Why-You-Need-to-Have-a-Daily-Spiritual-PracticeThis article is a continuation to the the one I wrote yesterday.  I would like to discuss why it’s important to work with the Ah symbol, and give some tips and information on how to do so.  But first things first.  I need to discuss why we should we do a spiritual practice while in our physical bodies to begin with?  This business of sitting on a meditation cushion while chanting, staring at symbols, and meditating can be weird for Westerners because we live in a different culture.  Many in our Western society will do a basic meditation where they attempt to remove thought.  But, that is normally as far as it goes, and most will see some reduction of stress, but not much spiritual progress will be made.  In order to make real spiritual advancement, we need to engage in tantric practices which involve self transformation.  Or in Hermetic language inner alchemy.  

In many Western spiritual communities there is the belief that we are already All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All Self Realized beings living in physical bodies.  So, there is no need for any deep time consuming spiritual practice.  The idea that I already have i ameverything I need within me, so I don’t need to do anything, and I certainly don’t need a teacher to guide me, has taken over people’s subconscious minds and is leaving them in the continuation of suffering.  It is obvious that this method of belief is not working.   If it was then they would be balanced, happy and manifesting what they want, instead of constantly trying to avoid negativity, instead of transforming and embracing whatever life throws at them.  Do we have all we need inside?  Yes.  Have people connected to it and are they living it? No.  This is being fully self realized and is the highest attainment of the rainbow body.  If someone outwardly tells you they are a fully self-realized being, then they are lying.  Those that have this level of achievement don’t tell anyone.  They have transcended the need to discuss what they have worked very hard for.

oversoulThe confusion lies with the concept of the All-Knowing soul…. what it is, where it is and how it operates.  To make this simple, and for the purposes of this article, I will refer to what Western spiritual culture calls the “over-soul” as the I AM presence.  I will refer to the “soul” of the body, as body consciousness.  Now, I can see everyone scratching their heads thinking…”why did she just say 2 souls?”  My reason goes back to my Tibetan teachings that I have received.  In Tibetan medicine and in the spiritual Tibetan teachings they do not have the word soul.  This single soul concept does not exist in their 18,000 year old lineage.  Why?  Because they know that there are many different aspects to the soul consciousness and they have several different names for each aspect.  I am not going to go into all of them, so I will stick with 2.

Let’s look at the I AM Presence of an individual.  This I AM aspect came from “God/Source”, and is on it’s own individual ascension path.  It is on the journey back to becoming one, but it has not arrived there yet.  The Source that this I AM came from is All-Knowing.  However, the All-Knowing level of the I AM is different for each individual.  The I AM of everyone vibrates at a different frequency depending on past experiences etc…  It is the job of the I AM to tap into the Source that it came from to receive akashinformation about its journey.  Since each I AM is a individual vibration, you can say that we each have our own personal library card to the Source that we came from.  Some will call this the main Source of information the Akashic Records, you can label it any way you feel comfortable, but the concept remains the same.  Each individual can only access the main Source of information based on the individual vibration of your library card, that is encoded in the I AM.  This means that each I AM is All-Knowing to a certain level.

 Now, there is another “soul” consciousness that plays a role here and that is our physical bodies that we use as our vehicles while on planet Earth.  Our bodies are made of the 5 body consciounessElements, and each body is alive with body consciousness, and operates differently from the I AM.  The personal vibration of most physical bodies is very low.  Mind, body and soul are not balanced, and the elements of the body are not balanced.  This is the problem for the I AM Presence.  The I AM is always reaching to the Source from which it came from for information.  After it receives the proper information it brings that back down through the low vibrating physical 3D human body.  Most of what is brought back simply dissolves away, because the body is not capable of holding the higher level of energy it just received.  It is like pouring water into a vessel, like a cup, and there is a hole at the bottom.  Does this make us All-Knowing, All-Powerful, All self realized humans in 3D physical bodies?  NO, because we are leaky cups.  Our bodies leaky cupcan’t hold the simple I AM presence, let alone any extra that is brought to us.  This is where  spiritual practice comes into play.  To plug the hole in our body consciousness vessel, we need to do physical practice.  This hole is located in our root chakra, or in Tibetan teaching the secret chakra.  What is the big secret to us Westerners?  That we are leaking, and we think we already have everything we need, we think we are already All-Knowing, and we think we don’t have to do anything to reach full enlightenment.

On the very highest dzogchen level of teaching this is true, and yes I just contradicted myself.  Well have a living Buddha in our heart space.    But, in order to see him/her we must pull this information into our bodies and then we must keep it there.  Pulling, and sustaining are a must, and we do this process through spiritual practices.  The only practice and tradition that I have had the best results with is Tibetan Bon.  I have received benefits from other methods, but not like Bon.

spiritual foodThis is why in order to really feel, connect and utilize your personal I AM presence,  you must do practice.  The physical body requires it.  We feed our bodies with food, we clean our bodies with soap, we cover our bodies with cloth, and yet we ignore the rest of our body consciousness.  We don’t acknowledge the most important aspect of who we are.  Meditation, chanting, staring at objects and symbols is the food, breath purification techniques is our soap, the new energy we create is our cloth.  The ancients cleaned and purified themselves inside and outside, as above so below, and we in Western society have no other choice but to return to our roots and do the same. This is what the Bible means when it says, “Have you prepared a body preparedbody for me?  Who is the me?  It is the Buddha in your heart talking to you.  In order to shake hands with him/her you need to dress for the occasion by pulling the I AM into your clean prepared heart and maintaining that energy there for your Buddha to consume. If you want to meet and become the Buddha that lives in your heart then you must prepare your body to meet him/her.  If we don’t, the results of our lack of will power will be our spiritual demise.  Sounds simple huh?  YES, actually it is.  What is not so simple is overcoming the Western society love of being lazy.  Will, determination, intention, vitality is a must to achieve spiritual greatness.  And it is something that we all can do, it is something that we all must do.  We are burning daylight and running out of time, the choice is ours.  Now that I have stated the reasons for doing a spiritual practice and gave a little pep talk, let’s get to the actual simple practice that I am suggesting.  

