The recording of 12 ESSENTIAL OILS OF THE BIBLE CLASS ONE is now available for purchase.  

By purchasing this product you agrebible oils zoome not to share this recording with those that have not paid for the class.  There needs to be an equal energy exchange for services provided.  This class is a service.  I put many hours in creating my classes, and I put my heart and soul into them when I teach.

I do have 4 hours of free oils teaching on our Rising Frequencies YouTube Channel that I encourage people to share.

The cost for this class $55.00 it is 2 hours long.    

Here is a brief description of what you learn in class one:

  • A short intro to the oils….history, how they work on the brain, and how to buy a good oil etc…
  • Kundalini energy and the oils, the inner oil
  • Healing and the Priesthood
  • Entity and other energetic attachments and the oils
  • Ancient reflexology and the oils
  • How emotions serve us, with an exercise with the oils
  • Description of the Holy Biblical Anointing Oil
  • Anointing…both inner and outer
  • Mary Magdalene and the oils
  • MUCH MORE!!!!

Here is the link to purchase the class…..Click here to make the purchase


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