The second Oils class with be on April 22, which is Earth Day.   This class is now open for registration.  You may attend this class even if you did not attend the first.  

This class will include discussing the health of our planet, how we can use Earth friendly cleaning products, and the spiritual reason 22 is used for Earth Day.

Then we will continue with the Oils Class, which will focus on Kundalini energy, Colostrum Oil, the 13th gate connection, the trinity in our brain, and  how the 12 Oils Of The Ancient Scriptures effect us on a physical level, mental level and spiritual level.  

The class will end with a guided Gaia meditation of purification.  We will purify our bodies and the body of our Mother Earth by using the elements.

To add some fun to this Earth Day, we will have a drawing to give away 3 prizes.

  1. A roll-on bottle of Young Living Stress Away oil
  2. A small bottle of one of my special oil blends that I make.
  3. A $44.00 Rising Frequencies Gift Certificate

Andrea and I hope to see you there.  If you are unable to attend live, you will be able to purchase a recording of the class.  Please let me know if you are interested in the recording via email or Facebook messenger and I will add you to the list.

To enroll click on the following link and look for Oils Class One then download zoom.   CLICK HERE TO ENROLL IN CLASS

1) Download and install the ZOOM application from

2)  Zoom is free to download for attending classes.

3) You will receive an email about 15 minutes prior to the start of the class that provides a number to sign in to the webcast specific ZOOM room.

4) Please turn off your your microphone during the class. This is done within the application window.  We will open for questions at the end of the class.  There is also a chat for you to type in questions.

5) If you are new to using ZOOM, we suggest that you open the application ahead of time and familiarize yourself with it. This will help to avoid any technical issues during the broadcast

See you soon,


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