There is an 18,000 year old Tibetan Bon Practice that has evolved into many different names that every tradition uses.  This is the Zhine Practice, which is basically gazing.  zhineZhine is pronounced as che-na.  You can stare and gaze at a candle, any spiritual object or symbol.  For our purposes we are gazing at the Tibetan A symbol which is pronounced as Ah.  I discussed the importance of this symbol in my last article, but I would like to add some more.  The subconsciousness mind loves symbols.  It is the preferred method of communication for the subconsciousness.  The elite know this because we are bombarded with symbols to control our behavior all the time.  The advertising, movie and TV community are masters at using symbology to get the population to do what they want.  It’s time for us to take back our power and put the correct symbols in our mind.  Positive symbols have the power to rewrite what has been place into our sub consciousness mind.   Which will bring healing to our mind, body and soul.  The A symbol is connected to our heart and by meditating on this syllable it transforms anger into love.

The nodes of the Moon will be moving into Aquarius and Leo on May 9th.  This is very powerful since 9 is the number of higher consciousness.  The Aquarius/Leo Axis is the heart axis.    Leo is about heart connections to friends and lovers, and Aquarius is about community.  This is also the axis for the Azoth energy that I have been writing about for years.  This is just what our political system and our communities need right now.  It ah_symbolneeds healing of the heart. The A symbol is the oldest and the most powerful connection to the heart that we have.  This is not my opinion, it is my experience with this extremely ancient 18,000 year old unbroken lineage.  If you want to change the world right now and make it more heart centered, this is your opportunity.  Change comes from within us first, then we filtered out from our hearts the change we have created.  It goes out to all sentient beings.  This is what it means to be the change you want to see in the world.  If you want a more heart centered society, then do this practice, walk your walk, and don’t just say that I wish the world came from the heart more.  Stop talking and start doing.  With the astrology on our side, it makes this practice even more powerful.  Plus it’s fun.  I enjoy calming my mind.  I like to be happy and balanced.  Don’t we all?

Tenzin Wangal Rinpoche is teaching a FREE class on this very subject of Zhine practice using the Tibetan A.  It just started and it is the kind of class that you do at your own pace.   The first couple of lessons are posted now.  I will give you the link to sign up.  Basically you will learn how to develop intense concentration by gazing at the A symbol.  The symbol is working on your body as you do this.  It will calm your mind, and give so many benefits.  All you have to do is put in the time to practice.  And the class is FREE!!!!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.   He provides videos and written information.   

Here is the link to sign up…LINK TO FREE ZHINE TEACHING

Before you go to sleep at night visualize the A, and hear yourself chanting Ahhhhh.  This is the energy you want to fall asleep in.  You can even take it a step further and picture the A on your throat area bringing balance to you upcoming sleep travels.

peaceful sleepSpeaking of sleep.  Everyone needs to learn how to fall asleep.  We spend ⅓ of our life asleep, and most people toss and turn and have night mares.  It doesn’t have to be like this, in fact we aren’t supposed to sleep in this manner.  But those of us that grew up in the West were not taught how to sleep, and how to prepare for sleep.  The practice of dream and sleep yoga is part of the spiritual path.  Many of us continue to do our daytime work of our jobs, kids etc… After we fall asleep.  This is wrong.  Daytime is for daytime activities, and the night is for more spiritual practice, where we  can heal and clear the obstacles that are preventing us from manifesting the life we want in the waking world.  

Tenzin is teaching another FREE series on Dream and Sleep Yoga by using Facebook Live.  He just started, so there are only 2 lessons posted.  He teaches you how to fall asleep tibetan-yogas-of-dream-and-sleepproperly, and he teaches the science of sleep.  By learning how to sleep properly we can change our physical lives.  And we have the opportunity to learn this for FREE.  This is a practice that you can do and it does not require you to take the time away from your personal life to do it.  You sleep anyway, every night you have to go to sleep.  So, why not learn how to do it in a effective and healthy manner that will bring great benefit to you daily life?  

Here is the link to his Facebook Live Page….LINK TO FREE FACEBOOK LIVE CLASS

When I work with my clients I introduce them to the Tibetan Bon Practices that I do in my daily life.  I have a unique way of explaining this powerful Eastern tradition in a easy way that Westerners can understand.  My regular clients that I work with are having great success stories.  

We have so much to gain by developing the discipline to do a spiritual practice.  I hope all of you that read this will be inspired to use the Tibetan A.  Because I AM great, YOU are great,  WE all are great beings of light.  We just have to pull that great I AM energy into our physical bodies to fully transform them into the rainbow body of light.

Much Love To All,

Lisa Rising Berry

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    The subconsciousness mind loves symbols. It is the preferred method of communication for the subconsciousness. The elite know this because we are bombarded with symbols to control our behavior all the time. The advertising, movie and TV community are masters at using symbology to get the population to do what they want. It’s time for us to take back our power and put the correct symbols in our mind. Positive symbols have the power to rewrite what has been place into our sub consciousness mind. Which will bring healing to our mind, body and soul. The A symbol is connected to our heart and by meditating on this syllable it transforms anger into love.

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