Nothing stays the same. Everything evolves and changes according to the energy we are in.  This also applies to the Dark Occult and how they perform black magic.  Before I get into the article I need to give a bit of my personal background so you fully understand why I was able to crack this code.  I was able to figure this out in under 5 minutes.

During 2008, when black magic was the dominant energy on this planet and was at its most powerful, I attended a very well known mystery school.  I know there are online schools that claim to be mystery schools, but they are not.  I attended the real deal, and I studied Ritual Magic in the Lineage Of King Solomon.  You have to be accepted in this course of study.  When you are a student at this level you have to learn both sides of the coin – meaning we had to learn both white and black magic.  Why would I have to learn the ins and outs of black magic?  Because you have to know what you are defending yourself against and what you are trying to eliminate.  White magic alone does not remove black magic like most think it does.  Energy is energy. It is the intention of the user that switches the vibration – so we as students learned black energy the way it was taught in ancient times. And this was learned by us having to experience it first hand.  We were thrown into the fire.  We had upside down pentagrams and many other inverted symbols used on us, so we could know what it felt like.  I experienced many black magic attacks while fully awake that would make most people pee in their pants.  I am surprised that I did not.  There was another student sitting next to me who almost passed out and had to sit on the floor after we opened one of our Grimoires.  It was the King Solomon Grimoire on Demons.   

The jinni Belial presenting King Solomon with his namesake Grimoire, which only lists 72 jinn. Behind the jinni stands Moses.  (7+2=9)

Just the energy from this ancient book was more than she could handle.   Our teacher summoned demons (powerful beings who worked for the light who assisted with dark learning) in the room with us.  In fact, one of our teachers was a demon in the flesh. She told us all about herself, and you could clearly see her symbols and feel her energy.  It was no joke.  We were not told why we were being attacked by black magic or we would not have learned a thing.  We would not have been afraid and would not have responded using the skills we were learning. We were taught to take fear and kind of down shift it into neutrality,  then move it into our heart and feel as much love and compassion as we could.  This is not easy when you are terrified by an attack.  My friend and I were terrified a lot of the time there.  We did manage to have fun in our real life Harry Potter School.  We actually would hide from our teachers in between classes and during our lunch and dinner breaks.  Some of the teachers would eat where the students ate to continue the lessons.  The teachers knew what we were doing, and it didn’t work most of the time.  LOL…  I didn’t realize the full reason for what I went through until a few years ago, and I am so grateful.  I could write a short book about my time there.  We were sworn to secrecy etc…  That energy only lasted from about 2006- 2009, so I was lucky to learn there when I did.  As a white magician, I now have my black magic library card.  I earned it, and I can sniff it out like a bloodhound.  Experience is the greatest teacher.  This is why I could break this code so quickly and figure out what the dark occult elite are up to.

OK, enough about me, let’s get to business.

Why am I writing this?  Well, apparently the information needs to be told.  I was dense and ignored all the signs I was receiving until they just piled up.  I saw the news of the 323 reindeer that died, and I felt great sadness.  I said prayers of compassion and let it go.  Every time I saw this story come across my news feed I would do the same thing.  Then we had an event in our neighborhood that has never happened in the 22 years we have lived here. A deer was taking a stroll down the middle of our street.  I was out back working when my son ran and got me.  We walked to the front porch, and the deer came into our yard.deer-in-front-yard

I thought the doe would come to us, and I think she would have if my sons had not been with me.  She stopped short of the porch, tilted her head and jumped the fence to our back yard.  I then looked up the spiritual meaning of the deer and let it go.  After that, I saw a video come across my news feed that had the symbology and numerology of the 323 reindeer shown in a chart form.  I just froze as I looked at the gematria, numerology and symbology.  Within 5 minutes I had cracked the code and sat there with my mouth wide open.  After everything I have been through on my journey, I still get surprised.  LOL…  You NEED to look at the diagram on the video to follow my explanation.  If you don’t, this will not make any sense to you.  This guy did a great job of decoding this ritual, but he didn’t fully get the whole thing.  He doesn’t have my experience, which is fine.  Without his great video, I never would have figured this out.



