Please join Andrea Covington Mullaney and I tonight for our show!

Before we pick up where we left off, I want to discuss the latest craze about implants. I am going to share all of my information that began in 2008 after my walk in experience.

Implants was my first “job” here. Everything I will discuss comes from 100% personal experience with this subject. I am not holding back. However, this is a topic that I never wanted to discuss.

There is wisdom in silence and I adhere to that oath; but, sometimes the truth needs to be told for a higher purpose. I communicate the truth as I experienced after my walk in. Most of what I have to say is not written anywhere, because they did not work on this or have the experiences with it.

Andrea and I share what we clairvoyantly know and experience, not because we are trying to convince anyone of anything. We aren’t trying to recruit others to think like us, we don’t make money from our sharing, and we have nothing to prove. We share so that other souls who are like us don’t feel so alone.


Lisa Rising Berry

2 thoughts on “Part 2 of our new show!

  1. Thank-you both for this show. I especially liked to hear your perspectives on those on ‘auto pilot’. Such a wonderful explanation. I walked away from the show with so much love for all of us, auto-pilot or not we all have something to contribute and we are truly in this together.
    Love you two!

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