copyrightI recently had one of my articles published on a website that did not give me credit as the author. Not only did the owners of this site, the address of which  I will reveal later, “forget” to give me credit (their words), but they also butchered the information that I was trying to explain.  Instead of stealing the whole article, they took the time to pick and chose which paragraphs they would copy and paste onto their site.  Fortunately, I have a good friend that messaged me and asked me if I wrote for their site.  She recognized my information and wondered why my name was not associated with the article.  It is nice to have friends who have your back.

I have been blocked and unfriended by many people for bringing to their attention that the quote they take credit for on their very nice Facebook page post is not their writing.  I watch as they accept the many compliments from their friends for writing such wise words.  Then I reach a point where I can’t stand the dishonesty  anymore and I bring out my handy dandy sword of truth.  I will write something like…”I really like this quote by (insert name).”  Then I am blocked.  Oh well, such is life.  I dislike dishonesty and falsely representing yourself as something you are not, by pretending to have wisdom that you haven’t obtained.  I also believe in fairness, justice and morality.  Pretending that you wrote something that you did not is not fair, justified or moral.

True-FreedomI pray for a world where spiritual competition does not exist. A world where people don’t have the need to be the next spiritual celebrity and will pretend to be anything to achieve this goal.  A world where humanity has self confidence and knows themselves as true beings of light that are capable of anything.   A society that lives by the Universal Laws as taught in the ancient writings….Know Thyself.  As I fervently pray for these things I keep my sword of truth by my side, and I am not afraid to use it.

egoWhile I was still in shock of having my article stolen and butchered, I made a couple of posts about my predicament.  To my surprise I had people who do not know me personally, who have never had a conversation with me either online or by phone, accuse me of being all “in ego.”  In their view, I had no right to take credit for anything I write, and if I state that I am unhappy, I am all in ego.  I had someone tell me that she will no longer follow any of my work because I am all in ego.  So, because I am upset about having my information stolen all of my previous information is meaningless to her.  That is so funny…

questions 2However, since I pride myself on doing inner work and using every situation I find myself in as a learning experience, I decided to dig deep within myself into the notion of “credit.”  Was this individual correct, and I am not really all that humble, and was my desire for justice in this situation ego driven?  Did I want credit given to me to feed my ego as a prize for my good work, or was it something entirely different?  I have to say that 99% of the people that read about this situation were supportive, but the ones who weren’t had the most to say, were the loudest and were the most judgmental of all.  AND….they were my greatest teachers.  This entire situation gave me a huge opportunity to know myself better and clean house even more.  What I discovered from within the deepness of my soul, was very revealing to me.

godFirst, I decided to look at how my non-supporters brought to my attention that I can’t take credit for anything I write because it all comes from God, and that God deserves all the credit.  I 100% agree with this notion.  Everything I write about comes from my own direct personal experiences with Universal Knowledge, also known as the Akashic records.  For the most part, I don’t write about topics that have been researched by other people.  Most of my articles are original because I experienced what I wrote about on a clairvoyant and physical level.  My articles are part of my inner being, and my inner being is part of God.  Following this logic, they are not mine. They came from God, the Source of all knowledge.  I really do agree with this, so I decided to take it a step forward, to peel back another layer of the onion.  Shall we go down the  “who gets credit rabbit hole”?  Sure, I was willing to jump!

give god creditGiving all credit to God is the right thing to do, and if we live on a realm, reality or planet where physical density is not so heavy this would work.  However, we must adjust to boots-on-the-ground Earth life.  If God was given credit for everything we have available to us on this planet then we would not have any of the following: known books with authors, scientist with inventions, physicists with discoveries,  philosopher findings, etc….   If you read about a new piece of information, you would not know who to present questions to.  The author, discoverer is God.  Nothing would have any other label other than…Created, Written By: God.  I don’t think our great creator had this in mind.

Instead I offer a different point of view.  We know that nothing is new under the sun and all comes from God/Universal Knowledge.  But, how do individuals tap into this vast stream of information that is readily available to every living soul on this planet.  They do so by meeting certain vibration requirements designed by God.  If you don’t vibrate with the level of knowledge you seek, then you will not receive it.  How do you vibrate at the various levels of information?  By doing inner work and practicing humility, compassion, forgiveness and love.

 “The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears
of Understanding”–The Kybalion.