The 323 Dead Reindeer Code and the Missing Heads – Observation


The Dark Occultists know we are in the middle of this new Azoth energy that I am always writing about, and they know that we passed through the center of infinity and crossed above the plane.  Everything in our God’s dominion crossed this plane of existence  They also know that this Azoth will change next year into a brand new energy that has never been here before.  I wrote about this as well.  They know the old ways of doing things don’t work anymore, so they have changed their magic to fit the new energy.   Will it work? NO!  But as a Ritual Master I applaud their valiant efforts.  This will not work. Those days are long gone, but they will not stop trying.  On an energetic level it has failed, but the fact is that in the physical we have 323 dead precious reindeer.  


fire and water
AZOTH which is a combination of fire and water.

Before I get into the numbers, I want to discuss the double meaning of reindeer.  To fully get the meaning of this part of the ritual, we need to turn to linguistics.  Spelling is how “spells” are cast, and they are always hidden.  If you say the word reindeer, you hear rein, which sounds like the word rain.  Rain is water, which is ½ of the Azoth energy.  The reindeer were reported as being killed by lightening, which is fire.  That is the other half of Azoth, which is fire/water.  They also chose the animal, reindeer, for the name’s numerology and Gematria.  There are a couple of different methods to do the Gematria, and they all have the same result.  I will, however, use the method that the gentleman in the video is using.  In order for the ritual to work you have to have the right numbers and that is why reindeer were chosen.  But, before I get into that aspect, let’s look at WHO is behind this ritual.  It is also part of the reason this animal was chosen and the number of them as well.



As I stared at the number 323 I realized who is it.  The WHO in our equation is none other than the  Skull and  Bones.  They “were” known as 322; now they are using 323.  Some of the heads or “skulls” of the reindeer were removed and the antlers were placed in an X formation.  There you have the skull and crossbones which is their symbol.  323 is also a room within the Skull & Bones temple at Yale.  The total numeric value of the “magic symbol” of the Skull & Bones symbol equals “666.”  

“But, now where do we find the “66” to give the entire “Magical Symbol” the numeric equivalent to “666”? To gain this proper understanding, we need to calculate the number “322” as an occultist would normally calculate.

When you multiply “3×2”, you naturally get “6”. Then, when you multiply “6” times the third digit, “2”, you get “12”. To the occultist, the number “12” hides the more offensive number “66”, since “6+6=12”. The calculation from the number “322” would look like this:

“3×2=6; 6×2= 12; since “12” is thought to be “6+6”, an occultist would understand “322” to have a numeric value of “66”.

Thus, adding the “600” value of the “X” to the “66” value of “322”, you arrive at the total numeric value of “666”.”  Copyright © 2004 Cutting Edge Ministries.

666 is the number of man. We are made of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.  However, when you look at the infinity symbol you can see the number 6 is in the lower half of the 8.  This represents the lower vibrations of man, which we have moved out of.9 on fire   They used the number 666 in their magic to keep us trapped in our lower energies of our body.   When we moved through the center of infinity we moved into the 9 energy, which is the complete opposite of the vibration of the 6.  We moved to the higher and more powerful energy of the 9.  Please refer to my last article on the power of 9.


Let’s go deeper into the numbers of this ritual.  Since they know we are now in the energy of the 9 and they know we passed through the infinity of 8, they understand that they had to change.  323 adds Numerology of the shiftto 8, so this contains the energy of infinity.  They were tricky about getting the 9 in there.  This story broke on August 29, 2016.  This date is very important.  August is the 8th month.  29 has the energy of 9, but when you add 2+9 you get 11 which represents a gateway, and we all know we are in a 9 year.  Basically they were attempting to close the gateway of 8, which we just passed through, and change it.  Didn’t work!  Why did they choose August?  Because the simple Gematria of August equals 89.  Which is a representation of us moving through the center of infinity 8 and passing to the other side and entering in the 9 energy.  We have never been here, and like I said, EVERYTHING in God’s dominion passed through.  The rules are different and what we will learn here will be different.  We are not continuing with the same lessons as before, which is what their rituals are based on.

