It has been a long time since I wrote my last article.  I always like to wait for many physical experiences to occur in my daily life to back up the clairvoyant information I receive.  It seems like it always happens all at once for me.  All or nothing!  In addition to “seeing” new information I found clarity in old experiences that I had many years ago.  One of my most profound experiences I had was in May of 2103.   I wrote it down….THE RISE OF A.  I had other experiences over the last few years, and since I didn’t know what they meant I forgot about them on purpose.  I “knew” in my heart that when the time was appropriate, I would see the meaning.  The time is now, and it’s interesting because my past experiences all happened around this exact time of year.  I hope this article flows nicely, it is long and has many layers to it.  I have a lot of new information to tie in with old visions that I now understand.  

aether newThis paper is further explanations and updates on the subject of the 5th Element.  I wrote my first article on this topic 3 years ago, and my personal experiences and knowledge has grown a bit since then.  In 2014 when I first wrote about the 5th Element, I knew it was called many names, Aether being the main one.  In Western culture Aether (æther) was recognized as the 5th Element by Aristotle.  However, this information was known in the Tibetan Bon tradition 18,000 years ago.  The element of æther is a combination of emptiness, (like the sky) and clear light, (like the sun).  When you look at the Western name æther, which is how it was written in Aristotle’s time you will notice that the a and e are touching.  They are connected yet separate at the same time.  If you combine these two letters they will make a 8.  This is the energy of infinity in the correct sense.  The sideways symbol of infinity is closed, and energetically this has shifted a few years ago, as discussed in several of my previous articles.  When you untwist the infinity symbol you have a 0.  The zero is empty, and is one half of the meaning of Aether.  The other half is when the 0 is twisted and becomes the infinity symbol.  This is primordial luminosity, clear light, never ending, born from the dark vastness of empty space.  Infinity is everything and nothing at the same time, it is all and nothing combined.  

ah...spaceThe Tibetan Bon tradition knew this concept so well 18,000 years ago.  In fact the name for the 5th element in this tradition, is called the Space element.  It is the Tibetian A symbol, pronounced as AH.  The 5th Element, or the Space element is depicted as the color white, and is on a blue background.  White is primordial luminosity, and blue is the vastness of the sky, or spaciousness. They are connected yet separate.  This element is connected to the heart, which in the 7 Chakra system that most of us learned in the West, is zero point on the body.  The heart chakra has 3 other energy centers above it and 3 below it.  The heart is the center and focal point.  The 5th element or Space element or æther is represented by the infinity symbol, the point where infinity connects is the heart.  I am a Tibetan Bon practitioner, and I have found my home in this practice.  There are a lot of people that have many negative things to say about Bon, and it is due misinformation about it’s extremely long past.  I will save that information for another article, that I will write over the summer.  

Many people will find what I have to say next, shocking, and it may throw people into cognitive dissonance.  Tibetan Bon is the original spiritual practice that was created on this planet.  It has evolved alot since 18,000 years ago, but it is the source that all other bon po sitckertraditions come from.  Just like how the æther or space element is the source which all the other elements have been created.  When I found this out, I embraced it!  I could feel in my heart it is the truth, and I was not offended.  I now can see how the Bon blood lineage and the spiritual practice is assisting in the increasing amounts of æther/space element that is available on this planet in the physical.  I wrote 3 years ago when I saw on the astral how the amount of the 5th element was increasing in quantity.  What I didn’t realize was that I was shown this would happen in May of 2013.  The number 13 is the number of the Divine Mother, (yes, I have written about this too), and it is this primordial luminosity that is returning to this planet at this time, and it is doing it through the power of the Tibetan A.

In May of 2013, I was in a altered state during my sleep.  I clearly saw the following sentence move across my vision…..THE RISE OF A.  I was not at all familiar with the Tibetan symbol A at that time.  And even when I wrote my first article on the rise of æther on the planet, I didn’t think about how æther also begins with an A.  It wasn’t until just recently when I had some new experiences that I was able to have the knowing that the THE RISE OF A, is the rise of the frequency of the Tibetan A to the planet, and it is being done through the practice of Bon.

Lotus flower like fire and yogaI also wrote a few years ago how this æther/space element turned into the color gold.  Au is gold, again we have the luminosity of the A.  This gold energy, as I wrote is a new frequency to this planet.  The lead of the planet has been turned to gold on the astral level, and is now filtering down to the physical thought the ancient Tibetan Bon tradition.  We have the capacity to create hearts of gold.  I feel when I saw the æther/space element turn gold it was symbolic for me.  When we draw a picture of the sun, we make it gold.  But, really the sun burns so bright and is so luminous that it is really more white, or white/gold.  In the Bon tradition, this is called the clear light of awareness, and it is depicted as white on the A symbol, with the blue background.  The Tibetan A is the luminous “gold” sun, which is really white, illuminating the blue vastness of the empty sky.  This is one of  the most powerful symbols for us right now on this planet.  