These ears that are referred to here in this quote are earned, not just freely given out to whoever asks.  To paraphrase Matthew 22:14…”Many are called, but few are chosen”.   Does this mean that God picks and chooses favorites that are allowed to tap into Universal information.  NO!  It means the ones that are chosen have earned it by their works, specifically inner work on themselves.

By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? ~Matthew 7:16~

This passage from Matthew compares a person’s vibration and information to fruit.  If the person’s vibration is low their body will not generate fruit but thistles.  Our body is like a tree that bears fruit or thistles. If we tend to our roots fruit will come. If we don’t then thistles will flourish.

what we change inwardlyThis brings me to the million dollar question….  Does a person who has dedicated their life to doing constant inner work, who is their own watcher of their life, who is practicing compassion and humility, worthy of credit?  I say yes.  All of the ancient mystics, sages, philosophers, astrologists, ancient scientists did a lot of inner work to clear the body to receive the light of God in the form of information and new ideas.  The credit or byline was earned.  I feel that I, and many others fall into this category.

My first priority is to share the information I receive and to answer as many questions as I can.  I am the one that received this precious information and it is my responsibility to make sure it is presented in a clear and concise way.  If what I have written is stolen, I can’t do that, and this is what bothers me the most.  I don’t feel I should get credit for my writings because it is my legal right under the Copyright Laws.  I feel I should be given credit for earning the ability to receive the information.  I was preparing to go to Law School before I got married, so I am very familiar with the legalities.  However, I answer to the Universal Law of Vibration and I don’t feel I am in ego in saying so.

 great jobSince we live on planet Earth, where things are difficult and confusing, I feel all people should be given credit for a job well done.  We are all worthy, even if the ultimate source of our information comes from God.  This being said, I would like to point out the name of the website that picks and chooses who gets credit for their work.  I have found that not only my article was misrepresented, but others were as well.  If you are a well known author, then you will be given credit for your article.  If you are like me, who is not very well known, it is stolen.  The vast majority of the articles on this site have the authors listed.  In the case of my article, they also changed the title of the article, I was very lucky to have my friend Amanda find it for me.  Thank you Amanda!!!!


Thank you for taking the time to read my article, I am sure not all that read this will agree, and that is fine.  I have stated how I feel about the topic of Spiritual Copyright infringement, and I do not wish to debate with those that disagree.  I respect opposing views but do not feel the need to argue this any further.

I hope that all of you who put your time and energy into sharing information get the credit you have earned.  It is not easy to put yourself onto a computer screen for all to read. The least we should expect is a proper byline.

sword_of_truth__concept_by_x_u_n_ePray for peace and justice, but don’t put away your sword of truth,

Lisa Rising Berry

This article is copyrighted. I would love you to share, but please share the article in its entirety, credit the author, Lisa Rising Berry, and provide a link to this blog.

14 thoughts on “Spiritual Copyright Infringement

  1. If you take the time, energy, your education, and your intuitive connection to create an article, of course you can put your name to it and expect to receive credit. To say that all information and credit for everything comes from God is forgetting our part in God and in creation. God is not external to us. Talking about a person being in ego, in my opinion is a psychology head trip meaning acting from a place of fear. It’s perfectly right and appropriate to stand in a place of self love with healthy boundaries in place and expect to be credited for your creation.

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    1. I wrote a children’s book on the topic of Bullying. Yet low and behold only to find my royalties are going who knows where? As we found on the net like the record companies, many down load them. Well, our little book has been bought and sold from their companies, we have found the tangled web in many different states and Europe . We have had so much personally going on to take up this battle. Yet we will have an lawyer as soon as we get settled soon. This must stop people put time, talent, monies into their projects only to have them ripped off. Yes, of course what is meant to be shall be, all leads us on our path of enlightenment too. I have no fear, I know our battle will help many after us to come out on top. Thank you for allowing my thoughts.