 If you look at the chart in the video you will see the last line of numbers under the word “reindeer” which is 555. This symbolizes CHANGE!  They changed from the energy of the 6 by passing through 8 and ending up at 9.   They are assuming that this will allow their black magic to work in this new energy.  It won’t.  And here is why.  The old symbols that we currently use for good don’t really work as well anymore either.  These symbols are quickly losing their vibration because we are in new energy.  They will be replaced with new symbols.  When and what will they be?  I have no idea.  But I know they will change.  The new symbols are not reversible and may not be used for evil as was done below the plane. That lesson is done.  Below the plane was an upside down society both energetically and physically.   ½ of the shift is complete, and the energetic is not upside down anymore.  As above doesn’t match as below.  We may see a physical upside down world for now, but that will also be changing.  Once it does, the symbols can no longer be flipped.  It doesn’t matter what they do to the old symbols.  As the good ones are losing their energy, so are the bad ones. The bad energetic symbols will no longer work either. But they will continue to try anything.  

Everything is coming full circle, which is represented by infinity 8.  On a personal level this is so true for me.  I have been drawn to return to my mystery school roots once again.  I started in 2008…(there is the 8) and now 8 years later in a 9 year and in September a 9 month, I will go back.  This month on September 24th and 25th I will re take my adept magical training.  Notice 24 is mentioned in the video as one of the dates the author thinks an event may happen.  This is no mistake for me.  I had no idea why I am being drawn back to my roots. Now I know.  The teacher I will be studying with for 20 hours over these two days is the same teacher I started out with.   He has rewritten the program.  I can tell that I will take his information and assist in forming the new.  That is all I know right now.  But, my ritual magic is coming full circle on the same date that is in this video, and I am so excited.  If you do the numerology for the entire dates of 9/24/2016 + 9/25/2016 you get 13 – a number which has gotten a bad reputation.  However, the number 13 is connected to the lisa-iris-egyptianenergy of Isis, the symbol of the Divine Feminine.  13 is our lucky number and is not evil like we were told.  We were lied to about the number 13….gee, imagine that.

The 13th letter of the alphabet is the letter M, which is the first letter of the new energy that will be formed when Azoth transforms next year.  The simple Gematria for the word thirteen is 99, more proof that we are in the correct energy of the 13.  I wrote about this new energy back in October of last year.  So, the number 13 is our connection to the future, and the dark occult is trying to “rain” on our parade.  Their “Rein” of terror is over.  Their abuse and ritual killing of our beloved reindeer will not go unpunished.

We are moving onward and upward, and we will not be stopped.  They made their lion-1announcement to the world of their changes, and the world was asleep.    The lion sleeps no more. The fire connected with Leo, which is the opposite sign of Aquarius (WO-MAN… the water bearer) and is burning in the hearts of humanity.  AZOTH is alive and well, and we will WIN!  There is no stopping us now. It is game over……..

PS….when I wrote my last word my word count was 2524.  Those are the dates of the class I will attend this week.  Numbers don’t lie, and everything happens for a reason.

