radio showWe will not be having a radio show this week because we are teaching the Essential Oils class this Saturday.  The class is not just about the Oils, we will be going into some very deep and interesting spiritual concepts, just like we do on our show.   

The study and use of Essential Oils is not only about the physical.  Oils are alive, they have consciousness, and are able to communicate with our Ancient+Egypt+Aromatherapyenergy in ways that goes beyond the body.  This is one of the reasons that Oils are mentioned 188 times in the Ancient Text we call the Bible.  They weren’t mentioned to teach people about the oils per say,  because they contain a deeper meaning.  The Bible is a highly spiritual text that contains many metaphors that are filled with wisdom when not taken literally.   

I hope to see you there, we will try to keep the class to 1 ½ hours, but as you know we sometimes go overtime.  The price for this class is $55.00, which is a bargain for over one hour of teaching.  We will save time at the end to answer questions.

Here is the link that goes into more detail for those that are interested in joining us.

Click here to read about how to join the class

See you on Saturday,

Lisa Rising Berry

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