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  2. Right on Lisa! ❤ While it's true that we are all sparks of the divine, God also made us each diverse and to 'know thyself' thru our own individual lenses, as God lives thru us in our unique spiritual knowledge and views. While yes, it all comes from God, all of us are unique in our lense of this knowledge and looking at the same info and insights might yield different points of view and perceptions. The fact that this person copy/pasted your article and then started to bask in the attention and praise for having accessed such knowledge, shows the low vibration of this person who can't access this on their own. They have set out on a low vibrational energy in stealing this knowledge as their own, thus may never be able to access this knowledge on their own because of the need to take credit for yours. This is why we must discern all information that we receive as our veils and filters in our unique view will differ from the same source. In the thought that fractured the infinite being, 'who am i'? and thus to 'know thyself' is just that….each aspect of us is unique and ours to own, as that is how God wanted it in the creations of diversity and individuals. We truly are all connected from a one being but in order to see deeper we also need to separate the threads of the tapestry, as an individual, to see the deep esoteric knowledge that makes up the whole big picture. Had this person accessed this on their own, there might have been a totally different view or some other pieces of the puzzle to see for themselves. As we all strive for the Great Work and are given insights from our work, while others piggy back on others and parroting the knowledge and not understanding how it can be misrepresented by picking and choosing parts taking credit for it, and violating/tainting the message for when one steps back to see the big picture, the view is distorted and whether they intentionally did it or thought it not pertinent, each piece is valid and they do a dis-service to others misleading them and some will ask a question they can't answer so as to expose them for the information they had given was not their own. Each of us as unique sparks of the divine, will one day stand in the place we did the GREAT WORK for and those that piggy backed not doing the work, will understand why they are where they are, never reaching that level because they chose not to do it. God will see that, and know them from their works, yes, so you know where you are and keep speaking your truth, and all will be known as to who spoke truth and who did not. Feel honor and that copying is the highest form of flattery but always give credit where credit is due. Great Article and right there with you! LUV U!!!!

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  3. You certainly deserve credit for your work, Lisa–and it is very well appreciated!

    That said however, there is quite a bit to be said for forgiveness and “letting go”. If someone takes something that we perceive as ours, they often take more than just the work itself. It’s important to remember that if we allow the situation to continue bothering us, they also take our Peace of Mind!

    It is certainly appropriate to stand up for yourself, but in the end, prolonged anger, resentment, or a desire for justice will only serve as nets that can weigh you down. Only you can choose how to react.

    Know that your works will find their way to the right souls, just as their works will do. As long as we appreciate you, All That Is (or God, if you will) appreciates you, and you can appreciate yourself, that’s all that really matters!

    With Love (and Appreciation),


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    1. Yes, your right. I had to fully forgive. Which I did. And I forgave myself for the role I played in this. I don’t have anymore anger. That was let go by me about 2 weeks after it happened. It took some work, but I did it. I can understand why people steal credit. It comes from a lack of self confidence in themselves. I have great compassion for them, and feel their pain as if it were my own. But, I don’t like the behavior is produces. But, I did forgive, or I would have not written the article.

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  4. Well said Lisa! What the ??…I was always under the impression that we were Co-Creators…guess some of us are on different pages….LOL. You would be one of the most egoless people I have the privilege of knowing…..

    I’ve been very disillusioned with dishonest people of late and have completely pulled the plug on Facebook and blogging etc. I have learnt from personal experience that people can say or write ANYTHING and that indeed ‘Actions speak louder than Words.’ When you ask for the Truth to be revealed, it usually presents. It has been a learning curve for me, but to be honest I’m happier spending more time away from the computer, meditating and communing with nature. I had to have a good look at myself and my own ego….

    You and Lisa Gawlas are two of the few people I bother to read now. Talk about synchronicity – only this morning I was researching info’ on Moldavite on a website (rare for me!) and surprised when I read the ‘exact passage’ from a book I had just finished reading with no credit to the author. So, I have no idea who first wrote that now or whether it was even taken from a third (or more) source … I don’t care, as long as people are honest and credit is given where it’s due.
    You keep wielding that sword Girl!
    Blessings to our Warrior of Light

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    1. Thank you Catherine! I agree people can write anything, and they do just that. Our precious spiritual communities are becoming filled with spiritual sensationalism with individuals who only seek to fulfill a deep need to be a spiritual celebrity. It is becoming more and more like Hollywood. Drama sells and gets attention. Lisa Gawlas is the only blogger I follow. She was the one that first encouraged me to start sharing my information. Lisa and I see the same things, and we see it differently, which is so cool. She makes me feel sane when she sees things that I have seen. Some of them I haven’t written or talked about yet. I will, in due time.
      I think your supposed to buy Modavite! I have always wanted that stone too. I feel I am supposed to buy some as well. If you find a good site to buy from let me know.
      I will definitively continue to walk in peace and carry my trusty sword.
      Much Love and Hugs to You!!

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  5. Thank you for another magnificent article. Where else could anybody get that type of information in such a perfect way of writing? I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such info.


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