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Peace and Blessings,

Lisa Rising Berry

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  1. OH MY LISA!!! You always manage to kick my proverbial arse!~~LOL. I knew that numbers were very important to occultists, which is why they choose those dates, and the energy that goes with it. I heard about the reindeer and pondered the reason for that event, and now we know. I read the Testament of Solomon and the other books on his magic and power, and the rituals. Dates, times, and the very hour is important for the energy they wish to create. The new moon was on the 21st of August, so they were trying to create a new energy of power, like you pointed out, and the symbol of the reindeer. It is bizarre too as this month, I have been seeing 666 a few times. It’s always a reminder to look at where I am going or what I am doing at the time I see this. There use to be so much fear put into this number along with 13, and totally makes sense when you wrote about the black occult rituals and their attempt to gain power in this new energy. What an Ahhhh-Haaa….moment, huh Lisa? As you have been aware a long time about this ritual magic, and how the skull and bones whose ‘Reign’ has been going on perhaps since the days of Salomon, with their Babylonian Ritual Magic, they know the day of reckoning is coming.
    It also brings to mind the culture we have of Christmas, the reindeer and symbolism of that story. Killing Christmas, so much more to this rabbit hole, and I could ramble on for days….LOL.
    My Mom’s birthday was September 24th, so it is interesting about that date.
    A song came to mind when I saw your lion photo above, of course no coincidences, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, and wanted to see who did that song…check out the info on this song: My granddaughter was pretending to be a lion and I started singing this song, so this was interesting why it kept popping up in my mind…check out who wrote this song…too funny~~~~~LOL His name being Soloman Linda….anyway, use to love that song, and everyone says it’s from the Lion King, but it was much older song from the 70’s before the Lion King.
    Ok…LOL, writing a novel here….How did those classes go? Would love to hear more, you know me….LOL! Big Hugs and great article! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL, oh and I thought it was the 27th, so LOL, disregard the question about the classes until later afterwards…LOL, I am out of time…or just not present in the dates or month, it is easier to be oblivious! I wish that cup of coffee would kick in! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    2. LOL….When I was like 3 or 4 years old, I used to dance around to the Lion Sleeps Tonight! I used to get on all 4’s and dance like a Lion. It is my earliest song memory. Isn’t that crazy! Your right about the time of King Solomon. The “bad” guys were around back then and even before. And did you notice that on they did try to create an event around those dates. There was a bombing in Chelsea NY. Which is the name of Clinton’s daughter. Hmmm…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, they try very hard to fulfill Biblical Prophecy, and it’s funny that you speak of them and their events, as I do notice their attempts to get the ball rolling on their apocalyptic timeline. Has no one told them they can’t do this in this new energy or are they just thinking they are masters of energy and can still affect their agenda onto the masses? Yesterday I was reading about the original 007 and the two balls and cane (cain) and how they think they are of the bloodline of Cain and think we are all the peons and subjects for their game and pleasure. It was very interesting to read about the two ball cane (golf tournaments) and the true symbolism behind the 007 and John Dee, and Queen Elizabeth and Francis Bacon the Alchemists, and how the 007 was the covert way of communicating between the Queen and John Dee. It’s funny cuz as you know, it is part of my email address….LOL, I didn’t know how deep that goes with the 007 and anyway….blew me away on the esoteric meaning, as the two ball cane (cain) is also representative of the DNA of Cain, and the ceremonies, IN YOUR FACE, from the Olympics to the superbowl and grammy awards….Like Madonna and Baphomet and so many more. They continue to try…oh, and the ceremony for the opening of the Swiss tunnel…that was a bizarre one! It’s like the yearly ‘Cremation of Care’ at Bohemian Grove and the witches down the street doing a ceremony at the same time ‘The ressurection of Care’ with all that energy going around there, I am suprized it doesn’t fall into the ocean! LOL. Well, you see, some how I got to doing some reading from your article and took me to the 007 and the DNA of Cain. LOL, it was an all day thing….did learn something hew! ❤


      2. I am very confident that “they” have been told that their time using black magic on the astral is over. But, they still will not stop trying. It is their programming to continue. Blah…..


  2. Hi interesting article.

    Do you know that the prefix to Sept-ember in french is 7. The prefix to Oct-ober means 8 – in Latin Novem-ber is 9 and Dec-ember is the decimal prefix representing 10. The Romans added on an extra two months July and August – I believe. How does September originally being the seventh month accord with your 9 theory. You could say it has changed so the new sequencing now applies but why then are the old prefixes still in place?

    Don’t forget in German nein means No. For a while I was fooled by 9 but sometimes you have to dig beneath the surface a bit. Is there a reason that 6 has a bad reputation from the bible? Mal when turned becomes Lam(b) is the Lamb good, bad or both. Most people are mix of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and that’s fine – we’re all human and doing the best we can with each of our lives. To look at occultists or the so called elite or to read or watch the daily news is only to see a tiny percentage of humanity and it skews our perception and makes us think that most people do bad things when it really isn’t true at all.

    M only represents one half of the alphabet – Isis if you like – what about the other half – the male half – Osiris – Osiris encodes ‘Or Isis’ – this represents both of them. The machine’s intention is not to balance the male and female but to replace the male with the female ideally or failing that create a third chimerical sex – like Baphomet. It always has a lot of cards up its sleeve and a lot of people to help it.

    Did you know Lisa Gawlas received her first esoteric contact via a ouija board – connecting her directly to the machine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is interesting that the prefix to Oct-ober is 8. Because it is the 8th house of the zodiac and the house that is connected to infinity. Scorpio’s tail points to the center of the milky way which is the center of infinity and our way home. 9 is an amazing number and is so important in this shift. I wrote an article on this on 9/9/16.

      I know Lisa Gawlas! I love her! I did not know she connected to the Ouija board. I did that when I was only 13, and it was the worst experience I had. Yes, what we would connect to through the Ouija was pure evil and not human. I unfortunately, like Lisa. I was able to get it to work for me. I still to this day, even thought I know they don’t work anymore….can’t not look at a picture of a Ouija board. YUK!

      Have a great day!!!


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