For those that have studied the vast wisdom found in the Kabbalah, you will find this information explained in a different manner, but it still means the same thing.  The Ainsophaurenergy that we currently have available to us, which up until now, has been very low in quantity and vibration is also known as Ain Soph.  Ain means emptiness, never ending or infinity.  The next aspect of this light is Ain Soph Aur.  Which is limitless primordial light of awareness.  Notice the Aur….Au is the periodic element of Gold, and then we have the r.  Could that be connected to my vision of the RISE OF A?  Maybe???  What I do know that this new energy….which is not really new, but is increasing in large amounts on this planet is gold or white/gold.  

Now, how is this energy that we are receiving being placed on our physical 3D planet we call Earth, or Gaia?  The answer will be strange for some, but to me it made my heart of gold sing.  It is being done through the long lost Tibetan practice of Bon.  This spiritual tradition, like I said, is the first, the original. As more and more people learn and do these practices, the energy of the A will continue to Rise.  Now, am I saying that Bon is the only bon monasteriesspiritual practice bringing this energy to our Earth in the physical.  Of course not!!!!  However, I am saying that this tradition, due to it’s 18,000 year old unbroken lineage in it’s teaching, is making the largest contribution.  This is why this indigenous culture was almost wiped out by the Chinese government.  Even other Buddhist traditions tried to remove it.  Like it or not, in the past there where negative energies on this planet that did not want us or our planet to ascend.  These entities, which controlled physical people, knew all about the power of the Tibetan 5th element symbol of the A, and wanted the power wiped out.  The indigenous culture of Tibet, particularly the original Bonpo people where the key targets.  They almost succeeded, but it is not gone, and it is on the RISE!!!  Especially in the West, thanks to many brave and dedicated Lamas that have brought this precious gift to us.  I bow in deep reverence to them.

This brings me to my next experience that I had last year, that left me hanging.  I spoke about this experience on our radio show, and I specifically said, that I felt I would not know the meaning of this for about a year.  Well, almost one year to the date that I had that experience,  I had 2 more.  The last 2 I just had just a few weeks ago, and they are all connected to the rise of this energy.

Last year, in a very lucid state, I was in complete darkness.  I now understand that I was in the void of creation, the center of emptiness, the vastness of space or æther.  I could not see anything, but I could tell I was inside of a sphere, which to me felt like a egg.  I was trying to break out of it, I felt the “egg” crack a tiny bit, and then my whole body my visionbegan to vibrate like a huge tuning fork.  This vibration woke me up and I just laid there enjoying the feeling.  I knew I would not know what this meant for a while, so I didn’t care about the meaning, I just laid there and soaked up the vibration of my body.  Then a few weeks ago, while in my lucid altered state, I saw a body rising up from the bottom of my vision.  This body had the outline of a head, torso, and 2 arms.  The head was looking up and reaching to the upper part of my vision.  It was clear to me that it had emerged from something.  This body did not have any eyes, nose, ears or mouth.  All the senses where one.  The body also had lines, like vertical meridian lines  on it.  It was grey in color, but the lines where black.  About 1 hour or less after having that “vision” experience I saw an egg being cracked open into a white bowl.  There was one yellow yoke at the top and at the bottom there were 2 white pieces.  Together they formed a triangle.  I am still putting the pieces together of this vision.  But, what I know so far is the yellow yoke is the Golden energy that is being created from the golden eggA symbol.  I know the A symbol is white, and that it is represented in the 2 other white pieces.  I am going out on a limb here, but I feel the 2 white pieces are connected to the old Earth energy and the new Earth energy that we are moving into.  Or it could be the 3 pieces of the Ain energy of the Kabbalah.  Actually, it’s not just energy, but 2 different physical locations.  The connection and the way we will move from one to the next is the single gold energy.  I wrote about this energy 2 years ago.  I discovered the name is Monoauah, which means single gold energy.  Mono…is one.  M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, and is the middle letter of the alphabet, or the middle of infinity.  Au…is the symbol for gold.  And the coolest part of this name, which I had no idea what it represented until now is the AH.  That is the Tibetian A symbol, or the name of the 5th Element.  When it is pronounced it sounds like AH…..   

