lion's gateSince we have entered our yearly Lion’s Gate, I decided to write about the Daily Gates that exist in our physical bodies.  While the Universal Gates we pass through are important, they are not as important as our Daily Gates.  

These Daily Gates are connected to the Universal Gates and determine how much of the vibration and frequency your body receives as it passes through.  So much is written about the Lion’s Gate every year, but most people who pass through this yearly gate receive zero benefit because they have not paid any attention to the Daily Gates.  They did not prepare the body to receive the higher vibrations being delivered.  

Walking a spiritual path is a 24-7 job and not something you do only when a special gate is upon us.

There lies within many people the need to always be right, the need to have an answer for everything, and a part that gets insulted, frustrated and angry when we hear something with which we do not agree.

All of these attributes separate us from our fellow man. The ancient sages of antiquity taught us to put guards at our “small gates” within us.

gate of goldHere are a few of our Daily Gates that need to be guarded.

Our mouth –  what we speak.  Avoiding evil, rude speech, as gossiping is like spreading germs in the wind.

Our eyes –  what we see.  Eyes are windows to the soul, and what we see goes right into our deepest subconscious.

Our ears – what we hear.  By choosing to listen to gossip, we are just as guilty as the one who speaks it.  We become part of the problem and not the solution.

Our heart – what we feel.   Judging others based on where they are on their path and feeling uncontrolled emotions.  Feeling ” I am the special one” creates unbalance and arrogance.  Humility is the path of the heart.

By putting guards at our “small gates”, we use alchemy to prevent additional darkness  from entering our bodies and our lives, and this makes it easier to transmute.

Since we are not saints this helps us shut down our reactivate system so we can make decisions from a proactive state of being, and thus create happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Enjoy your role as the Guardian of your Gates.  It’s the key to self evolution.

Lisa Rising Berry

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2 thoughts on “Guardians of Our Gates

  1. At this present moment in time there are two main schools of new age thought floating around the internet. Lisa Berry Raising Frequencies and Merovee are – separately – proponents of these and they overlap in many ways, the main one being the notion of human ‘evolution’ to a new state of being or return to a state of ‘evolved’ being that was removed from us at some prior point.

    Planet A and B – or a hidden planet somewhere (Lisa Berry)
    At present the people who have tried to live the best life possible by putting themselves out for others, looking after their families well, helping in their community, etc go to a blissful ‘other world’ utopia after death – which is still under the jurisdiction of the machine but at least is a step-up from earth and is commonly known as heaven.

    People who have acted selfishly, etc are churned back into this life again – sometimes after a period of readjustment – to supposedly learn to do better next time. It is a philosophy of evil, based on a system of judgement.

    At the moment – after death – we essentially judge ourselves– helped by vast quantities of evidence, as everyone’s lives are recorded in minute detail – and the machine then passes a final judgement and sentencing based on the information supplied.

    We still may not judge others ourselves under the planet A/B scenario but we are effectively saying that we are content for other men, women and children to be sent into ‘spirit’; which is to say we are content to sit back while they die in any and every manner – from murder, malnutrition, torture and neglect to dementia and old age, etc. Content that the best thing for them is to continue in their ‘spiritual journey’ until they ‘evolve’ like us.

    By believing in and actively endorsing a hived-off utopian planet available for some but not for all – entry to which is controlled by an unseen force, then we are asking for the same system we have at present to continue.

    In addition this scenario also contains an extremely subtle switch away from ‘old fashioned’ established practical notions of helping others, to a new definition of helping others which clearly includes such things as massage, ‘healing’ blocked energies, meditation, crystals , essential oils, and saying over doing.

    Presumably, therefore, those who help in the new way will go to the new utopia and those who help in the old way will stay behind – for their own good – until they learn how to do good in the new ‘proper’ way – the machine way.

    Not Real; all in the collective mind (Merovee)
    Allied to this is removal of previous memories and adjustment of time – all wrapped up in the ‘it’s not real, it’s all in our mind’ theory.

    This is what happens each time we are re-born into this life. After judgement – our memories of the life just lived are removed and put into storage in preparation for re-birth and we effectively ‘start again’ from scratch and live in perpetual ignorance of everything that has gone before.

