The subconsciousness mind actually runs the show.  It is the hidden silent projector of our outer reality.  It creates obstacles for us that we are unaware of most of the time.

The subconsciousness mine is like water, very easily programmable.  When thoughts, which are like the wind blowing through your mind move over the water, your mind will become very disturbed and the individual will no longer have any clarity.

refelctionIf you want to see yourself in a pool of water, the water has to be calm.  Same is true with our minds.  When we have too many thoughts running through our mind we can not see our reflection, and the monkey ego mind is in control.  We need to see ourselves to know who we are, and to be able to communicate with our higher selves to make correct decisions about our lives.  You can’t communicate with what you can’t see or acknowledge that  it exists.

So many people think they are in communication with the highest aspect of themselves and they are not.  They are connecting with the ego mind, which is the lower aspect.  Their minds are still too busy to see clearly.  They are too busy to take the time to be still, and silent to calm the subconsciousness waters.  If the boat is always moving how can the water it sits on be calm?  It can’t….so stop rocking the boat.  

In order to tap into the clarity of our higher self, we need to be able to see our reflection in the water.  Our mind need to be calm.  When our mind is calm then the reprogramming can occur.  

How do you calm the mind?  By doing the 3 Pills/Inner Refuge meditation daily or as often as you can. Through steady practice your mind will re-learn how to be calm.  You will retrain it and you will unlearn old habits.  The mind likes repetition and will respond if you don’t give up.

meditation-opening-heartOnce you are in the 3rd pill of the heart in the meditation, then the reprogramming can begin.  Your mind needs to be in the right brain wave for it to take effect.  This 3rd pill is the one that calms the waters of your subconsciousness mind.  If the mind is still active the then water is too choppy and it will push away any type of reprogramming.

Create a mantra that is short, and to the point.  Something that you vibrate with, and recite it thousands of times.  LOL…you can start out with 108 at day.  Use Mala beads to count.  Say it out loud and with power.  You can go fast or slow, as long as you feel what you are speaking.

Abracadabra, “I speak therefore I create”.  Words/spelling/ are magic….they put a “spell” on your subconscious limiting beliefs and reprogram them with a new one.  The abracadabra-what-i-speak-is-what-i-create-85860475subconscious mind loves theatrics and drama.  But most of all it HAS to have repetition, or it won’t work.

Think about how long it took for you to “hear” what has limited you in your life.  Years and years of false information was sent to your subconscious mind.  Now, it’s time to put in the inner work and rewrite it.  Your are learning to master your mind, you are becoming the controller of your life.


The Inner Refuge Meditation is taught by Tenzin Wangal Rinpoche and can be found on-line.  It is the meditation that I share/teach my clients to do.  All of them that have done this meditation of a regular basis have had amazing results.  We are able to work through their blockages much easier.

Here is an article that focuses on the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton.  I was thrilled to read this because it supports what I have known to be true for quite sometime.

Enjoy and Good Luck taking control of your reality!

Written By Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. Isn’t the subconscious mind in part the ego, as we are always programmed daily and the reason it likes repetition is because it’s actually a program, not the one creating but the program that ran amuck when it realized that we could change it as it doesn’t like change, it’s the trickster. The lower mind that will control things from a lower level, and from a past stance. If we can heal the membrane between the lower, middle and high mind, would this not stop the ego program that is constantly programmed to create karma It’s funny because I get quite annoyed by repetition and routine, and that is my ‘stuck’ mode that creating from the past, instead of the moment present gets the same wheel of same shit, different day. With this new energy Azoth, is there a need for this lower subconscious or pain body or a lower creation of mind/ego construct? What if we upgraded that program, created only from the ‘moment’ (middle mind) and the subconscious loses it’s ability to effect us in our creation? I do like the ‘three precious pills’ concept in that it’s simple and not a long drawn out process that can be done in a moment and it is the ability to create from the high mind…and every moment if ‘friday afternoon’. This is great you brought this subconscious up Lisa, like to create consciously and put the subconscious into the light or upgrade the program, as I think it would become obsolete like vinyl records and analog…..or us old timers…LOL.

