, too much to dedicate to memory but writing on the sides of the book….well, guess I was so excited for the frogs…not sure why.>>LOL. My granddaughter has a video game that has frogs singing in the background with crickets and when she plays that game, it makes me so sleepy, I can barely keep my eyes open…it was very curious to me, I kept laughing and telling her..’you video game is making me sleepy!’. 😉

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  2. I’m not even half way through the article, but I’ve had many frog interactions the last year. A few have hung out with me on my front porch. Last month, a baby frog was sitting on the door handle of my hotel room, forcing me to acknowledge it before entering. And just yesterday, there was one sitting in the middle of the sidewalk blocking my path.

    Also, I’ve been seeing the pearl strings at all times since last summer. I thought my eyes were going bad. If I could post the frog pictures on here I would. They’re beautiful! Thanks for the article!

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  3. Wow Lisa thank you!..you just blew my mind !.. Everything with exception of “Jeremiah the Bull Frog ” was what I have also been experiencing so far this year culminating on the 6th of may when Astrologically we had the 4 Royal fixed star alignment of Aldebaran, Antares, Regulus, Fomalhaut
    which was when I connected with the Golden Gate of the Gods Ambrosia, the Golden egg etc. Internally also seeing all of the body mind connections.

    Further personal synchronicity was that I am in a numerological personal year of 10 and I had also been given that it was not a 1 year but Binary code of 10 instead.
    My Spiritual Name is KA RA my actual name is Karen
    I was given a Himalayan quart Chrystal(known as the eye or eyes of God in about February March which connected with Tibet and the Krystal Rainbow body of light
    O’ my goodness what a fun ride we are on.
    Much love and Gratitude for putting all the pieces together in one place.

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      1. Hello Auh’ Kaurah !..
        It’s Such a pleasure to Connect with you, your resonance went straight to my heart and reverberated out “Ahh” fells like family and home thank you !.
        I haven’t Connected with many people with the same resonance and understanding until now .
        Much love and gratitude ,
        looking forward to hearing more from you on your blogs etc.

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  4. Ok, Did the moon ‘thing’ happen on May 9th when you were talking about some powerful alignment for that day? Or did it start earlier? Just curious because, not that I follow In5D at all but had stumbled or was led to an article on the site written by Eric Raines about how the afterlife trap that was held in place by the moon matrix and powered by saturn, which makes alot of sense to me and understood the wheel of reincarnation and the so called tunnel of light and the false reality that most were drawn into and then reincarnated into this system and energetically bound by the matrix of this illusory reality. He states that on March 27th, the moon tech that was placed inside the moon to create this false reality was eradicated. As such, no longer are those who pass over will be put into the soul trap that was in place so energetically, the vortex is no longer working and there is the new earth and new children who will be born energetically and no longer will those ET’s be able to go back into the timelines and change anything…so this was interesting to me as you explained the changing of Rahu and Ketu.
    Also, another interesting thing, remember the genius kid who was showing how we had entered a new timeline and he used an Omega symbol which is in the photo with Rahu and Ketu, and also the shape of a horseshoe, so very interesting on that…so what is the new symbol? Or how does all this fit together in the new energy earth and timeline we are in? LOL, I know, but I am connecting the dots as you have done so nicely, and know this is not easy to explain on a ‘layman’s’ terms for us to understand but wonder what your take is on the afterlife trap and the moon matrix now that this has changed. And the rainbow bridge that leads to this new school or earth. The article is here: http://in5d.com/energy-update-artificial-vortex-and-false-light-matrix-have-been-disabled/

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    1. wow…I think I will read this question on our show and answer it there. I have never heard of Eric, but he is correct…except I saw it removed closer to the shift of the nodes. However, I did see the beginning changes earlier than that…it was around Easter time, what ever date that was

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      1. cool…he is a guest writer on In5D and not necessarily a part of their ‘group’ but it seemed close to what you were saying was happening…and March 27th isn’t far from easter which was April 16 so between spring equinox and easter…so excited for your show…and when is that going to happen??? LOL, I think it’s going to be a great show!

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  5. Hey, just a note here about that crop circle we were talking about on facebook, and here is what someone else said about it and wondered if that was something you might have insights on too, especially since it was next to white horse hill, and located on milk hill…
    Quote: According to coasttocaostam.com, “this particular formation, one of the four, appears to depict a solar eclipse and bears a striking resemblance to a 2004 design that also showed such a celestial event…Intriguingly, much like how the 2017 crop circle predates this summer’s solar eclipse by three months, so too did the 2004 formation.”
    I found this here: https://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/drone-footage-crop-circles/
    Perhaps some indication of upcoming celestial alignments that have some significance to the previous moon matrix change. Looking forward to the show.


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