I want to cover one more point.  I know this is a long article, and I am sorry for that.  My next one will not be any shorter.  LOL….  Here is a quote from Samael Aun Weor about Ain Soph, I will tie this quote into the information about the Mu Cord that I have recently been writing about.  OMG!!!!  I just realized as I am typing this…  M in Mu cord is connected to the 13th middle letter of the alphabet, and the u is connected to Au gold.  Now I know why I got the name Monoauah.  This Mu Cord is GOLD.  I wrote about where the Mu Cord is in one of my recent articles, but it is in Tibet…Mt. Kailash. Home of the Bon tradition, and zero point on the planet.

The Ain Soph, which is at the top of the Tree of Life, Symbolically is Described as “Uncreated Light,” which can be said to be “Dark” because We Do Not have the Eyes to See it.  Our Own Ayin has not Developed for Us to See that Supernal Light, so to Us it is Darkness.  Nonetheless, It is a Light that Manifest All Existence, Gradually, through Stages and Condensation, through the Complication of Matter and Energy as:  The Flow of the Ain Soph Aur illuminates All the Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planet and Atoms of Existence.  This Light has Many Levels.  The Vast Majority are Non-Physical, when that Light Finally Emerges Into the Physical Realm, It’s Vehicle is the Solar Light.  It is the Life in Every Atom.”

Samael Aun Weor (1917-1977)   


I wasn’t going to go into a lot of detail about the teaching of this quote, but I just have too.  As I was typing this, I realized how this pulls everything, from my visions to æther to the Mu Cord.  I just can’t let this opportunity pass me by.  So, if this is too long for you to read, you can finish it later.  LOL…

The very first sentence speaks of the Tree of Life.  In Tibetan this would be the Mu Cord.  It is our connection to the upper divine energies.  It is written in ancient Tibetan text that this cord was cut by evil.  As we know in Western knowledge that our Tree of Life is not in the original condition.  The light is Described as Uncreated Light.  Yes, it is uncreated because this is what we use to create from, the womb of creation or the void.  Which can be said to be Dark because we do not have the eyes to see it. Another name for the 5th element besides æther and space is called dark matter.  When I was in the “egg”, I could not see a thing.  I was in complete darkness.  I was in Ain Soph.  when I saw the body rise up, it did not have any eyes.  It could not see, which falls right in line with this teaching.  This light has many levels”.  It is obvious that we are rising to the next level of this light.  And my very favorite part of this teaching is “when that light finally emerges into existence”.  Well, I actually saw this emerge when I saw the body moving upward.  I saw the future of humanity and the new body we will eventually have.  

ah_symbolTHE RISE OF A…..The power of the Tibetan Symbol of A is on the rise.  The golden energy is on the rise and humanity has broken out of it’s shell and is also on the rise.  We have no where but to go but up.  If you want to increase this process for humanity and for yourself, I would strongly suggest learning the Tibetan Bon spiritual practices.  I am a westerner, that has fully embraced this tradition as my own, it is the home of my heart space.  It is the only practice that I have seen work in my physical life.  It is this tradition that I introduce my clients to.  And it has never been more apparent to me why I do this than now.  I have even started to learn how to speak, write and read Tibetan.  I don’t know all the reasons why I am doing this yet.  But, I do know that one of the reasons is because this Tibetan energy needs to continue to increase in the West, and when I speak the Mother Tongue, I can feel magic happening.  “I speak therefore I create”.  

EMAHO!!!!!  (This is a Tibetan-Sanskrit exclamation meaning that something close to a marvelous realization is occurring, and that is how we see the world around us)

Much love to ALL!!!
Lisa Rising Berry

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5 thoughts on “Return Of The Primordial Luminosity And The Power Of The Tibetan A (THE RISE OF A) Also known as Aether

  1. YES….the whole time reading this article, I kept saying…YES, and knew that aether was dark matter aka clear light and something we can’t see…very interesting that we are not able to see it and it looks dark, like the black holes they speak of which I feel those are actually where things come from the void, and had a vision once that this black hole or void is located in our sacred heart space, the creative space. I saw a vision of a merkaba and a black hole in the center…couldn’t for a long time figure out what it meant, but as I was reading your article, it popped into my head and makes perfect sense, as if I make any sense…LOL, but thanks for writing this. That is so poignant in this time as the pardigm/matrix unravels around us, and zero point, and the heart of gold. Gold is also suppose to be the christ consciousness grd. My grandson when he was 4 said that the earth was God’s heart, inside God. Such a sage at a young age. Also, isn’t ‘auh’ or ‘ah’ the creation sound? I think I asked you that before, alittle De’ja’vue, LOL, This was the sound Wayne Dyer would say to chant ‘auh’ to get into the ‘gap’, The gap is interesting as to me it is the creation space, between cause and effect and wonder as that ‘gap’ closes or comes closer together, manifestation becomes faster. Isn’t Auh, also in someone’s name??? I won’t put it here but you know what I mean! ❤
    Great article Lisa…always makes me anxious for the next one!

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