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    1. The subconscious is more simple than people think. It is actually the middle man between the ego, lowerself and the higherself, which is clear light. The Washington monument teaches this. I wanted to put a picture here for you, but I can’t. But the reflection pool of the monument is the water of the subconsciousness mind . It reflects both the upper and lower. The monument is the middle pillar of our bodies. The lower is the refection which is illusion that moves with the movement of the water…ego…. which runs the show till you master your mind, the upper is the actually monument which is clear light. The upper monument is steady and doesn’t move, and it the nature of our true selves. So the subconsciousness mind is simple the middle between both states of mind.

      Repetition is the only way to remove what is making the ego run your life, and is the best way to change your vibration to change your life. It was unconsciousness repetition that took us out of the driver seat. You not liking repetition due to boredom is a program, and a block. I just spend 45 minutes reciting one of my mantras, and I was not bored, I feel great. LOL..

      Yes, with the Azoth westill need to master our minds. The energy will upgrade, and we can either use this energy to reprogram or not. Azoth simply makes it easier for us to do what we are her to accomplish, which is master our minds.

      A full upgrade will come when the final shift occurs and the Mu Chord attaches, and we will no longer be here. This conversation will just be a memory that we can recall from the new location we will be. Sorry for any typos….
      Luv Ya,

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      1. TYPO??? LOL, I didn’t notice one but was excited to read your explanation of the subconscious mind…I am all for the upgrade and to create consciously instead of the programmed response to wake and sleep in the gap between cause and effect, because that darn ego program has run amuck! LOL, But also the keyto conscious creating is not living in the past, but the present or the middle and high mind where instantaneous creation is done. I understand why we have the delay in a gap between cause and effect but that also served the illusion that it was happening to us and not created by us. So when the middle man is no longer necessary and we go straight from thought to manifestation, what we are all striving for…so I suppose that when we get there we will probably look back on this and chuckle how complicated we made it but simply had to wake up the middle man! LOL, ok, it’s saturday and I am on the philisophical bus! LOL. Have a great day Lisa Pisa Pudding Pie! 😉

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      2. Sure, anytime girl, let me know, you can send me a message on skype or facebook as to a day and time. I had a feeling you were going to want to make some changes so as soon as you can, let’s get on it! ❤ You can my email too but I check skype every morning and then facebook. 😉

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  2. Wonderful post. I am a big fan of Tenzin’s work. He’s teachings are like that old friend always waiting for you and when you come back to them, you wonder why the hell you ever left. I’m also deeply interested in the research of Bruce Lipton and working with healing the cellular memories with subtle energy work and subliminal audio.

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    1. Yes, I love Tenzin Wangal Rinpoche so much. I am one of his students. and Bruce Lipton is really bringing was we as healers have known for thousands of years into main stream. TWR is also working with mainstream medical groups to show them how Tibetan Bon practices heal the body. I am attending one of the conferences this fall on this subject.

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      1. Yes, we live in extraordinary times. I have had some extraordinary synchronicities listening to Tenzins teaching’s. That feeling you get that even though he’s in a room full of people doing a webcast, that he is talking only straight to you and your exact issue. Science and spirituality are converging again in really amazing ways. I actually have been doing some cellular healing work using Lipton’s ideas and a subtle energy teqnique used by Sigmund Freud. I have found that when you start unlocking these cellular memories, the body starts speaking to you and assisting you in the healing process. Like just this afternoon I was pondering the root cause of some particular anxiety issues and in response, I got this sharp twinge in my right knee. It was like a referential healing response telling me that a serious knee injury when I was five was the culprit. It was leading me to an intellectual apprehension of that event, I could reframe it and reprogram the cellular memory by releasing a whole flood of more positive memories which had been blocked by that original trauma. I spent sitting with that trauma in meditation nursing it and accepting it into my heart and then recounting a long list of subsequent sucessful physical achievements. I’m going to continue to study, work with and develop this technique, and teach it to my yoga students and healers in the future. I also see a lot of potential here for a modern scientific explanation of karmic development.

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      2. Very interesting Leeby,
        These memory releases may be what they don’t want to happen because if so this illusion dissolves, the one created out of fear, that needs those memories to repeat, but yes, if we ignore our body’s communication to us, we end up with disease. The language of pain, that explains the body parts with ‘the specific issue’. Like pancreatic cancer being guilt, and if one can release guilt, they are cured of it, but if they cannot, it takes over. This helps me understand even better how important it is to release the memories to help the cells vibrate higher thus healing and regeneration. Fascinating work and studies you are doing. Thanks for sharing!

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