I decided write an update on the approaching fire energy, which is the second aspect of the Azoth energy.   To read the first article please click here…Click here to read Water to Fire

Venus is currently in Leo which is a fire sign.  It’s ruling planet is the sun!  Venus is the symbol of the Divine Feminine and is connected to Mary Magdalene.   Mars is in Scorpio right now which is a water sign.  Mars represents the Divine Masculine energy, and Mars is the planet of destruction.  Scorpio is the sign of rebirth.  On the East Coast we are experiencing intense heat at the moment.  I know most will say, “Well it’s summer…”, but I “feel” it is more than that.  Right before the water energy of Azoth was released in what is known as Wave X, we had major flooding in areas of the USA.  Now, that the wave of water is complete we are experiencing crazy heat.  Combine this with the astrology, and we have a fireball heading our way.

I had a couple of visions recently while I was awake, that I feel need sharing.  The first I received after I wrote the Water to Fire article.  I saw a landscape in the background, then I saw the sun move from the left to the right and stop on the right at a diagonal.  It landed in the sign of Leo.  I feel this told me that the beginning of this fireball energy will enter our area during the sign of Leo, which is from July 22-August 22.  The number 22 has been a very important number to me for some reason.  I have had way too many astral experiences with this number.  Now, it is beginning to come together a piece at a time.  

mary and the doveThe next vision I had is extremely profound.  I didn’t understand it until today.  When I have visions, I don’t analyze them.  I let them go and allow them to cook in my inner cauldron.  They reveal themselves in my heart, and I feel the meaning.  It’s hard to put this process in words.  I saw a White Dove fly to my right side of my body.  Just like the sun I saw stopped on the right hand side of the landscape in the sign of Leo, which is ruled by the sun.  What is so profound about this, is the fact that Mary Magdalene, the symbol of the Divine Feminine is connected to the White Dove.  But wait, there is more…July 22, which is the first day of Leo, is also the day of the Feast of Mary Magdalene.  In numerology, 7-22-16 equals a 2.  We have fire and water exploding in the fire-ball, the Divine Feminine and Masculine and Venus and Mars.  All 2’s.  Along with July 22 as the first day of Leo and the Feast of Mary.  

2016 is the year of purification by fire.  This I know for sure, but when and how are still a mystery to me.  I am confident that it will begin on July 22 with the return of the dove.  It will begin gently and come to a head in September thru the end of Scorpio season in November.

mary and the egg

I was in Texas during the beginning of the water energy being released.  I wrote about this experience.  I visited  Texas, and the area was devastated by flooding.  I will be In Maryland tomorrow as we celebrate the Feast of Mary on July 22 in the scorching heat.  Notice the first word in the state’s name…”Mary…land”  I am positive this is a sign of the fire energy coming in.

The dove of peace is returning, please watch your judgments and thoughts during this time.

On a lighter note here is  my Clairvoyant Holistic Life Coaching tip for the day….

Take a pause.  You can set an alarm to initiate this pause. Take just a brief break from your thoughts.   By doing so you create an opening for something else to happen.  Notice the period in this gap between your thoughts.  concentrate on it, and feel something new being manifested in your life.

Put it Down. Let It Go. Turn the Page.  Move to the new.

If you need assistance or advice with your journey, please schedule an appointment with me.  I use my clairvoyant abilities to help you remove blockages and move forward. Please read our website to explore what I have to offer.  You can also read my Bio on our page to see my qualifications.  Click here to schedule an appointment….LINK TO SCHEDULE

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Much love to you,

Lisa Rising Berry

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7 thoughts on “Water to Fire occurring in the skies.

  1. We are in the middle of Winter in New Zealand but I just heard this:

    July was typically the coldest time of the year, it would be unseasonably warm for most of the North Island and some areas of the east of the South Island on Friday and Saturday.

    Its coming alright…..

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  2. I am really just and fetus inutero with all of this in the sense of being consciously able to explain my intuitive Knowledge.
    I Honor you And Others Who Have Brought yourselves into a place of understanding with ability to communicate with clarity for me & others. I would feel so lost with out your guidance.
    Great Gratitude for your help in understanding the intense changes & struggles I & others are experiencing. I now understand the drowning sensations… ( i caught my self unconsciously holding my breath as if I was going under again over & over the other day) body being full of bloating water and intense fire like nerve pain. The intensity of all the symptoms explained. I’m being guided to what I need to consciously know with souls like you and Stellar Fairbarin. I’m continuing with my moment to moment of flowing with the Water-Fire energetic aspects I’m being bombarded with.
    I’m an infant /toddler with knowledge and need information & direction & sense of security to continue to grow. You all provide this for me. Thank you for being my guides in this huge transformation in the new 5th dimension. There are no words to communicate the gratitude. Infinite love …..
    also… I was born on the 5th of April 1960 in San Francisco. My intense drawing toward 5 is now understood as is the ring my Grandmother had made for me. A bridge of 5 diamonds on white gold. And a black Hills Goldstone Heart shaped necklace. She knew what what was coming to my life… my needs and the symbology of these gifts are simply shown in both the stones. Incredible fire pressure to transform from mineral to diamond and human made gold stone under pressure of the heart of humanity.
    I get it now. And so I step Into my place with gratitude for the whole honor of being here now.

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