Hello Everyone!

It’s been a while since my last article, so I decided to write a quick update about what has been going on in Rising Frequency land.  I am currently letting all the information that has been coming in for me “cook”, and develop.  I don’t write until I have physical experiences with the information that I receive.  Right now, the physical experiences are coming at me fast and furious.  I hope to write this week, and then have a second article by the end of April.  That is the plan right now, but timing is everything.

We are heading into a powerful alignment of the nodes of the moon in May, and this is connected to the Azoth energy and so many different aspects that my head is spinning.

Our first Essential Oils Class was a large sucess.  The recording of the class along with a pdf with information, will always be available for purchase.  The second Oils class with be on April 22, which is Earth Day.  This class will include discussing the health of our planet, how we can use Earth friendly cleaning products, and the spiritual reason 22 is used for Earth Day.  Then we will continue with the Oils Class, which will focus on Kundalini energy, Colostrum Oil, the 13th gate connection, the trinity in our brain, and  how the 12 Oils Of The Ancient Scriptures effect us on a physical level, mental level and spiritual level.  The class will end with a guided Gaia meditation of purification.  We will purify our bodies and the body of our Mother Earth by using the elements.

To add some fun to this Earth Day, I will be giving away 3 prizes.

  1. A roll-on bottle of Young Living Stress Away oil
  2. A small bottle of one of my special oil blends that I make.
  3. A $44.00 Rising Frequencies Gift Certificate

Our next radio show will be during the 3rd week of April.  Our topic has not been discussed yet.  But, I have a idea!

I have added a new Service that I will provide.  It’s called, Soul Element Recovery, Balancing And Alignment Service.  

I will connect to your 5 elemental energies by performing an Ancient Tibetan Ritual that I have learned and use on a daily basis.  I will retrieve your soul elemental energies that have been stolen or lost due to stress and trauma etc…  This is also known as Soul Retrieval.

These energies are connected to the consciousness of your body.

This service will assist in balancing and stabilizing all chakras, the 5 organs connected to the 5 elements, removing blockages that are preventing the proper flow of prana, and will align you from above to below.  It’s like a overhaul of your body’s energetic system.

I do this service via Skype.  You will feel more centered and well balanced in your central channel.  

As always, it’s up to you to maintain the energy work that I provide.

To purchase the class recording, or schedule an appointment for any of the services that I provide, please click on the following link.  LINK TO SCHEDULE

Much Love To All,

Lisa Rising Berry



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