We are “nothing”. Most people would think this is an insult but it’s not. Why you ask? empty spaceBecause to be nothing is to be everything.

We are Infinite Energy boundless and without limitations.

Our true nature is emptiness, connected to the vastness of space. Which is “nothing” more than Aether.

By being “nothing” we are the emptiness, we are the Aether which is the foundation of all creation.

We are everything and we are “nothing” at the same time.  We are the circle with nothing in it…however if you twist the circle you have infinity and that is everything.

Nothingness not being nothing, nothingness being emptiness.

Isabelle Adjani

Emptiness is not complete nothingness; it doesn’t mean that nothing exists at all.  Many people think the spiritual concept of emptiness means that there is nothing to hold on too.  Some will say, “I am sad, I feel empty”.  This is because they are taking the concept of empty literally.  

My food bowl is empty, so I have nothing.  Deep spiritual teachings such as the Buddhist concept of Emptiness and Nothingness are not literal, and usually mean the complete opposite of what we have been taught.  

To be “nothing” and empty really means we are free from limitations, programming etc… We are the twisted circle of infinity.


If we are full, we are blocked, if we are empty, we are the great I AM, and we go on forever.  

I strive to be nothing but emptiness,

Lisa Rising Berry

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