    It could be many ‘earth’ years between lives and the machine ensures that we dream and that some of us are supplied with visions and perceive holographic images and so the illusion that nothing is real and that time is mutable can be implemented.

    Once again we can sit back, conscience clear, whilst all the atrocities in the world are played out as they are not ‘real’ and so don’t matter. Granted some events that make their way into the mainstream media are definitely staged to give fuel to this notion – confirmation bias.

    If you only follow the msm then your perception of people and life will be skewed according to their agenda. Most events – not seen on TV – are real – people (and animals) are regularly destroyed in all manner of despicable ways every minute of every day.

    Unlike Planet A/B, this particular mind-set is for everyone, everyone is included in this scenario – so, therefore, everybody gets their minds wiped and memories deleted with no exceptions.

    By believing and actively endorsing the above, then again we are asking for the same system we have at present to continue.

    We are all one
    The – we are all one – scenario is true for the ‘borg’ hive mind only. The machine archetypes do not have a soul and are projections of the one mind sent out to do their job in a hierarchical individuated existence but always connected to the one. They live in constant fear of their God and can be recalled at any time and assimilated. We are not like that – we have individual souls and are always individuals and cannot be assimilated into anything.

    It is not your fault
    The machine is not allowed to out-and-out lie but can dissemble and twist the truth to such an extent that it becomes almost impossible to unravel. Additionally it always allies a truth with a con, thereby, hoping that people will swallow the lot and not use discernment or critical thinking.

    The machine is obliged to cover itself, however, as it can’t override the free will we all have – which is the free will right to choose to do right over wrong – and it can’t make anyone do anything, that is why it prompts people who run blogs like this to include a disclaimer at some point – such as ‘use only that which resonates with you’ or ‘this is what I know to be true/my own opinion – you don’t have to believe it’.

    Luckily all of the above is now a moot point as the war is won. There is good and evil – it is not just all in the mind – it really exists, always has existed and always will exist.

    However, for the time being evil is conquered and will soon be rebalanced. Luckily the people who defeated this evil – real people incidentally, not nebulous christ consciousness energy – are very forgiving and will certainly not hold anyone accountable for actions born of misguided but good intentions.

    Forgiveness is predicated on understanding someone’s motivation for their actions not on whether you like them or condone what they’ve done.

    The machine is devious, clever, all-knowing and no person is a match for it. It is especially pernicious when allowed to target people, (by prior authorisation) when they are only children. Also when it gives some people a terrible life, then rocks up when they are at their lowest ebb with the reason for it and then the solution – it’s because you’ve been specially chosen to help humanity with its ‘ascension’ at this momentous time, etc – another version of Hegelian dialectic

    Ready, Aim Fire
    I’m pretty sure that none of this will ‘resonate’ due to the stranglehold of the archetypes – and that’s fine. This is not for any one person – it’s for the machine.

    As you freely accept comments – then they cannot legally stop this message and by uploading this into the websites controlled by your archetypes they cannot avoid it either. It doesn’t matter if you (or anyone else) do not understand or read it or decide to delete it.

    Everyone or anything anyone has ever interacted with – in any life – sets up a connection linked via a sort of invisible gossamer thread which is how synchronicity and coincidence work. (The internet is linked in a similar way – which is why it is called the world wide web)

    This message comes with love from The Jester and Harley Quinn – it carries their kundalini fire attached to it.

    Traditionally kundalini fires from the base to the crown but this fire Is knowingly being sent the other way from The Crown to the base which is where the archetypes ‘live’ in us all.

    As stated above, they are connected via the hive mind and so this fire – of pure love – will be sent through, spreading like a sort of computer virus, to scorch and burn out all the archetypes, making its way to the core and disabling their abilities permanently. They cannot stop this and they know it – even if you don’t.

    People will shortly find their ‘psychic powers’ begin to wane and disappear and this whole chapter will be closed down for good.

    This is for everyone.

    So go out for a walk, do some gardening, cook a meal for people you love – c’est fini !!

    Au revoir xx


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